Written by sub slut

27 Jul 2008

After having his cock in my bum for the first time ,i was lieing there on my front where he had left me legs apart enjoying the feeling of his semen seeping out onto the gusset of my stiky panties,thinking if this is what it feels like to be a girl i want it ,he came back into the room after a shower and smaked me on the bum are you coming over tomorow he asked,how could i refuse ,for the next few weeks we became more intence he had a insacable apatite for sex and fucked me everywhere in his flat ,i was becoming his slave and loved it when time alowed i would dress sexy and spend time with him watching telly playing cards and ofcourse screwing i loved being his sub slut and he loved being my master,only down side was i had to go home,it all came to a head when my wife went away on holiday with her sister i agreed as this would give me more time to spend with my lover and stay over something he wanted me to do since he moved into his flat the first day my wife was away i turend up at his i was not due up but thought i would surprise him he answerd the door hi i said can a stay for a while wow yes he said and we went off to bed there and then in the middle of the afternoon he took great pleasure in tieing me up and spanking my silkie coverd bum then forcing me to swallow his cock then leaving a load of which he had never before produced before up my bum,i got up and made some tea and we sat up in bed later i preformed oral on him while he dosed just as he came he pushed my head down and i swallowed,we spent the most of that two weeks in bed me doing little chorse for him and him repaying me with his cock,i found a very kinky side to him and we ordered some very sexy kinky close from a mail order catalouge he had ,one night i looked out the window and saw i guy looking in from the flat just ten feet away he had just moved in. i first had been walking around in a pair of stokings and nothin els on my cock hanging loose then i had gone and put on a pair of panties and a mini skirt and a teeshirt i dont no how long he had been looking for but it turend me on thinking he new our secret and since he had made no atempt to stop looking i new the idia did not repulse him i said to my lover and he said after giving me a long kiss lets give him some thing to wank over i was not sure but when he lifted up my skirt and started feeling my bum i new i was his for the taking as usal ,after

a heavy petting seshion infront of the window he told me to go get the fucking stool,our name for a kitchen stool what was the right hight for me to bend over and him to put his cock up me without any acrobatics we placed it infront of the window i bent over it he was still looking my lover lifted my skirt and puled my knickers down and shoved his cock all the way into me he mad slow pashionet love to me eventuly puling me up forcing me to mt knees and shooting on my face and into my mouth then kissing me we retiered to bed satisfied that we had done us a favour and him

to be continued