Written by Graham M.

13 Feb 2019

For more years that I could remember Linda had been a great friend of my Mums , which I had always thought was surprising, partly because she was about eight years younger and whereas my Mum was very conservative and proper, Linda could be extremely crude with language that would shock a docker. She was however very sexy, slim with short black hair and would often wear clothes that showed off her figure, especially her tits and legs. After her daughter had moved away to start a new job Linda would join us for Sunday lunch about one a month. When I was sitting at the table opposite her I found it difficult to avoid staring at her cleavage, I even saw my Dad sneaking a few glances.

A few years ago I overheard Mum and Dad talking about Linda, she explained that Linda was a single mum who become pregnant when she was still in school, she never revealed who the father was but most people in the village suspected that it was a local business man. A year after her daughter was born Linda started working at his office and soon became his assistant. Some how she managed to buy a home of her own and put her daughter through college. We all knew that Linda was very upset when he was found dead of a heart attack three years ago.

At least once a month both my parents would drive to the south coast and stay the weekend with my dads parents. They would leave on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday evening leaving me to my own devices which was not a problem for me. I had just passed my driving test and had bought a cheap Ford to run around in.

One weekend last Autumn I was on my own and on the Saturday I decided to walk into town even though it was raining to see if any of my mates were doing anything. The quickest route was across the car park of a large supermarket. and I saw Linda in a raincoat trying to lift a heavy bag of groceries into the boot of her car. The bag suddenly split and dumped everything onto the wet tarmac. I ran over and helped her pick up the groceries. She thanked me and asked if I was not doing anything special could I also come to her house to carry them inside. Of course I agreed.

After we had unloaded the car Linda put the kettle on and asked if I would like a coffee, as she came out of the kitchen she took off the raincoat, I must have gasped and blushed when I saw that all she was wearing underneath was a short skirt and a very thin T-shirt and the shape of her breasts and nipples were plainly visible. I could feel my dick starting to harden and I quickly sat down on a nearby sofa and crossed my legs. Linda laughed and said " Oh my God, are you getting a stiffy? Oh come on,! I've seen you and your dad looking at my tits enough times. ".

Linda came and stood directly in front of me and slowly pulled the t-shirt over her head, her naked tits were just a few feet in front of my face. She took my hands and placed them over her breasts. "Did you have any other plans for the rest of the day? Would you rather go to the pub with your friends or stay her with me". I stood up with my hands still on her breasts and by now an obvious bulge in my jeans.

I followed her upstairs to her bedroom and sat on the bed while she closed the blinds, She then went to the bathroom and turned on the shower and told me to leave my clothes in the bedroom. When I joined her she was already under the shower, she turned to look at me and I saw the triangle of black hair between her legs, my cock was now fully erect and she ran her fingertips along it. She said that she was looking forward to feeling my cock inside her. She took a handful of gel and spread it over my cock and balls and even under my balls as far as my arsehole. After she had rinsed the gel off me she turned her back to me and put gel on my hand, I reached around her and washed her tits then down over her belly and through the curly hair. My cock was resting against her buttocks and she pressed back and rotated her bum against me, luckily she soon turned the shower to cold, stepped away and reached for the towels otherwise I,m sure that I was so excited I would have cum over her bum.

We dried each other and lay together on the double bed. I was extremely nervous and not sure what exactly I should do, the only sex that I had up until then was with one of my classmates when I was still in school a two years earlier. She had unzipped my trousers and wanked me off while I put my hand up her skirt and into her knickers and fingered her in the bedroom of a mates flat during a party there. I told her that I had a condom in my wallet but she refused to go any further.

Linda suggested that I should start by touching her, I moved my hand straight between her legs and tried to slide my finger into her. She pulled my hand away and told me not to be in so much of a rush to get my fingers into her. She told me that she had a lot to teach me and I should start by gently stroking and kissing her neck then move down to licking her breasts and nipples. I spent a long time kissing and sucking on her nipples which were now much harder and bigger.

"You"re fascinated by my tits are'nt you? You just keep on doing what you are doing. I.ll tell you when I.m ready for you to start using your fingers or cock in my pussy" I told her that I had often fantasised about feeling her tits. "I bet that you even wanked yourself thinking about my tits and fucking me?'. Of course I did I replied. "Well today your fantasy will come true".

I will finish this account in the next few days......