Written by Deana

20 Nov 2011

Rona and Jon had only recently moved to the house next door; a mid-40’s professional couple, they worked the same routine as me 9-5 Monday through Friday and valued their weekends away from the grind as much I did. About me, well I am also late-40’s married, a wife Jenny that also works and have a daughter who occasionally pops in when meals are served; Jon and Rona’s children had however both left the roost and they had the house to themselves.

We had met a number of times and even shared a curry or two down at the local Indian; with the summer finely here BBQ’s being a hot topic, we had finely arranged one for the Saturday just gone. On the Friday before hand however, I planned to work from home as my car was in for a service. As such with my wife away and my daughter at Uni, there was no evidence other than a first floor window being open that anyone was at home. My study is on the first floor and overlooks both ours and their garden. By 11.30, I had cleared my emails and decided a coffee was in order. As I stood up I noticed Rona walking into her garden in her bikini, obviously also working from home (or on a day off) and intent on catching those oh-so elusive rays.

Rona was about 5’2” in her stocking’d feet and every time I saw her she was wearing stilettos to increase her stature; she also appeared to wear stocking and suspenders from the tell-tale sign of the stockings clasps on the tight skirts she wore to work. Today was different however; here she was wearing a skimpy bra and tight bikini thong that would look risqué on a woman 20 years her junior. To say that she wore it well is an understatement. I watched her position her sun-lounger so that she could recline in the sun. At this time of the day, the sun was directly over my house and she had to recline facing my study. I then went downstairs for a coffee.

Some 15 minutes later, on my return, I looked out of the window and saw that Rona was now topless and exposing two lovely breasts with very pert nipples that even from this distance, I could see were standing erect. She reached down for some sun-cream and sprayed it on to her breasts, stomach and arms. She massaged the cream first into her torso and arms and very slowly massaged it in to each of her nipples. God only knows if she knew anyone was watching but I did not want to be seen as a peeping tom although with a stirring in my pants I could have said nothing. Instead I opened the window and switched the radio on. Rona sat up immediately and covered her breasts although it was impossible for any else to look into our gardens and see what she was doing. She looked left and right but consciously or otherwise did not look up at my window where I was standing drinking my coffee and looking directly at her.

Rona relaxed, lay back on the recliner, uncovered her breasts again and continued from where she had left off. I could hear the ping of incoming emails and reluctantly moved from the window and continued working.

Some 30-minutes later I rose for lunch and immediately noticed that Rona was lying with her legs crossed and was rhythmically bringing her left ankle to the side of the right knee and then moving it down to the right ankle – a routine I had regularly watched Jenny do when she masturbated in front of me. Needless to say, I rose to the occasion. After a few moments staring I had to release my cock as it was straining at the lease and threatening to break the waistband of my trousers.As my trousers hit the floor, my pants and t-shirt followed and my cock sprang upwards demanding attention. A little stroke was called for to keep it happy.

After a few more minutes, Rona sat up wriggled on her chair and carefully slid her bikini bottom off. She lay back in the recliner and continued from where she had left off only this time with a hand positioned directly over her sex. I watched as with one hand she massaged her pussy mound and with the other tweaked first her left and then her right nipple. Her hand movements became quicker and I could see that she was now licking her lips in ecstasy; my cock meanwhile was oozing pre-cum like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly she stiffened and arched her body and even with the background radio on, I could her sighs of lust through the window as she orgasmed. She lay still for a moment and then leant over and grabbed her bag from the side of the recliner. What happened next? My jaw dropped as she pulled out a black dildo with realistic balls and a suction cup at one end.

Rona opened her legs and even from this distance I could see her cunt juices running down the inside of her thighs. She slowly fingered herself whilst she first sucked the thick knob of the dildo and then along its entire length, ensuring it was covered in her thick saliva. She spread her legs wide and drew her knees to her chest ensuring I had the most glorious view of her exposed sex. She then placed the dildo between her legs and slowly moved it back and forth, then inserted it half an inch, then took it out, then rolled it again back and forth over her swollen clitoris, repeating the process over and over and each time inserting it deeper on every thrust. Her moans were getting louder and louder and I could tell she was coming again. She shuddered and her legs shot upwards and opened as she rammed the dildo deeper and deeper whilst sighing in ecstasy.

After a minute or too, she relaxed, took the dildo out of soaking cunt and proceeded to lick her cum off the shaft. You could see then that she an idea forming as she stood quickly up, licked the base of the dildo and rammed it hard against the side of her conservatory. It stood there like a glistening black flag pole, side on, waiting for her to mount it.

Rona reached into bag again and pulled out what I thought was sun cream. She poured a small quantity into her palm and then covered the dildo with it. She then poured more oil into her hand, squatted on the floor and massaged the oil into her ass which was now spread wide. My mouth was getting dryer and dryer and my cock harder and harder. After a few seconds Rona stood up and positioned herself with her hands on the floor and ass raised high so that the knob of the dildo was brushing the lips of her anus. With a gentle moan, she began to rock back and forth as the dildo slipped gradually past her sphincter until it was all the way into her ass.

Her moans by this time were well and truly unrestrained as she ass fucked the glass mounted dildo. At one point, I thought ‘My god, if that glass breaks, that will take some explaining’ but with one last thrust backwards, she pushed backed from her hands and had to stifle a scream as her anal orgasm coursed through her body. This was too much for me to bear and with a loud groan I wanked faster until my cock shot streams of hot sticky cum all over my desk.

Rona staggered back onto the dildo, compressing everything in her anus and then slowly wriggled her ass off the dildo. She then pulled it off the window pane, gathered her bikini, pulled on her thong and then, although she was wearing dark sunglasses, as she walked back into her conservatory, I am sure she looked directly at me.

On Saturday evening at the stated time, Rona and Jon appeared at our door for our BBQ. I was not sure how I would react when I saw Rona as I now knew how she pleasured herself; anal sex was obviously her personal treat. We all kissed and made the usual welcomes and with a crate of beer and a couple of bottles of wine to hand started the BBQ. As the evening drew on, I caught Rona giving me an occasional quizzical look but when I saw her looking she looked away and continued with whatever conversation was going on at the time.

Finally, at the end of the night, when all the wine and beer had been drunk and Jenny was in the kitchen, Jon stated that he needed a pee and got up to use the toilet leaving Rona and I alone for the first time all evening. Rona leant forward, opened her legs slightly and asked me if I had done any sunbathing this year as the weather had been so fickle. I stated no but had thought about it as I needed to build up a tan before going on holiday. I could not take my eyes away from her legs and before I could say anything she opened them wide and fully and exposed her wet cunt to my view.

She then whispered that she thought I would have come and joined her on Friday as she had noticed me standing at the window. She slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy and I must have turned as red as the embers of the BBQ as I realised that she had seen me after all and that she knew that I had seen her masturbating and ass fucking that dildo.

My cock began to stiffen again. She looked towards the kitchen and as no one was around leaned forward and grasped my cock through my shorts. I relaxed my cock as she slowly wanked it through the material of my shorts, a drop of pre-cum making its presence noticeable as a dark patch appeared on the front of my shorts. She continued to slowly wank me and then asked if I had like what I had seen yesterday. I just nodded unable to do anything else but wonder what would happen if we were caught. She asked whether I would like to take the place of her dildo next time and pump the cum I had wasted on Friday deep into pussy, or if I preferred to fuck her her mouth or ass. I sat there with my mouth wide open, my cock straining to release its load and just nodded my head.

I heard Jenny and Jon talking in the kitchen. Rona slowly squeezed my cock again and leant back in her chair, affording me one last glimpse of what I could now see was a shaven pussy, shining in the light of the BBQ lanterns.

Rona closed her legs and we both stood up as Jenny and Jon returned. We all said our goodnights; Jon gave Jenny a quick peck on the lips and they moved off into the house. Rona came up to me and planted a wet kiss on my mouth, licking my lips with her tongue and with her right hand squeezed my rigid cock once more. With Jon and Jenny’s backs to us, she fingered her soaking pussy once more and then pushed it into mouth to suck on. ‘To remember me by - can’t wait!’ she whispered.

You will have to!