Written by Claire C

12 Feb 2008

When my husband John died over 4 years ago I was completely devastated, I was still only 30 but I was comfortable in my life and did not really socialise much.

My girlfriends after 6 months or so of my grieving eventually had me going out at the weekend, and I would meet a guy and possible kiss him at the end of the night. I wasn\'t ready to move on from John until one summer\'s night when I had gone for a drive to a local beauty spot which had views right over the city.

I parked my car near to in a clearing amongst some trees and bushes. Looking out over the hills I put the softtop down on my Saab 93 and read a little from my book. It was about 8pm and the light was starting to fade, and the red sky created a beautiful backdrop. Just then I heard some shrieks from the woods to my right, and then some laughter. Curious I got out of the car and went for a short stroll, just to remain comfortable in my environment.

After only a few steps I saw a very tall athletic man fucking a beautiful girl as she lay on a short wooden bench. Both were naked and I was mesmirised watching his large, thick penis move violently in and out of his partner. I hid behind a tree to conceal myself but could still watch their lovemaking. I found myself getting very aroused, possibly for the first time in many, many months.

The woman was in her 20\'s, long dark hair which hung down to the forrest floor. Her breast were full and firm, and her lovely tanned body rippled with each thrust of the big cock. Involuntarily I moved forward, transfixed on their love-making. The man pulled out of the woman\'s hairless pussy and he offered his cock to her to suck before replacing it into her swollen vagina.

Due to the ward day I had on just a pair of white linen shorts and a little strappy vest top, no bra. I found myself touching me between my legs, and squeezed one of my nipples copying the girl as she continued to get screwed. A further step forward and I snapped a dead branch that lay on the ground. By now I was only a few feet away from the lovers, the loud crack made them both turn to face my direction. The man smiled and continued to pound his girlfrien with long deep strokes of his big cock.

I continued touching myself, unzipping my shorks to gain access to my hot, wet pussy. When I touched my clit I exploded and felt my juices run into my fingers. At that the man gave out a large roar and announced he was cumming. He pulled out and sprayed his cum all over the girl\'s neck, breasts and belly. The girl taking some of his cum rubbed her pussy and she too came quickly.

I just stood there stuck to the spot. The couple were such beautiful lovers, and there being there had given me my first orgasm in nearly a year. The man slowly moved towards me, his large cock semi-rigid, and said thanks for watching.

I felt myself reach up to his neck and gave him a long kiss. I felt his cock touch my belly and had to feel it\'s strength. It was hot and pulsing and I started giving him a wank as I felt it immediately harden. I bent down slightly to kiss his penis and as I did so he pulled back the foreskin and pushed his big helmet into my mouth.

I dropped to my knees and began sucking him like a mad woman. He cautioned my enthusiasm and had me give him gentle strokes. The girl approached us, she had taken some cum from her tummy and let me lick her fingers clean. I stood up and all 3 of us kissed. They both led me to the bench where the man sat down, his large cock pointing into the air. Both he and the girl pulled off my shorts and panties, and he then had me straddle him.

I whinced slightly taking my first cock in a very long time, and it was the largest cock I had ever had, and gently at first I rode him. The girl stood behind me removing my top and played with my breasts as I bounced up and down. I came quickly with a great shudder, but the man kept on screwing me until he came inside me a few moments later. I hugged him tightly and kissed his face a dozen times before dismounting his now very soft but still impressive cock.

A little later once we had all dressed, we chatted in my car. We got to know each other very well after that, and they both introduced me to my new partner whom I love very much. We are all at times inseparable, and me and Julie often have some fun together under the sheets.