Written by john

15 Mar 2015

hi we have been doing this type of thing for well over 20 years

from the first time I watched her in the back of our car with a friend of ours that we were giving a lift home from the pub (she was only going to snog him and let him have a feel but went all the way with him ) after that we were both hooked

for the next few years she had a few more of our friends and a few guys we picked up when ever the chance come along

then we started going to xtasia and chams meet lots of nice couples and was invited to lots of parties but I was expected to join in which was never my thing I was happy just to watch her

it seemed to take over our lives and we would be out 3 or 4 times a week at clubs and parties

we were both drinking far to much and some of the things we did we now look back and cringe at

so after a few years we stopped it all

and went back to a normal life what ever normal is

then one night we were out and got talking to this guy in the pub and she had had a bit to drink and she said she would like to fuck him

so the old feelings come back and I said bet you can not get him to knowing she could

anyway she ended up with her knickers down up the back wall of the pub

with me watching

we had great sex that night when we go home

so we started to go out she would dress up and we would try to pick guys up I found this much better then the clubs and parties as I could just watch did not have to join in at all

the thing was it was not all ways easy to find guys that would join in with us and we would come home disappointed more times then we did it

so we started to go for a drink then drive to carparks that we knew guys that were looking for sex went to

we both were not keen on this but it was a way to find guys

then we found a couple of pubs out in the country that the sales reps and van drivers stopped at for lunch or to do there paper work before they went home this was right up our street she would tell me the ones she fannced and when they went up the bar or the loo I would go up and start talking to them about anything the weather where they come from anything just to get them talking she would come over and say come over and sit with us she would flash her legs and talk sexy

then we would get round to talking about cars and we were looking for a new one and what car had they got most times se ended up with them taking her out to look at it and she would end up trying out the back seat of it

we had a sign she had the condoms in her hand bag and would say to me shall I take my hand bag our leave it here if I said take it she knew it was ok to let him shag her

we would park out the way on the carpark in case there car was in a place that it could been seen or with lots of people walking past

if it was she would come back in and say give me our keys im going to show him our car

I would give them 5 mins or so and go out on the carpark for a cig

it was a big thrill just to see the car or van rocking

then when they came back in it was a thrill to sit talking to them knowing they had just shagged my wife

but after a bit we got a bit well know in these pubs and she ended up doing the same guys over and over again and it started to lose its excitement for both of us

I could go on for ever but you are probably all fed up now but if you would like to now more ask