Written by tescoa 1234

18 Dec 2011

Hi my name is Michelle, 38 married to a useless man who does not want me.

As i said in part 1. I had decided to look for other men to satisfy my needs as my useless husband is not interested in me at all. He sleeps in the spare room and only wants a quick fumble once or twice a year.

I met my new lover Gerry a few months ago and after having a series of lovers over the last few years have finally met a man who could and does satisfy me totally.

It is christmas time now the hubby is getting nice to me, it seems as though he is looking to get his useless leg over, I will not be too interested i think.

I said in part 1. How my new lover looks after my needs in every way.

On our first meeting we had sex in the back of his van, He is 53 , a little older than me.

It was wild hot, sweaty. He went down on me and made me cum, then lulled me up over him and entered my wet and willing married cunt. I heard him talk dirty to me as he fucked me and i came hard. He was kind, gentle, and strong when needed. He had placed a mattress on the floor in the rear of his van and we parked up in a secluded car park.

I was with him for 90 minutes that first time and it felt like 10 minutes.As he left me back to my car my legs were like Jelly.

The 2cnd meeting was in a rented unit he was working in. It had a new double bed and we had been discussing things we wanted to do. I wanted to be stripped naked, put up on the table and to be eaten for his lunch. He stripped me down, kissed me, stroked me and then put me over his knee and proceeded to spank my bum hard.

My Cunt was throbbing and his fingers found it all wet and ready He told me to get up on the table as he was very hungry.

He ate my wet cunt until i screamed out as i came hard. I was then led to the bed where i was fucked hard until he came inside me.

I was then pushed down and told to clean his cock, which i gladly did. I licked his helmet, his entire length and sucked his balls . Much to my surprise he was soon hard again and pushing me onto my back, lifted my feet up over his shoulders slid deep into me. I was then fucked hard until i nearly passed out as i came hard.

On our 3 rd meeting he had rented a small one bedroom flat , it is now our place.

This time he used toys, dildo and vibrators to drive me wild. With his cock deep in my wet cunt he shoved a vibe up my bum and sent me over the edge again and again.

I was again spanked and used. eaten ,licked, sucked and fucked until i came and came.

Never has a man made me cum more than once and yet i came 4 times with Gerry.

We have been texting and chatting about our next meeting and i have begun to call him daddy. It turns us both on. I have just sent him a text asking him to tkae my wet and willing married cunt and eat his fill. I have also asked my new lover daddy to fuck my married slut arse and bugger me. I want him to slide deep inside my married bum hole and sodomise me hard until he cums deep inside me.

I have been buggered before but only with a condom on and never felt or had any man pump his poad deep in my bum hole.

Daddy Gerry my new lover cant wait and neither can i.

Useless Husband is trying to get a fuck for Christmas and Gerry funny enough turns him on to think of hubby fucking me in his useless way. He climbs on top of me, no foreplay, shoves it in and pushes in and out for a minute before grunting like a pig and its over for the next 6 months or so.

Will i let him i do not know, if Gerry wants me to i will for sure.

More to follow.

Thanks for all the feed back and the positive comments my story recieved.