Written by Jon

1 Nov 2012

my wife and I were friends for many years before falling in love, and eventually getting married.

We are both open minded when it comes to sex,and it wasn't long before I told her that I would love to share her with another man. We did some stuff, including her fucking a bouncer in front of me, and getting her pussy licked by a stranger while I watched, but she wanted something more fulfilling.

After a while, I suggested that she talk to my friend, who had fucked my ex and has a huge cock! She tentatively agreed, but she was worried that it might affect us, or that he would be another man who couldn't give her what she so desperately wanted! We got in touch through facebook, and after her and him exchanging very sexy messages, the night finally came when he came round.

I was in the shower when he turned up, so my wife (full of nerves!) went to go and answer the door. She told me later that as soon as she had let him in he pushed her up against the wall and kissed her passionately while his hands explored her body, i left them down there a while before going down to see them both looking very guilty, i'm not sure how far they went without me!

We drank tea, and headed upstairs, where we sat on the bed making small talk. I decided to make an excuse to leave the room, and when i came back they were in each others arms, tongues in each others mouths and clearly action going on under the covers! i got into bed next to them, and watched with a raging hard on as my wife kissed him down his stomach before taking his massive cock in her mouth. All i could see was her head bobbing up and down, and i could hear him breathing heavily.

When she came back up, they kissed again before she pulled him on top of her, I lay back and took my cock in my hand as I heard her starting to moan, and in no time she was racing towards a noisy and shuddering orgasm. She pushed him off, and straddled him, lowering herself down slowly onto his cock, I'll never forget the look of lust on her face as she rode him to another screaming orgasm, they were fucking like i wasn't even there! after the second time she wanked him off and he left, i could tell that she had loved every minute of it, and when i asked if she would do it again she tried to make out that she could take it or leave it, but i knew she was gagging for it! they have fucked several times since, and are planning a sneaky fuck just the two of them tomorrow night when my wife gets back from holiday, i will get her to write her story here afterwards...