Written by DelightedDave

10 Mar 2008

A couple of days had gone by since I first fucked Liz and I needed the time and space to get my head round it. She was an incredible fuck but I had a wife and children to consider and with that in mind, I decided that we should put it down to a one off and I would pop in and tell her tomorrow first thing. Julie was feeling frisky but I could not respond as I had too much on my mind to shag her which meant that she went to sleep in a bit of a huff. Next morning with a frosty atmosphere Julie left for work. I dropped the kids of at school and drove round to Liz\'s house. She smiled when I entered the house using my key, she was sat on the sofa talking to Julie on the phone who had obviously phoned her from work and sounded like she was moaning to her mother about my lack of interest in bed. Liz sounded sympathetic to her daughters plight but said that everything would work itself out before hanging up.

Liz was wearing a cream blouse which was semi transparent that allowed a great view of her very large breasts. Coupled with a black and white checked skirt with seamed stockings and black high healed shoes. I have to be honest and say that she looked stunningly sexy and I felt a slight twinge in my cock. \"would you like a drink Dave\" \"yes please\" \"What do I owe this visit to, I thought you were avoiding me\" she said. \"not at all I just had a lot on my mind\" I replied. She got up and sashed into the kitchen to make a drink whilst I sat down and waited. Upon her return, she placed the drink on a coaster and sat opposite me in the chair allowing her skirt to ride up showing a discreet hint of stocking top. As I was looking she noticed and allowed her legs to part a little so I could see a bit further. I said \"Liz I don\'t think we ought to carry on as we have as it is too dangerous and too much is at stake\" Her reply was to open her legs a bit further whilst sipping her drink. There was an uncomfortable silence while I watched her, waiting for her reply. After what seemed like an eternity she said \"so you don\'t want to fuck me again\" I replied \"no its not that I just think it is unfair on the others and there is to much at stake\"

Liz stood up and looked at me very sternly. She crossed the room and stood directly in front of me before hitching her skirt to reveal her stocking clad legs minus her knickers. She then opened her blouse revealing her fabulous tits. My cock was bulging and aching to get out. She looked me in the eye and said \"I\'m going to fuck you Dave whenever I want and its as simple as that\". With that she released my prick from my trousers without any resistance from me. She bent down and sucked my knob for a few seconds before kneeling on top of me. She rubbed my cock up and down her slit which felt like velvet and very slippery. \"Julie said that you can\'t get it up for her Dave but I think you are saving your cum for me like you promised\" With that she bore down on my cock driving it right up her cunt until my balls were touching her arse. She rose and drove back down whilst rubbing her tits in my face and it was simply heaven. \"Do you want me to stop then Dave\" she said I looked her in the eyes and wanted to say yes but my body was addicted \"No, No, don\'t stop\" She pulled my head to her left tit which I sucked hard. I thought not my darling, as I said you belong to me now Dave and you are going to fuck me as often as I want\" With that she started to cum hard shuddering and moaning hard. As she subsided, she kissed me passionately making me feel like I\'d died and gone to heaven.

Liz disengaged from my cock and pulled me to my feet. She lead me upstairs to her bedroom, then lay on her bed with her legs spread wide,leaving her clothes on she said \"now fuck your mother-in-law and give me all your loverly spunk\". She was like a high class whore and was becoming like a drug to me. I slipped my cock into her hot hole and started to give her a really deep hard fuck. She was moaning and clawing me as she dug her heels into me. I was abusing her tits, biting and sucking them as I pounded into her. I gripped her arse as I thumped my iron hard cock into her as hard as possible while she gurgled and cried out in ecstasy. I was building for a tremendous climax as she pulled my hair and cried out \"I love you, I love you, I want your baby, give me your baby\". That was too much as I dumped a huge load deep in her womb. I jammed my cock as hard as I could into her and didn\'t move until every drop was spent. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as we clung to each other whilst coming down from such a good high. Her fanny was milking my cock for all the cum that I had as her legs locked me deep inside her. She looked me in the eyes and said \"this is where you cock belongs\" and I had to agree it really did.

I rolled off and lay exhausted next to her recovering. She snuggled into me whilst we made small talk. It felt great laying next to this very sexy woman whilst my mind raced about the surreal situation. She finally got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she got back she said, \"you certainly white washed my womb there Dave\". She sat on the bed and started to apply her make up and as she was putting her lipstick on I was rubbing my cock which had started to gain full strength. Liz noticed this but said that she was meeting some old friends for lunch and was leaving soon. I couldn\'t help myself as I started to kneed her tits through her blouse as I stood behind her. She stopped applying her makeup and leaned back into me. I lifted her skirt up and started rubbing her clit with two fingers. she tried to resist but I got her to kneel on the bed before pushing my cock back up her soaking wet cunt. I gripped her hips as I started to pound her from behind as hard and as fast as I could. She gripped the quilt moaning as I pushed my thumb up her arse. With her head resting on the bed she turned looking at me begging me to fuck her harder. I leaned forward and grabbed her swinging tits as I could feel the spunk rising in my balls. As I started to cum her hand started to rub my balls milking them again. When I was totally spent Liz said, \"don\'t ever stop fucking me Dave, we are just to good together\"

More to come!