14 May 2018

Jesse and I had certainly struck up quite a rapport, and while we had agreed not to meet due to distance, stayed in touch. In fact we were e-mailing one another every few days.

After a couple of weeks, she really took the wind out of my sails by sending me some photos of her having sex with a guy she nicknamed Phil the Greek. I'm not sure he was Greek at all, but he was quite a thick set man, shaved head and evidently a bit of a stud! He was red faced and sweating heavily as he rammed her, and her facial expression suggested she was loving every second!

It was really weird seeing a woman I'd had sex with quite so recently, now being pleasured by someone else. (I felt I should have been jealous, but actually I was highly aroused, and since understand what other men have said about watching their wives have sex, albeit it's somewhat counter-intuitive). Anyway, the other surprise to me was that her husband had set this up and had taken the photographs!

I thought swinging was just what couples did after drinking too much at dinner parties...! Jane educated me all about this lifestyle and told me about SH - which I Googled and joined immediately!

Cut a long story short, she suggested I 'befriend' them on SH, and not long afterwards she and I were plotting to meet with Dave her husband.

A few weeks later, I had to be on their side of the country, and it was agreed that we should meet. This wasn't just a 'let's have a drink' meet - sex was most definitely on the agenda. Dave had said he wanted to attempt a DP, and I said I wanted to undress and have sex with her alone first. All was agreed.

I'd booked a hotel about 20 miles from where they lived. They were a bit late arriving and by the time we got to the bar, there was only one table free - right in the middle. I got the drinks and began chatting to them, asking Dave about his job, and then gradually turning the subject to how they got into swinging.

He was clearly uncomfortable discussing this in such a public spot, and suggested we go up to the room. J and I were more than happy. I'd asked for a quite room, and it was right at the end of a long corridor. J had told me that as soon as we got to the room to make my move on her, on the basis that it was always more difficult to get going if you stopped to chat!

I took her at her word, and almost as the door closed, we were lustfully going at one another. I was nervous about being photographed, but they promised me that any photos would just be for their use only, and Dave soon had his camera out.

I'd removed her blouse, and with her bra and jeans still on, she led me to the bed. She lay down and I was stroking her body and bra covered boobs, but at this stage Dave started trying to get involved. Jesse got really cross with him, and almost to spite him, got up, pulled off my jeans and shorts, and started sucking my cock.

Dave got the message, and left us alone. Before long we were both starkers and fucking every which way. At one point I was doing her doggy style, and Dave - now naked too, slid his cock into her mouth and we gave her a quick spit-roast.

Things were very relaxed, and even after much licking, sucking and penetration in different positions no one had yet come.

Jesse was lying on top and fucking me. I was aware that Dave was behind her, but because she was on top couldn't really see what was going on. He had some things on a shelf, and I gradually became aware of him playing with her anus. First with lube, his fingers and then a small anal dildo. It was odd feeling this so close to my cock, and in her next door passage so to speak! She was very relaxed, and just kept rocking her pubic bone against mine, my cock still hard inside her.

When we talked about it afterwards, we both felt that Dave was on the point of giving her the promised DP, but bizarrely he suddenly stopped, went to the bathroom, and didn't come out!

After a bit, J and I looked at each other quizzically. Without a word, she then climbed off me, I got up, she knelt on the bed, and I stood behind her. You won't believe me, but my intention had been to enter her pussy again, but - yes, connected with her bum! I pushed gently, and she braced her body to give me something to push against. My crown entered her up to its ridge; I stopped to check she was okay with this. "Yes" she replied very enthusiastically, so I pushed again until I was half way in, then stopped and checked again. "Oh yes" she replied, and I pushed the whole length of my shaft inside her. It was amazing - tight all the way down its length, not just at the entrance as with a pussy. I then pulled out a bit, then pushed in, out then in...until we where having a real and totally amazing anal fuck - both of our virginities gone!

At this point I was aware that Dave was back in the room and holding his camera again. Whether he knew 'where' I was I never found out, but as Jesse collapsed flat on to the bed and I thrust in one last time, we both climaxed together, so he was unlikely to see anything! The look on her face in the photo I saw later as she orgasmed really was a picture, and definitely didn't need a caption!

My first swinging experience, my first spit-roast, first anal for both of us and a mutual anal climax - does it get better than that!?