Written by juice_monkey

5 Dec 2013

this story is an offshoot from Keighley market toilets , i must state DAVE is not his real name , i would be about 21 when this happened , DAVE came to work on one of the stalls in the market , i remember the first time i saw him my jaw virtually hit the floor , DAVE was british but he had that latino / italian look , jet black hair ,come to bed brown eyes and the body of an adonis , we struck up a friendship straight away and started going for a drink on a saturday night , DAVE was not gay or bi , no from going drinking with him DAVE was one for the ladies , but that did not stop me from wanting him , DAVE played rugby and got me to join , i could not wait , at least i would get to see him in the showers , and i did , DAVE had a lovely package 3 maybe 4 inches hanging down by a big set of balls , with a nice triangle of pubic hair nestling above , it made me excited wondering how big he would when erect , ( i was soon to find out )one saturday when we were out DAVE asked me if i wanted to sleep at his , with my heart pounding and wondering what could happen i said yes ok , in the early hours of sunday morning we got to his house and went straight to bed , once inside the bedroom i was gutted , DAVE had a single bed , which he slept in and i was on the carpet in a sleeping bag , still i did get to see the adonis in just his undies and i could dream about his cock , this carried on for some weeks when one sunday morning when we got in there was a double bed in his bedroom , i made my mind up right away that i was going to suck his cock as soon as i got a chance. a few weeks after , we had been out and DAVE had drunk more than usual i had to carry him in , i sat him on the bed and drunkenly he got undressed throwing his clothes to the floor , again just in his undies he got into bed and was soon fast asleep , i knew this was my chance , once i was undressed and in bed next to him i waited about 15 minutes then made my move. i nudged down under the covers , DAVE was laid on his side with his back to me , i gently stroked his firm arse hoping it would make him move so i could get to his cock easier , yes it worked and as DAVE moved to lie on his back he mumbled something , i was scared and excited at the same time , i was under the covers and did not know if he had woke up , i had to carry on it might be my only chance , i could see the outline of his cock through his undies and moved my hand to stroke it , it felt magnificant and soon started to get hard , i then eased DAVE"s undies down to just below his heavy ballsack , oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck he was fully erect now and must have been 9 maybe 10 inches long , i could not stop now and with my heart pounding i took hold of his cock and started to slowly wank it , again he murmured something , but did not move this time , i gently pulled his foreskin back to reveal one gorgeous knob end , i was so excited now my own erection straining at my undies , but i wanted DAVE"s cock in my mouth , i put my head on DAVE"s stomach just above his cock and rested it there , DAVE did not move so i moved my head down and took as much of his cock as i could in my mouth , i swirled my tongue around his massive purple knob end with relish , i must have sucked him for 30 minutes , sucking and gently wanking that big cock , i could feel he was ready to come when suddenly splat 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , big long squirts of spunk hitting the back of my throat with me swallowing as quick as i could in between , i licked his cock clean ( i was not going to waste any , i might not get it again ) and gently moved his undies back over then i moved back up the bed and went to sleep.it was about 12ish when i woke up , DAVE was already awake , morning he said did you sleep ok , yes i replied but i think i had a funny dream , i dreamt i was sucking this massive purple lollipop but thats all i can remember i said , you are probably still pissed he said , it was my cock you sucked and you are going to suck it again now. oh happy days . DAVE let me suck his cock many times after that , he said i was better than any girl who had sucked him , but i could only suck him and nothing else , he did afterall have his reputation to keep with the ladies. hope you like this story. bye.