Written by fuffnready

23 Jun 2013

Hi peeps my name is Emma im 28 and thought i would share what happened last weekend with you all, i have been on a diet lately and lost alot of weight and am getting alot of attention, my boyfriend has always been very jealous and this has gotten worse over the last few months so to cheer myself up i went out with the girls for a night in Sheffield. We have alot of good bars and clubs but my favourite is Crystal as it has loads of ft black men and this nught was no different. After a few drinks i was up dancing around and before i knew it i had a big black man around 40ish dancing with me and god was he fit!!! i was bumping and grinding on him and and he had his hands all over me and soon up my skirt playing with my pussy. At this point i didnt give a shit about my boyfriend and was loving the attention, we ended up in a corner and were kissing and touching each other,he asked if i would go outside and suck his cock which from my wandering hands i could tell was huge!!!

I said to him why dont we just go back to my flat which is in the City Centre of Sheffield as i wanted him inside me so we left the club and made our way back to mine, my phone rang and it was my boyfriend so i ignored it which i know really pisses him off we stopped a few time snogging each other on the way and i was so wet it was unreal as we entred my flat we were tearing each others clothes off and he stripped me in no time pinning me to the bed lickking my pussy and boy did he know what he was doing i must have cum at least 3 times before he stopped and ordered me to suck his huge black cock i love sucking cock and was spitting and licking it all over he was loving every second of it i managed to get half way down his cock as it was so big, i could tell he was about to cum so i stopped turned my back to him getting on all fours expexcting him to ram his cock inside me. He took me by surprise and started to rim me which i have never had done me before and it was amazing afetr a short while he stoppped and forced his cock into me which made me scream but he didnt care he fucked me with such force i collapsed and he kept pounding me calling me a white slut, he picked me up and sat me on his cock and i rode it for all it was worth he was pounding me so hard i was screaming like never before, he then pinned me down and started to fuck me missionary with my legs on his shoulders he was getting further inside me than anybody else and i was loving it he was spitting in my mouth and ordered me tell him he was the best fuck i have ever had and was his whore, he made me cum at least 4 times like this and i loved it. He filled me with so much cum it was running down my legs. He layed with me for a while telling me i was his from now on. I didnt tell him i had a boyfriend and want this mans cock so much he is amazing.