Written by Ben

18 Mar 2019

4 days ago I knocked on the door of the flat which is attached to my house and it became the best afternoon of my life.

It’s a little 1 bed place that we always find easy to rent as it’s close to the Uni. I have nearly a dozen properties around town, but this is the only one I manage (the agency does the rest). It’s mainly for convenience, but also because I don’t want crazy tenants living next door to me!

At the moment we have a 24 year old Indian girl in the place. She’s really sweet. Long dark hair, beautiful face with dark eyes. She is always heading to the gym and as a result has a tight, slim body. Her tits are fairly small but shapely. Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t some shy, retiring innocent girl. She’s funny and open and her London accent tells you that she is as British as she is Indian.

So she opened the door and as she was on the phone just kind of waved me in while she finished her conversation. I headed to the small lounge while she went into the kitchen (signalling if I wanted a cuppa) of course that’s a yes! I sat on the sofa and my eyes were immediately drawn to the drying rack she had out by the radiator. A dozen pairs of her knickers were lined up and they were a range of black, white, yellow and cream lace. Some thongs, some closer to ‘normal’. But I could imagine all of them on her.

On the floor was a basket which had a stack of dirty clothes. Shirts, jeans and I caught sight of a small bit of lace underneath a vest top. I could hear her still chatting and the kettle boiling, and I couldn’t resist the temptation. I moved to the end of the sofa so I could casually drop my hand into the basket. I wrapped my finger around the lace and pulled out a pair of black lace knickers. Don’t get me wrong - I don’t purposely go around looking for dirty knickers, but when they’re right there...

Checking the door quickly, I held them to my face. They smelt amazing. Sweet and sharp at the same time, I inhaled deeply just as I heard an ‘oh wow!’ At the door. Fuck.

I started muttering some excuse, but the truth was I’d just been caught red handed. ‘You dirty bastard’ was just one of the things she called me and she squared up to me as I stood up. She was about a foot away from me, her eyes blazing as she prodded my chest. It was about then that she noticed my erection making a tent in my trousers. ‘You’re fucking hard smelling my panties?’ She said. She was still mad but her voice had quietened down. ‘Smelling young girls panties turns you on does it?’ I tried to apologise some more but only explained how good they smelt and that I’d never done it before. ‘Of course - I just caught you on your first time. Do you think I’m an idiot? And Jesus, will you lose your fucking hard-on!’

She was pointing at my dick with her hand only an inch or two away from my tip. I told her I couldn’t and she suddenly slapped my cock with her hand. It made me jump, but certainly didn’t get rid of the erection. If anything she saw my cock swell some more as she kept looking at it. Then she looked me in my eyes and said ‘I’ll fucking get rid of it’ and she grabbed my cock in her hand and squeezed it as tight as she could, but rather than hurt me it just made me groan! I kept saying sorry, but my cock wouldn’t go down. She leaned close to me and called me a dirty bastard, and looking into my eyes she slowly started stroking my cock whilst holding it so tight in her small, delicate hand.

I just stared back at her as she started moving her hand quicker. Our faces were inches apart and I said ‘sorry’ one more time before she shut me up by ramming her tongue into my mouth. She kissed me passionately, her tongue swirling in my mouth as she kept wanking me through my trousers.

‘Take your fucking trousers off then’ she suddenly ordered and stepped back while I tugged them down. A patch of precum was on my boxers which made her giggle. I pulled my pants down so I was stood on her lounge, trousers and boxers round my ankles and my cock jutting out towards her. ‘Even bastards have nice cocks’ she said and she sat on the sofa and began slowly wanking me again. She pulled my foreskin back slowly and as far as she could. Precum dripped from the tip and she used her thumb to rub it into my head. She then licked her thumb, and then with a quick smile at me dropped her mouth onto my cock. She started moaning almost immediately as she worked on my cock. She pulled it from her mouth and told me to cum and then get out of her house. Leaning back she pulled her t shirt over her head so she was there in her leggings and bra. And then she started wanking me fast with her tight grip.

I told her she was going to make me cum. And then she stood up and told me to cum in her panties. She pulled the top of her leggings down and held her knickers away from her body. I could see the trimmed dark hair of her pussyand now my hand was on my cock pumping furiously. We kissed some more and then I started cumming. My first spurt shot up her body and landed just below her bra. She aimedmy dick at her belly and shot after shot hit her and dripped down into her knickers. My cream was covering her black pubes and when I’d finished she pulled her knickers back into place and through her leggings rubbed between her legs.

I was blown away. I didn’t know what to do. She told me to leave and to take my favourite knickers with me. Pulling up my trousers I grabbed the dirty pair I’d been sniffing. I stumbled out the house as she watched with a smirk on her face. I could see the cum staining her leggings, but she just said ‘we’ll speak later in the week’ and pretty much pushed me out the door.

I’ve emailed her and told her we need to have s conversation. She told me that I can only come round on her washing day!