Written by MrD

6 Jan 2014

My new sub has written this

sub life

I’m gemini, and I’m needing to be Dominated,controlled and pushed to my limits!

I’m a 37 year old married woman with 3 children, I have a very dull sex life, with a man that does not know how to love!

So my search started! I joined a D/s site, hopeing to find that Dom that needed in my life!

The first message

Being new and inexperienced, I had a lot of interest in my profile, I think Doms like fresh meat, to train and mould into what they want!

I had been chatting to many, and found it all very exciting and arousing! But none made me comfortable enough to meet!

Until a message came through from MrD,

Was nothing erotic or demanding, just a little bit about his years of experience, and how he would like to train me!

I read his profile and liked what I read, he was older than me which I liked, I messaged back, saying I would like to talk more, we got on and he made me laugh, also important to me! There was somthing different about this one!

The first meet

We chatted a little over the weekend, and he continued to make me laugh, we both agreed on meeting, and arranged to meet the following monday!

The weekend passed quickly and I woke monday morning, kissing the husband goodbye as he went off to work, having no idea on the lifestyle I was hoping to become apart of!

Before I knew it my stomach was in knots, I felt sick, nervous, scared but above all I was excited!

We arranged to meet in a coffee shop, I thought it safe to be public! He messaged to say he had arrived and that my coffee

Was getting cold!

I took a deep breath and thought right let’s do this, I was meeting MrD!

I walked in, our eyes met and instantly I smiled! I sat down and our conversation started, we talked a lot not just about BDSM, but always making me laugh and smile! On the inside I was thinking of all the wicked games of pleasure and pain I wanted him to do to me, and the urge for me to please him!

Our meet came to an end and we went our seperate ways!

Soon after, he messaged asking if I would like to take it further, of course I replied,with a grin on my face, Yes!

The excitement I had knowing I was going to play!

These are her words