Written by Claire C

12 Feb 2008

Thanks Amber_Kiwi for your comments on my story earlier today.

My partner and I are very happy. I met him whilst I was bent over Julie\'s bed getting fucked by her man Ally. He had come into the bedroom during a summer night’s party and whilst seeing Ally fuck me with his big cock, asked Ally for an introduction.

\"Claire, Scott, Scott meet Claire!\" the cheeky bugger said. Ally kept on riding me until he emptied his cum deep inside me. When he pulled out his still semi-rigid cock rubbed against my bum hole and fearing he was going for the kill I turned around and just sucked him dry.

\"Thanks guys!\" said Scott, and he left. I caught up with him later in the garden where he was speaking to a couple of Julie’s girlfriends. He came straight over to me and told me he liked what he saw, that I was very beautiful, and had a great body. He explained that he and Ally went way back, but he had been in the Emirates for the past year making a ton of money doing health and safety stuff, but that was over and he was looking again for a house locally.

I agreed to meet up with him a few days later. We went for a drive in my soft-top Saab, stopping for a quite picnic in a nice lakeside spot. We chatted about things in general and I kept noticing him looking at my exposed cleavage. Before meeting Julie and Ally I had been quite shy, but being with them and making love to such beautiful people gave me a new found confidence, which meant I would show off my 34Cs.

I told Scott about my husband, and that Ally and Julie had been my only lovers since his death. He said that Ally was a really nice guy and a good friend, and that he had spoken to him about me. Nothing obscene, just that I was a loving and giving girl. He found that out at the party a few nights before.

Scott cuddled close and gave me a sweet kiss, and at that point I knew I was safe with him.

After a few more dates we eventually made it into the bedroom. Scott had been cautious, as he knew I did not want to end my relationship with Julie and Ally. He took me to a lovely hotel in countryside and made love to me all afternoon. He told me that him and Julie used to be an item, and likewise he had joined both her and Ally on many occasions. Scott’s cock is an inch or two shorter than Ally’s but his girth stretches me every time. He told me when he saw Ally fuck me from behind; he wanted me then and there. He knows Ally would have encouraged this, but as a stranger he did not want to take the chance.

The 4 of us travel together around the country, quite often to have sex as a group alfresco. Both boys have such great cocks that I and Julie are fully satisfied, and having 2 large cocks to fuck you means the excitement remains throughout. The guys love having a blond and a brunette to empty their cum inside, and our different body shapes keeps our fucking fresh.

The only time another partner has joined us, was when we all went to Prague last autumn. Julie and I dared the boys to bring back a prostitute to our apartment. They did, and as me and Jules finished off our drinks in the downstairs bar, both Ally and Scott spit-roasted her. They were still shagging her when we appeared in the apartment, and undeterred we both stripped to join them in the bed. The girl got such a fright she jumped off the bed, grabbed her clothes and parted, leaving the boys with large erections and a ton of pre-cum in their condoms.

Stripping the boys of their Durex we brought both off to a satisfactory cum, by both taking a face load and mouthful from each of our partners. Julie and I snogged after that, before being parted to allow Ally to go down on me and Scott to eat Julie’s pussy.

We are off to Oslo in March to try Scandinavia for the first time. We hear as a people the Norwegians enjoy mixed naked saunas, but are respectful to all, and so I am sure when we hook up with Ally and Julie again we will have another story to tell.