Written by the hermit

2 Jan 2010

My journey began about five years ago. A guy I worked with was always telling me about his wife & how she always wore stockings & suspenders. Just like two blokes working alone on nights we started what I would describe as fantasizing about her & women in general.

Anyway, He was a bit of an armature photographer & was just going digital with the use of his computer. The problem was, he was not very computer literate & asked me for some help. As I am not too bad with programmes on computers I offered to give him a hand, plus I wanted to see his wife,

So the night came & I went down to his place, had a coffee with them & after a lot of small talk my friend & I went upstairs to look at his computer.

We where up there for about half an hour when his wife joined us, at this point my friend was sat at the computer & I was stood behind him showing him what to do.

His wife stood behind me & started leaning over and rubbing herself against me.

Although not unattractive, she was no oil painting but she was all woman with the biggest tits I have ever had pressed against me.

So with hubby concentrating on the computer I reached under my right arm with my left hand & had a grope of her tits,

This making her moan MMM, on hearing this husband turned round & said you dirty buggers with a big grin on his face. My hand shot away in a flash.

He then got up & said ill leave you alone for a while, my head was spinning. I had never been in a situation like this before. He left the room & his wife was all over me & my hand was up her denim skirt in her knickers.

But it was all too much for me. Here I am a happily married man of 57 in another mans house, in a bedroom with my hand in his wives knickers having my cock groped through my trousers.

I quickly pushed her away & said I had to leave, put my coat on & left.

At work we chatted about it, he told me it was fine & there was no problem with it.

Me being me was not comfortable with it but as time went on & I thought about it I would get excited often having a wank, He was still having problems with his computer & would ask me for advice & help. My thoughts got the better of me as well as my curiosity so I agreed to go down to help him,

The first time I went down I was sat at the computer when she brought us both a coffee & put them on the side then stood behind me & placed her enormous tits on my shoulders, I reached up over my shoulders & got them out of her blouse & bra.

I was playing with her nipples & she was reaching down rubbing my cock through my trousers.

My work friend, her husband left the room saying Ill leaves you two to it.

She then got me to my feet & took me over to the bed pushing me onto it, undid my trousers taking out my cock then proceeded to suck me & wank me into her mouth. In no time at all I was ready to cum & told her so,

She then dragged me on top of her & wanked me off all over her tits then rubbing my spunk into her tits.

I heard a noise at the door & could see her husband peeping through the crack in the door. This un nerved me again & I straightened my self up, made my excuses & left.

The next time I went down she greeted me in a tight white blouse with a black bra underneath, a short black skirt with stockings & suspender on.

We where in the kitchen & he was making us all a coffee, she just got down on her knees took my cock out & started to suck on it, it felt so good I just went along with it with him watching his wife suck another guys cock.

We then went upstairs to the bed room leaving her husband down stairs where I removed her skirt & blouse, my shoes & pants.

We got on the bed with her sat on top of me guiding my cock into her wet pussy & she rode me like a woman possessed stopping every so often to have a suck of my soppy cock.

I had this feeling that we where being watched & looked over to the door where her husband was peeping through the door again, this turned me on & I went into overdrive getting her on all fours & fucked her like a dog shooting my load deep inside her cunt.

Exhausted I lay on my back while she licked & sucked me clean, while she was doing that her husband came in & started playing with her tits as they where hanging free & swinging.

I was shocked & confused at this & where this was leading as I had experienced anything like it in my life before.

As time went on I would question him at work about it but he was very quiet about it as if he was embarrassed or something.

I started looking on the net trying to make some sense of it all, That’s where I came across the word cuckold. A word I had never heard before & the more I looked it up the more I thought that this is what is happening. I still do not really understand if this is the true meaning of what is going on between them or not, Maybe after I have told of other happenings between us some one could let me know if I am right or isnit some thing else that I am unaware of.