Written by Amanda

28 Jan 2013

This is a copy of the letter I left for Mike, my husband, in July last year.

Dear Mike,

You seem to be wondering why I've been having a lot of headaches recently and why you've not been getting your legover. I'm surprised you haven't worked it out yet so I'll tell you.

Does the date April the 19th 1992 ring any bells with you. No? I didn't think so, it was the date that we got married. The date that obviously made so little impression on you that you forgot our 20th Anniversary. How about June the 2nd then? Doesn't ring any bells either? It's my birthday which you also forgot. You may recall that you came home after your last night shift that morning, we made love, I was expecting a card, maybe a gift, to be taken out to dinner that night, it was after all my fortieth birthday, a milestone event for most women. What had you done, agreed to do an extra shift to cover for Gary so he could go out with his mates on the piss.

Admittedly you did remember the next day. To late I'm afraid. While you were working so Gary could go out, I was being fucked. You’ve often enough asked me to take part in a threesome so you could watch me being fucked. Well I did it, it's just that you weren't there to see. You've noticed I've lost some weight in the last few weeks, commented how much larger and firmer my 36d's look with my slimmer body. You also haven't missed that I've shaved my pussy too. I say, I've shaved my pussy, it would actually be more accurate to say my pussy is shaved for me. It looks nice don't you think? It looks even nicer when it's got a thick young cock in it. I bet you'd have liked to see that wouldn't you. Tough!!

I suppose you're wondering who's fucking me, who shaves my pussy and where we go, so I decided I'd write and tell you what happened.

I could have forgiven you forgetting one date, but two, within six weeks? Even then you might have got away with it but for one thing. At work that day, Alan a Rep called, showing Jon, a new guy the ropes. They probably all keep a little book with the dates of birthdays of the secretaries and PA's they need to charm. Whatever, he remembered, had a card for me and asked where you were taking me to to celebrate. I told him you'd forgotten and were working. I expect you've already guessed what he said next. He invited me to join them for dinner that night, not for the first time I might add, but I'd always declined. I'd quite fancied him for a while and the younger guy, he was only twenty four, was even more handsome and fit. It certainly beat sitting at home and the prospect of a pleasant evening persuaded me. By the time I got home I'd more or less decided to have sex with one or other of them if I could orchestrate it.

You know the short little black dress you like, the one with the scoop back and plunging front that I can't wear a bra with. I wore that, with the tiny diamanté G-string you bought me, the black hold up stockings, with seams up the back you like so much and those shoes with the 5 inch heels which I only wear when I'm feeling sexy and horny. That tells you the sort of mood I was in. I went out with the intention of getting laid.

I met them in the bar, could see they liked what they saw and deliberately sat on a stool revealing lots of thigh and a hint of the lace stocking tops. You know how easy it is to accidentally give nipple flashes in that dress if I'm not careful. I wasn't careful, leaning forward so the dress fell open revealing my tits and and hard nipples and as you know if I turn the material parts and my tits pop out until I turn back. I did that too. They soon got the message that I had other things on my mind than dinner. Two or three relaxing drinks, while they tested the water, making sure I wasn't being a cockteaser, until they were certain I was up for it. Alan had a room, but Jon only lives about twenty miles away and intended to leave us to it. I almost let him, but thanks to you I remembered your suggestion of a threesome. Guessing most men are the same I suggested he stay and that we all go to Alan's room. You will not be surprised to learn that they took no persuading and Alan cancelled our table.

My pussy was dripping before we even left the bar, you can imagine how hot and horny I was by the time we got to the room. Stop reading now if you don't want to know the details, but I know you well enough to know you probably won't. I was in a hurry, it was just a matter of deciding who'd fuck me first. A quick shag would be fine, I just wanted a nice hard cock, plenty of time for seconds, you weren't due home until six in the morning. A huge kingsize bed, plenty of room for the three of us. I only had two bits of clothing to remove, I undid the dress letting it fall to the floor, slipped off the string and I was naked. I lay back on the bed with my legs open, ran my fingers through my bush, touched my clitty, playing with myself just as I do in front of you sometimes. It's such an intimate thing for woman to do, masturbate in front of a man, can you imagine the turn on, doing it watched by two men I hardly knew. I lay with my legs spread, masturbating, revealing my sex to them waiting for them to join me on the bed and fuck me.

Alan’s cock was quite small, just like yours. Jon's, Wow, it was big. At least 8 inches and so thick, do you know what, I couldn't close my fingers around it when I got my hands on it, which didn't take long I can tell you. I pulled him onto the bed with me, got on my knees sucking him, even though I could hardly get my lips around it. I hardly noticed Alan get behind and slip his cock into my hole and begin to fuck me. Alan didn't last long anyway and soon came inside me, my cunt dripping with another mans seed. My married cunt, the one you thought was specially reserved for you. Not any more Darling.

I practically wrestled Jon onto his back, climbed on top and lowered myself until I felt the tip of his cock touch my pussy. I had no doubts I could take him, my pussy was soaking, dribbling spunk, well lubricated and in any case a woman's cunt is amazingly elastic. Of course with you, mine had never had the opportunity before to discover how large a cock it could take. I rocked back and fore on it, felt the tip enter me and from then on it was easy, I moved up and down on his big, thick cock, taking a little more into my tight pussy each time, until I’d taken about half. My cunt stretched tightly around his thick girth, my sex juices flowing, lubricating his shaft. Have I mentioned it was very big and very thick. Oh, yes I think I might have, but worth repeating in case you missed it, 8 long, thick inches, sliding into my married cunt. Once I'd taken half, the rest just slid in easily, surprisingly easily for a pussy only accustomed to small pricks. I rode him and he fucked me for over 10 minutes, made me cum twice before he came inside me. Can you imagine. Two loads of spunk in me in less than 20 minutes. You should have seen it. You'd have loved it, except you were working an extra shift.

They both fucked me again an hour or so later. Jon lasted so long the second time I had multiple orgasms, that's never happened before. I came so many times and made so much noise it was lucky the rooms either side were unoccupied. Even so Alan suggested we both leave after the second fuck. I brought him home with me and we fucked in the marital bed twice more. You only missed him by a few minutes when you came in from your extra shift on the morning of 3rd June. A few minutes earlier and you could have watched him fucking me.

That was the first time he fucked me but certainly not the last. It was convenient him living fairly nearby. It was the next time I saw him that he shaved my pussy and he has been doing it for me every time we meet, for the last month, before he fucks me. Jon's not the only one fucking me though. Do you remember a few years ago taking me to that place just outside Gloucester, Birdlip wasn't it, only telling me what went on there when we arrived, hoping I'd agree to give it a try. Well I have now with Jon, not at Birdlip mind. How does the nursery rhyme go? “If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise” Well, if you'd gone down to the woods last week instead of being on nights you sure would have had a big surprise. You'd have seen me being fucked by Jon and three guys and sucking off two more. Shame you missed it, but there may be the chance to see me in action if you are interested.

I don't really want a divorce, but if that's what you want so be it. Alternatively you can accept your punishment. I haven't forgiven you for forgetting but I may if I think you deserve it. If you look in the kitchen you will find your Sat Nav. I have set the location of where I will be from about 11pm tonight and you will be able to watch me being fucked, not just by Jon. You'll have to be there to find out how many, even I don't know that, but don’t expect to be amongst them yourself. I have yet to decide if or when I will let you fuck me again. The best you can hope for in the immediate future is “Cleaning Duties” the chose is yours.


I'll continue another day if you want to know if Mike “rose” to the challenge and whether he is now allowed to fuck me.