Written by NE guy

7 May 2012

Hi this is an account of me when I was about 20ish and my married lover lyn in her early 30s she seduced me one day after inviting me round for a coffee .

We had many sessions while her hubby was away with work and I used to stay overnight if her hubby knew he never let on , even though I was there every weekend sleeping on couch after being out drinking with them both he would go to bed leaving us watching pop videos .

About lyn lively red head with 36c tits nice rounded arse not a super model but curves in right places all woman , once he'd gone to bed she d have changed in to a dressing gown as soon as we came in , she would lie back exposing her lush body to me beckon me over I would start at her mouth hard urgent kisses before moving to her neck , by the time I got to her nipples shed be breathing heavy as I sucked each in turn before I licked my way down to her thighs spreading her legs wide before licking closer and closer to her clit parting her damp pussy lips sucking on them before placing my lips over her clit working on it with my tounge swirling around it flicking it she would grasp the back of my head holding me against her as she bucked and shook to a climax.

Then I'd sit back on the couch shed crawl towards me between my open legs feeling my cock through my jeans she,d undo my fly slide her hand in to feel my cock tugging my jeans down she would lick my balls then up the shaft slipping my foreskin down before sliding her lips over the head , (maybe it was the drink or years of self pleasuring I don't know but I can hold my come off for a long time)

When she felt me getting close she would whisper" I want you inside me" then standing up straddle my hips guiding me into her slowly ride me feeling each stroke before I took over bucking into her, tits bouncing in front of my face she, come pretty quick saying " I love your cock" before lying on her back I'd straddle her wanking me with one hand feeling my balls with the other she. D urge me to come on her tits rubbing my cock head on her nipples till I came thrusting my hips forward shooting spunk over her tits face and hair(I was and still am a heavy cummer)

Just a typical night with lyn we had lots of fun in 17 years of our affair .

Soz if grammars out a bit just a normal bloke not an English teacher lol hope you enjoyed it more if you want cheers