11 May 2018

So....Jesse and her g-spot.

She claimed it had never been discovered, and while there is said to be some doubt about its existence, on the strength of my experience it definitely exists - you just have to locate it!

Having been playing for a couple of hours and just fucked, it could be that her body was sufficiently relaxed and receptive. I slipped off the bed and knelted on the floor in front of her. She positioned her body across the bed, legs pulled back and wide apart to give me access.

I should admit at this stage that I'd never been g-spot searching before, but broadly knew where it was and how to find it with fingers, but searching with my tongue was perhaps a little ambitious...even with my flexible tongue.

There was no way I could reach it, so resorting to my fingers, located it very quickly. Not only was the shape very distinctive - something like a round/domed Smarty sweet, but touching it instantly sent Jesse into raptures. I then inserted my tongue to lick her clit at the same time, and she was in orbit.

To say she couldn't get enough was an understatement, and she soon slipped off the bed on to the floor. Lying on her back, she pushed her pelvis upwards into what is called the shoulder bridge position in Pilates, and I placed my arm under her arse like a support prop so my elbow was on the floor and my open hand supporting her weight. My fingers and in fact almost much of my hand was inside her, while I lapped away at her clitoris. This pressure ended up gradually pushing her across the floor until she was pressed up against the opposite wall and could go no further. She was gasping for air and her whole body shaking as she climaxed again, very hard.

We stopped, calmed down and had some lunch, before returning to our new-found specialist subject in the afternoon.

As explained earlier, because of the distance between us, it took four months before we could meet again. This time we managed to meet at a hotel mid-way and spent six remarkable hours in bed. She was very complimentary about my performance, saying she had never had such amazing orgasms (blush!) But I knew she needed extra-sex more often than I could provide, so suggested we go our separate ways. She reluctantly agreed, and in Part 3 I'll tell you about when I met her and her husband....