3 May 2016

My story goes back to when I was a teenager still at school. I met a young girl - (we will call her Maria) and we had a very passionate time for about a year. Well being an idiot I got caught out having had sex with two of her best friends and we parted. Both met new partners both had kids and ironically we both moved within a mile of each other but didn't see each other for 25 years.

I went through a nasty breakup, she heard through the grapevine and out of the blue we met by accident in the local supermarket. She told me her marriage was on rocks and wanted to call me. Anyway our conversation carried on for 30 mins or so and inevitably we started talking about sex. I said did she still take it up the arse to which her eyes lit up. Not often enough for my liking she said. Apparently her husband had a foul temper, was a bully but didn't have much sex drive. Also since I last fucked her, her tits have gone up three cup sizes and her nipples were like bullets. Apparently as a result of childbirth.

So we met up for a coffee, and within 30 mins we were in my car in the multi-storey car park in Southampton and I was licking her sweet tasting, shaved pussy with a finger up her arse. She came with such power I thought she was going to pass out. It had been a long time for her since she had received any attention. After that we settled on either using a friends house, the New Forest or mine.

I used to love sending her back to her useless husband knowing that her pussy was full, sore from being fucked for hours and after she had come 2-3 times. The excuses she used amazed me he was so stupid to believe her. One time I was fucking her from behind and fingering her arse when he rang. I refused to stop banging her whilst she spoke to him. Apparently he was going to leave work early and wondered if she fancied a session. She said no with such control so he went back to work and I went back to banging his wife.

Due to work commitments after 5 years our sessions got less and less, however when we got together it was always full passion, kinky and very enjoyable. Not sure if and when we will meet up again but her husband has no idea what a filthy tart he has - his loss.