Written by Lipspreader8

7 Jul 2009

My meeting with a C d

I had been speaking to this to this C d on this site. Well we arranged to meet and I went too his flat.

He opened the door standing behind it, when I walked in he shut the door. He was dressed in stocking, Basque, heels and a skirt. Then walked In the lounge where he removed my clothes and dropped to his knee’s and took me in his mouth. Then I lay on my back over a large leather like a table with my arse on the edge and my legs over the edge. He took me in his mouth again whilst his hands played with my balls and my arse button, which slowly was giving way to a little pressure.

He said for me to come upstairs to his bedroom where I would be more comfortable. I lay on the bed on my back, where he kissed all the way up my body up to my nipples which he sucked and nibbled.

Then back down to my cock which he took back into his mouth, he then forcible took hold of my legs and pushed them back to my chest held them there with one of his arms and licked all round my arse feeling his tongue pushing past my button pushing his tongue right in past the button like a little cock. Then whilst in this position still holding my legs at my chest with my cock still buried deep in his throat. He pushed his index finger right in my arse up to his knuckle moving it around I could feel him inside my arse. Then he worked it back and forth pushing it right in with every forward stroke. The pleasure was immense and I felt so restricted but hey I didn’t struggle why would I? As he pushed his finger right in again I even think it could have been two fingers, I erupted my come shooting into his throat and he dutifully swallowed every drop and cleaned every drop up licking it clean pulling the skin right back and licking the rim. He then told me to lay on my front and he would give me a massage. I did as he instructed and his large hands started to massage my shoulders and back all the way to my waist then back up to my shoulders whilst his hands were on my shoulders I could feel his cock pressing against my crease of my arse, at this point i had an image of his cock being released from his thong and him slipping into my arse. My mind went into over drive at the thought of it slipping inside me and opening my hole and penetrating me and the thought of me raising my arse in the air to receive his strokes with his hands on my hips forcing his length right in me Arrrrr he then lifted himself off me and my mind came back to reality and his cock was still in his thong. Shame!!!

We went back downstairs walking naked through the house and back to the living room to where my clothes were, he watch me as I got dressed so I slowly put my clothes on putting my socks on then stepping into my white small tight boxer shorts then my shirt then my jeans and lastly my shoes, then I buttoned my shirt up. He thanked me very much and asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I don’t know how I stopped myself saying strip me again and fuck my tight arse. But I didn’t we said goodbye and he said to come back anytime and I left. My lower region was feeling warm all the way home.