Written by wishpm43

8 Apr 2010

We just returned from the daily tour and Malcom, John and Dave had asked what we had planned to do tonight. I looked at Y who shrugged her shoulders and looked at me....

Malcom suggested we go to the local hotel, see the locals and have some fun.

So as it was only 4.30 pm we all went to our rooms to get ready.

Y and I enter our room and she is all over me, I'm getting so excited too and want to know what is happening. So I'm kissing her and feeling her up , she is so wet again.

I asked her, what has got you so worked up. Her reply shocked me - apparently John, Dave and Malcom have been telling her of my porn. Shit i got so scared - i never shared that with Y, as she seemed to dislike it so much. But then he she is all worked up over these guys informing her of my porn. So i had to ask what did they say, while my hands are going all over her body. She started telling me Malcom, was whispering that I loved watching guys screw women pretending to be asleep or tied up, but highly aroused. Only thing was that John and Dave heard my reply. I told him of your Juicy Lucy routine when i am asleep, i wanted to know if it was normal behaviour, then he mentioned that there was a porn video he thinks that had a similar story. Now all the guys were involved with this conversation when i wasn't there?? I'm getting turned on but also a little hesitant to know what else went on.

They were all discussing my personal fantasy and Y was getting comfortable discussing sex with these three guys, and they all agreed that I was a lucky fella. As i got to screw Y when she was asleep - any way she told them that i was not to know of what they discussed, and i was to pretend not to know that i knew. This made me feel a little better, so I try to get into Y pants but she fobs me off again?? So i start with the Juicy Lucy routine and she wants to know more - So i whisper that shes going to be so so screwed this weekend - and she is getting all worked up - but i can not get her knickers off?? I ask her whats going on , she answers with u can wait till later when I'm asleep... We both star kissing and i say to her I love you and she says the same but really passionately. We get ready for going out she is wearing a summer dress nice and frilly, no bra , and changes to her White satin seamless pants so no panty lines show on her dress. I love feeling her rear in this cotton dress, and her legs are nicely exposed as the hem falls 6" above her knees, she is wearing her 3" Stilettos which she adores. She then disappears into the bathroom and does her make up, She seldomly wears make up so i was a little surprised, but excited. I got ready , Jeans and T shirt with sneakers.

While I'm waiting for Y i go through my bag and get all my toys out that Y loves me to use when i go through the Juicy Lucy routine. Pump Penis - (that pretends to come inside a girl), Hot Pink vibrator that feels real when lubricated with vaginal juice. Cordless little ball that operates by remote - Clit stimulator with Vibrator i think it is called The Rabbit, a strap on i use to make me bigger ( as im only 4 1/2") this vibrates and makes me twice as thick some 2" and 7" long. i hide these all under the blankets, but only after i test that all the batteries are working.

Y comes out and we head off to Malcoms room who is next door to John and Daves, in the East section of the resort, our room is on the South Section a little more modern. As we are walking up to Malcoms room, Y reminds me to say nothing about the talk before. I touch Y's back and caress her back side, she doesnt fog me off but gives me a gorgeous pash - i am so confused and excited because of it.

We see Malcom out of his room and waiting for the other guys John and Dave. He whistles his approval to Y, who blushes a little and bows. The guys both com out and do the same, so Y is cortsing and blushes a little more, her nipples are getting excited to as they are poking through the thin material of her tin dress. All of us guys notice this, and acknowledge it between each other, im a little embarrassed however, i think Malcom sensed this, as he comes up to me and quietly comments on Y tits. I look at him and smile but say nothing. He says hes only teasing me, and loves me as a brother.

The hotel is only a 5 Minute walk to wards the town, as we walking we start discussing the Agenda for tomorrow, John Dave and I start in the Morning at 10am and Malcom first section is at 2pm,when we get together all 4 of us till 6pm, and a dinner at 8pm.

We arrived at the Hotel - Nice enough but very busy, there seemed to be a 100 people in this very small hotel, the lady pointed to upstairs where there were more tables,Y walks up the stairs and Malcom, Dave John and I follow, I can see that everyone can see Y's panties WOW i got such u rush , but Malcom starts to pretend to touch Y's under her dress and looks at the other guys and me, he notices that im a little flushed and winks. We notice that the tables up here a higher and have high bar stools to sit on, so we make ourselves comfortable and start looking through the menu, we all choose and whilst we waiting we start discussing what wines we going to have, Y wants the 2nd one we went to today Yulamba Shiraz 2004 Lite and smooth, easy to drink so we all agree and order 2 Bottles. As we all discussing todays tour i excuse myself to go to the gents, on my return i saw John and Dave both touching Y's shoulders and Malcom was on the floor collecting his spoon, in front of Y's chair? Y seemed to be in another world and just nodded when i asked if all was ok? John and Dave both said Y's shoulders were so tense that they were messaging her, and Malcom said nothing but had a huge grin on his face?

We had a pleasant dinner and the guys seemed to be getting really friendly with Y? this was exciting me but also scaring me a little, Malcom went for a smoke and i followed him, he started saying how sexy Y was, she just adores being enjoyed i asked what he meant, and he says u know what i"m saying. No not really, she loves to flirt , i was shocked, but understood, and said that i would love u to secretly screw her tonight, Ill tie her up (loosely) and Blind fold her and start playing with our toys on her, then get her so worked up, she will have no idea whos screwing her. Malcom started to smile, YOU HORNY BASTARD I LOVE U M8, How u going to do it, i'l text u and leave the door un locked, maybe u can also put a hood on Just incase her blind fold fall off. He agreed and we started to return, when we both see that John and Dave had a hand on Y's legs they were on either side of her, she was in a dreamy state and when i asked if she was ok she just nodded. Dave mentioned that Y was getting cold as the fans were right on top of her, so they were rubbing her tensed thighs to warm her a little, Y just nodded and smiled.

We took off and Y wanted to go to bed, she said she was feeling a little unwell, we were all so disappointed and she just smiled and said she'll make it up to us all tomorrow night. We went to Malcoms room first as it was on the way, Where he kissed Y, and she returned it with a pash, then the other two John and Dave kissed her but also were touching her as if they were lovers? Y was really in a dreamy state and allowed it all, then took my hand and we went to our room.

She went to the loo and changed into her FUCK ME PAJAMAS

I got so worked up that i went straight to her but she just fobbed me off saying she wasnt feeling to good, i hesitated a little thinking that she will see all the toys hidden in the bed, but went to the bathroom myself when i returned to the bed she was fast asleep and hadnt noticed any of the toys that were just inches from her??

I turned the TV on and started flicking channels, she started to move, and her leg came out from under the covers, she the turned and 1/2 her body was exposed above the quilt, her back side was showing as the shorts on the pajamas we so loose that they just rode up. i carefully put my head on her back side and could smell her sex, unmistakingly, she must have beened so turned on.

I started to caress her back she just fobbed me of saying shes too tired, but then she rolled on her back and her bushy pussy was peaking out of her shorts, this was so sneaky and erotic. i had to touch her and slowly did, she was Steaming and,dripping she was super hot and really the only word to describe it would be ON HEAT. What do i do , I really wanted to screw her, but didnt want to spoil, the situation either. I got the remote vibrator that was under her leg now and inserted it into her pussy, she didnt seem to notice it slip in. Then i went up to her head and started with the routine JUICY LUCY, she just nodded and i switched on the remote, and started to tell her about Malcom screwing her tonight, hmmmmmmm she replies. I am so scared now I really do not want to stuff this up, i am so horny also and my cock feels as if its 8" long (but it isnt) I whisper to Y that im going to tease u JUICY LUCY Tie your legs and arms - then blindfold you, is that ok - She replies hmmmmmmmmmmmmm with a nod. I get the other toys and start putting them under the elastic band of her FUCK ME PAJAMAS then turn them all on. (I'v never done this before) and say Juicy Lucy u ok, she replies hmmmmmmmmmm.

I get up and find some stockings to tie her Legs and hans she is im sure in exstacy, I know im throbbing and so so excited - my heart is beating so loudly im sure she can hear it. The blindfold i had to use her knickers she didnt seem to mind, but i think she could have seen through them a little. I questioned her all the time asking if Juicy Lucy was ok , her reply hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and a dreamy smile.

I got up and got my phone and shakingly text to Malcom, his reply was so quick OK.

I started to screw Y saying that Malcom would be doing this soon, is that ok, she replied with a hmmmmmm and thrust her pussy up to my dick, she was on HEAT and it was Sizzling , to be honest she was so wet i couldnt feel her sides at all, so i got my Strap on, on and asked Y if it was ok for Malcom to do you know, she replied with her hmmmmmmmmmm and nodded, I started to insert my Dick taht was now in the strap on and switched it on to vibrate, she thrusted her hips up and swollowed me whole WOW she was humping me with the strap on. She never had done this before always just lying there being my FUCK TOY now he was in a dream and screwing her Dream.... WOW i lost it and came right there and then, i got up and waited for Malcom who took his time.

I went and strated to kiss Y upper legs and she just opened them further and her pussy was so so abused and puffy but soaking wet, I grabbed the vibraters that were still around her waistband, and slowly inserted them - she just humped them also, and tried to touch herself - but the restraints wouldn't allow her.

Malcom finally text me and said he was outside, i turned off the vibrators and said i had to go to the loo, she was so disappointed, and sighed. I opened the door and Malcom was there with his hood and could see Y on the bed.... he whispers to me is she ready , i said she is but letts play act for alittle first, tease her ok.

He agreed i told him to undress quitetly while i set it up.

I roll back on the bed and start the JUICY LUCY Routine and Y is opening her legs so so much - u can see the sheen from her JUICY pussy from wher Malcom was... I look over to him and he reacts with a huge erection immediatly. OK Juicy Lucy you want Malcom to touch your pussy with his fingers, HMMMMMMMMMMM and a nod is the reply, she is even more juiced up now.

I start to tease her pussy inserting all four fingesr as she is so wet and really gagging for it, Malcom is now at the bottom of the bed near her feet, a raging hard on maybe 8" and very thick maybe 3". Y statrs to thrust her hips to my fingers I pull them out and start to tease her by going to her toes and sucking on her left toe, I am now also sporting a Hard on, and start rubbing it on her leg she responds by moving her leg on my dick. Malcom takes the lead from me and starts to touch Y's feet, she wasnt expecting that, his hands a much more rougher then mine, I pretend it was still me, by roughly grabbing her breast, she smiles, and is in the zone again.

OK time for Malcom to go at it, but how???

I ask Y is your JUICY LUCY READY for Malcom, she hesitates and puts her head side to side indicating no. OK I enter her and start saying im MALCOM screwing my JUICY LUCY etc and she is very much in the zone now in BLISS I ask is this ok and she is nodding hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I then remove me and Malcom is quick to get between her legs , I carefully get to her face and whisper that Malcom Dick is bigger thenmine and hes going to be very carefull ok, hmmmmmmmmmmm, and nods. I grab my strap on so she can feel it in her hands and she is again , hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and nods.

Then i pretend im between her legs, she has loosely parted them as far as they can go, and i swear i can see steam from her mound.

Malcom carefully with touching her body gets his dick near Y entrance that seems like a vaccum that wants to suck it in. he slowly has the tip near her entrance, i put the strap on also near her pussy and turn on the vibrator she is so turned on and starts to move her hips up towards the vibrator, Malcom senses this and has his dick ready and in a millisecond Y has got Malcoms big Dick in her Pussy - She realises that its not the toy, and not me and stops, shocked I go to her face and start pashing her and she just relaxes and pretends its me. She is thrusting and Thrusting at Malcoms Cock. Malcolm is loving it all, and about to come so he quickly gets out, she sighs and is so disappointed that she starts to want to get her hands free. I quickly put the strap on back on my puny dick and shuv it up her pussy and she is in delight again, but a little confussed.

Malcom starts to touch her Breast which are loosely flopping through her FUCK ME PAJAMA top, but a real thrill for me - she believes it is me and swings her head as if she is about to climax, I get out and start rubbing her breasts with my Dick, and shes trying to kiss it so i manage to put her pants up a little so she can suck my dick, she was sucking so nicely that i came (Never had i came in her mouth B4) I got a vibrator and shoved it into her insattiable pussy she was moaning her approval, while clening my dick with her mouth.

Malcom can not contain himself and enters her exposed pussy again - Y is totally confussed but insattiable and sighs with her hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i quickly get the strap on near her pussy so she thinks its me again, But Malcom has a hand of her tit and has grabbed at it its all in his huge hand, Y would know it wasnt me, but she ignored her feelings and just sighed, and strated humping at Malcoms huge Cock, wanting ever millimeter of it and she strted to squirm under his body circling her pelvic area trying to take all his cock - she appeared to try and get his balls in her, This got me going and i started to play with her other breast - She abonded her Cautious behaviour to LUST and Screamed out she was comming and she came and came so did Malcom, it was dripping out of her cunt, all mixed up with the juices, I motioned Malcom to go but he indicated no with his head???

WTF but did get up off Y and went to the loo, Y just nodded offf to sleep, pretending that nothing had happened. I got to her head and asked if Juicy Lucy was up for more, she ignored me and I asked if she could be my FUCK TOY for tonight, she replied with a hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, and a nod. Then went to sleep...............

Part 3 soon please let me know if this is boring you all..........