Written by Big John

6 Jun 2007

I got chatting to a lady on the internet and when it came to exchanging pics she said she wished she had some more sexy ones to offer. She was in her early 40's slim and attractive and married which made me cheekily suggest that I woudl be more than happy to take some for her. She declined politely, but then a few days later brought up the subject again, saying that it woudl be impossible for her to have any done. I chanced my arm and said "I'll be in the area on thurs night, in a hotel, why not join me?" To my surprise she agreed, and the deal was that I'd take a selection of pics of her as she liked. She was very nervous and admitted she liked being mildly dominated by a man, so I suggested a bit of roleply where she'd play teh part of a poor housewife who needed the cash, and I'd be a porn photographer! This scenario clearly turned her on, as she started saying things like "so I'd have to do exactly what you told me and you might even start touching me up?"

Thurs night arrived and I checked in and texted her the room number, part of me felt that she'd bottle it and at the agreed 7.30, a text came through saying "sorry I'm 20 minutes late" Wow, I thought... she is en route and lay on teh bec in my towel, after a shower. Sure enough 20 mins later there was a tap at the door and there she was, looking stunning in a black skirt suit, carrying an overnight bag. I had some wine cooling and we sat and chatted, in the roleplay. She said her husband thought she was going to a meeting about a job at the bank to try and sort out their debts. She'd brought a selection of lingerie and even a couple of vibrators. I told her I was going to start taking pics and that she must do exactly as I said or showed her. She asked if I'd be touching her and I replied of course... suggesting that she needed to do me favours to get the best fee.

I started snapping and she nervously stood against the dressing table undoing her blouse, then lifting her skirt to show her black stockings and suspenders, I then got her to bend over and snapped from behind and she thrust her bum in the air. I started rubbing her crotch and she moaned loudly, I told her I wanted to expose her pussy and take some pics of her. I did this then told her I wanted to moisten her lips and started licking her from behind, she loved this and was still moaning as I stopped and pressed the shutter...getting a close up of her juicy wet pussy. then she leaned back on the table and I exposed her breasts... her nipples were rock hard and I sucked them before taking some more photos, then fingered her again and tok a clse up of my fingers in her pussy. She was very aroused and I started playing with my cock, taunting her which she loved. She bent over again and I started rubbing my knob against her moist hole and she purred with delight! I took a pic of my knob pushing into her from behind and showed her the view whic made her even hornier. I then told her she must suck my cock and that those photos woudl be valuable and earn her more cash. She knelt before me and I set the tripod at her head height, clicking away at the remote control as she sucked. I then told her I wanted more fuck shots and fucked her from behind as the camera captured each thrust. She was incredibly tight and I knew I woudl have to cum soon. I told her that I wanted pics of my cum on her pussy and then over her lips and chin, so she lay on her back and I fucked her hard until I came all over her bare pussy, my white creamy cum covering her mound. I then told her to scoop it up and smear it over her mouth and lick her fingers!! She was getting hornier by the minute and each moment was captured on my little camera. She ate all my spunk and I then took her rabbit from her bag and started fucking her with that. The photos were awesome and she acted like a porn queen. I fucked her in all sorts of position and she had 3 portions of spunk in and on her in the 3 hours she spent in my room. She wore all her outfits and went away with a CD of over a 100 photos of her in the horniest, and most incredibly sexy positions ever! She texted me the next day to say she was off work, looking at the pics and masturbating as she remembered our evening of lust! Who says bank clerks are boring! This lady was something else :-)