Written by throbbingcock_1

3 Jan 2011

I walked in the bedroom and she was asleep on the bed naked. The sun was shining over her body.I walk over and softly kiss her lips to awaken her... she stirs and smiles at me. I then start to kiss her neck, she bites her lip as i move to her huge breasts and start to lick and suck her nipples, i gently run my tongue from nipple to nipple before pushing her breasts together and running my tongue through the clevage. I miss down her soft body then go straight down the bottom. I run my tongue from her toes all the way up the inside of her leg, over her thigh and i start kissing around her hot pussy. I tease her by running my tongue just above her clit untill she grabs the back of my head and pushes it onto her clit. I lick her clit softly, building up speed before sucking her clit hard as i slide 2 fingers deep in and out of her. I then run my tongue to her hole and tongue fuck her hard and deep as i rub her clit, her juices flowing all over my mouth. She puts her feet on my shoulders and grinds her pussy all over my mouth while still holding the back of my head to keep my mouth exactly where she wants it. She puts her toes in my mouth so i lick and suck them as i pump my fingers into her before getting my tongue as deep as i can back in her tight wet hot pussy. I then get her on all 4's at the edge of the bed and i kneel on the floor behind her. I reach forward and grope her tits as i tongue her deep from behind. I stick my tongue out so she can push back on it untill she cums all over my mouth. At that point i run my tongue from her clit to her ass. I spit on her ass and tongue it fast, slapping her ass and telling her to tell me how she is going to suck my rock hard thorbbing cock :)