Written by Sarah

18 Feb 2018

It had been almost a month since I had masturbated in front of my neighbour. I kept reliving the moment again and again in my head. Remembering the warm, fuzzy feeling it gave me in my tummy.

My name is Sarah, I'm 18 years old, slim, have small breasts, a firm bottom and a strong sexual appetite. As detailed in my first story, I enjoy walking about the house naked when I'm on my own and watching myself masturbate in the bathroom mirror. It got me off in so many ways.

Since that fateful Sunday, I noticed my next door neighbour looking out of his bedroom window daily. Perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl that made him shoot his load on his bedroom floor. Dirty old man, he was older than my father, easily in his 50's... and yet the thought of him stroking his thick, hard cock over me made me soaking wet. Clearly his wife didn't provide herself for him. She was a horrible, stuck up cow that had always looked down on me from the day she moved in. He on the other hand was always friendly. He would smile and always acknowledge me if our paths crossed in the estate.

My parents always walk into town on a Sunday morning which usually gives me about 3 hours of peace. In this time I will strip off, free myself from my tight jeans and t shirt. Remove that restrictive bra, allowing my small breasts to bounce as I skip around the house. Occasionally I would stop as I walked past the bathroom and admire my bald, tight pussy in the mirror. No wonder my neighbour was furiously beating his cock last time he saw me... dirty old man!

There was a knock at the door. I froze, unsure what to do. Were they back already? They'd only been gone 10 minutes. Fuck! Was really looking forward to a couple of hours free of that pesky bra...no, it wasn't them... it looked to be a man. I through on my puffy white dressing gown and made my way to the front door. Nervously I opened it slightly and was greeted by my friendly neighbour.

He apologised for bothering me on a Sunday but needed to speak with me. He went on to explain that he couldn't stop thinking about that fateful Sunday, about how I pleasured myself in front of my open window. He also went on to say that he felt slightly uncomfortable about feeling these urges for me, particularly as he had known my parents for years. He continued to ramble on and apologies, but this had quite the effect on me. He wanted me, he was lusting after me. I sexually aroused him and he clearly wanted to fuck me... I mean, why else make such a point of coming over here when he knew my parents were out.

He finished talking and motioned for the door, but something made me stop him. That warm, fuzzy feeling in my tummy once again. Only this time is was moving downwards, towards my tight 18 year old pussy. I reached out and grabbed his hand. He turned round and looked at me. I smiled and slowly undid my dressing gown, letting it fall to the floor, once again exposing myself to him. Only this time it was in my hallway, he was close enough to touch me.

He let out a big breath and looked me up and down. I felt really fuzzy now. I could see him becoming aroused, I could see the bulge in his trousers get bigger. I asked him if this is what he came round to see. This 18 year old body. This tight, slim body, fresh and just ready to be fucked.

I walked backwards towards the stairs and sat on them. Was I really going to do this? Of course I was. In that moment I wanted him for so many reasons.

Sat on the stairs I opened my legs and started performing for him again. I took my hand and gently sucked on my fingers before inserting two of them inside my tight, wet pussy. Fuck it felt so good to do that. The warm, sticky hole offered up the perfect lubricant as I fingered myself. Occasionally I would flick my clit to kick start these strange, exciting feelings that shot up through my young body.

I looked up to see my neighbour rubbing himself through his jeans. Poor bloke. He really has it bad for me now. Should I? No harm I thought. It's not as if that cow of a wife ever does this for him.

I dropped to my knees and then to all fours and I slowly walked over to him. Seductively looking up at him as I drew nearer. He walked backwards at first, perhaps a part of his conscience was still there? It didn't matter. The closed front door behind him stopped him dead in his tracks.

I told him, this is what you came here for wasn't it. Don't kid yourself now. You clearly want this, just look at your bulge. He reluctantly nodded as he undid his brown, leather belt. His blue jeans fell to the floor, exposing his black y fronts. Oh and what was this? A large stain of pre cum had developed near the bottom.

I leaned in and took a big, deep breath. Inhaling his smell, his scent, his sex. I reached up and started to pull down his y fronts slowly. Exposing that big, hard cock that I had only seen a glimpse of that fateful Sunday. Circumcised? Interesting I thought as I opened my young 18 year old mouth and inserted the tip.

He shook excitedly as I did this and lent hard against the front door. He clearly needed this and to be honest so did I. I needed some seed. I needed his. I was going to make sure he wife didn't get this load.

I sucked hard on his shaft, ignoring his moans. I wanted him to give up his load to me. I wanted him to feel ashamed afterwards. The thought of deviling this 18 year old with your dirty old man seed. Mmmmm that thought made me very wet. I reached down and fingered my pussy again as I brought my neighbour to climax.

He let out a loud painful moan as I felt that warm, thick, sticky cum hit the back of my throat. He exhaled loudly and grabbed the back of my head as he continued to pump it deep inside my mouth. Wow! I thought. He clearly had enjoyed that.

I looked up to see him half collapsed against the door. I smiled, swallowed his creamy load and showed him my tongue. And there it was. The shame had hit him. His face a mixture of emotions. He knew what he had done was wrong... but he just couldn't help himself.

He stared at me with a blank expression. This situation had clearly escalated far too quickly for him. He muttered the words. I'm so sorry. And left quickly, shutting the door behind him.

He'll be back I thought. Don't worry about that. He enjoyed it too much. I giggled to myself and return to the foot of the stairs. Am I the problem? I shook that thought, opened my legs and returned to my pussy. Masturbating until I came.

Until next time neighbour.