Written by Derrick

17 Aug 2014

I discovered this site while searching for information and answers to what I thought was an unusual situation. Basically my wife has become what I can only describe as a Slut and I've never seen her happier. If she's happy I'm happy. I enjoy watching her being fucked, even though my own sexual release is now almost exclusively through masturbation and have accepted that I am a cuckold. Having read stories here and elsewhere it's reassuring to know that my situation is not exactly unusual and other men are turned on by having a wife who is a slut and behaves like a whore. Anyway, I thought some of you might be interested in my story so here it is.

The story starts just over two years ago when two things happened. Francesca decided to get fit, tone up and lose some weight. When she decides to do something she is single minded about it, determined to succeed. It's part of her character which perhaps goes some way to explaining her subsequent behaviour. She worked hard, visiting the gym, swimming and jogging and has kept it up.

The second thing that occurred was a few months after she started the exercise and diet regime her periods which had been erratic for a while finally stopped. I don't know if there was a connection with her exercise regime, but then again apparently her mother went through the menopause in her early forties too. She's always liked sex and since starting to exercise she was randier than ever. From what I'd read I was expecting her libido to decline and for her to be less interested in sex. In fact the opposite happened, she wanted sex practically every day, sometimes demanding to be fucked every night and again in the morning before work. I'm in my early fifties and admit I struggled to keep up with her increasingly voracious sexual demands.

She is now forty five years old, but looks younger. Her hard work paid off and she has a wonderful, toned, slightly muscular body, abs a woman half her age would be proud of. Her legs are more trim and shapely, the muscles well defined, a firm peach of a bum, her small 32b tits pert. She looks good in shorter length skirts, amazing in tight skinny legs jeans, even better when she is naked.

Last autumn she began to shave her pussy, at first just leaving a strip, then, when she decided to go completely smooth by regular appointments for full bikini waxes. Her pussy mound appeared more prominent afterwards, when she started wearing skimpy lycra gym shorts, which were little more than panties, left nothing to the imagination, including the conspicuous camel toe she did little to hide. She said she was proud of her body and it made her feel attractive and sexy, especially when she got appreciative looks from much younger guys. If they wanted to look at her camel toe that was fine by her. “If you don't like me wearing them, I'll leave then here. I'll have to exercise in the nude then and give them a good look at my pussy” she teased, (I thought) mentioning two or three guys who helped her train, who were fit and attractive and would love to see her naked.

About this time she stopped wanting sex after every time she'd been to the Gym. I was glad of the rest and put it down to her being tired after longer training sessions, and returning later from the Gym. I noticed that when she undressed on her return, her pussy was sometimes puffy and wet. She made no effort to hide the state of her cunt, bending over while she undressed or carelessly sitting on the bed with her legs open. It crossed my mind that someone might be fucking her, but decided it was more likely because of the tight shorts she'd taken to wearing and the fact she wanted sex less often, was due to her libido returning to something like normal.

At the beginning of June this year we went the south of France as usual. The only difference was that Fran wanted to stay somewhere near a beach where she could sunbathe and swim naked. She wanted an all over tan and was quite open about wanting to show off her fit toned body. She usually gets what she wants and many of the beaches clothing was optional so I didn't have to go naked if I didn't want too. In the event, once I realised I was practically the odd one out I stripped off. She looked well horny, and though I say it myself was easily one of the sexiest women on the beach. She got plenty of attention which she lapped up, enjoying the attention of all the men and more than a few women.

I soon discovered that her sex drive hadn't shrunk as much as I'd thought. We fucked every night and morning though she didn't make a secret that she'd have liked more if I'd been up to it. Subtle she was not, laid on the beach, sunbathing with her legs open, her cunt on display. I watched her teasing guys by pouring sun lotion onto her pussy and massaging it in, rubbing it between her legs, fingers slipping “accidentally” into her hole, to all intents, masturbating. That seemed to keep her entertained into the second week and compensated her as she didn't think she was getting enough sex.

We were into the second week, sunbathing in a quieter spot, she'd done her usual thing with the sun lotion. The only difference being, this time there was a guy laid a few yards away, looking directly between her legs, watching as she openly fingered herself. I'm convinced that if a group of people hadn't arrived and sat nearby she wouldn't have stopped and would have masturbated to orgasm, while the guy watched.

However she stopped and lay back with a frustrated sigh, her legs open, obviously sexually aroused, her juices trickling from her gaping cunt. The guy got up, smiled at her and walked off towards the dunes. She sat up after about 5 minutes, looked around and nonchalantly told me she was feeling horny and was going for a walk along the beach and intended to find a quiet spot in the dunes where she could masturbate. She laughed when I told her it was to risky, assuring me she'd be careful and ensure no one saw her which seemed unlikely, given her behaviour minutes earlier. She got up, told me to stay where I was, keep an eye on our things and strolled off before I could say any more.

I saw her appear from the dunes almost an hour later, stroll down to the sea, splashing water on her body, dipping down, immersing herself up to her waist, hands out of sight, but obviously between her legs. I watched her wading out of the sea, rivulets of water running down her naked body, trickling down her tits, dripping from her nipples, standing out hard and proud from the cool sea water. She reached me and stretched, arching her back, sticking her tits out, her wet body glistening, water droplets dripping from her pussy and down her legs. She looked incredibly sexy as she knelt by my feet on the end of the towel.

She moved, sitting cross legged. Her pussy slowly gaped open, a trickle of clear liquid ran out which turned very slightly milky. Her juices from masturbating, mixed with sea water I told myself. I realised that equally it might be the remnants of diluted spunk, raising the possibility that she'd been fucked. I discounted the idea. Surely she hadn't been gone long enough to pick up a guy to fuck her, I persuaded myself. I asked if she had found somewhere to masturbate. Excitedly she told me she had and that she'd been watched and had climaxed three times. I wasn't sure if I believed her and suggested it might be wise not to do it again. She laughed, told me it was only harmless fun, adding that if I could fuck her more often she wouldn't need to masturbate so much. A thought struck me. She hardly masturbated at home, suggesting she didn't need to. I could no longer deny to myself what had in reality been obvious for months, the guys at the Gym had undoubtedly been fucking her. An image of her naked, laid on her back, legs spread, being fucked flashed through my mind, an image I found stimulating and arousing. To her amusement I got an erection. “Shame that doesn't happen a lot more often” she told me.

She did it again the next day and the day after. This time a guy followed her out of the dunes and whilst she walked down to the sea, he strolled along the beach towards me. As he got closer I could see he was young, only 18 or 19, slim and toned. His quite large cock was swinging between his legs, a short string of what could only have been spunk, dangling from the tip. He slowed, looking directly at me, and appeared to be smirking as he passed. I was turned on imagining he had just fucked Francesca and turned over to conceal my growing erection.

The following day I noticed her stop and briefly speak to a couple of men. They got up when she was approaching the dunes and appeared to follow her. I finally decided I couldn't ignore what was happening any longer and to find out what she was up to. I know this sounds confused, but I felt I would be disappointed if I discovered that all she was doing was masturbating and fervently hoped I would catch her being fucked. I rolled up our towels, grabbed our bag and walked quickly to the spot I'd seen her disappear into the dunes about 500 yards away.

By the time I got there, there was no one in sight. I ventured deeper into the undulating dunes, hoping to find her. I'd probably gone about 200 yards from the top of the beach when I heard male voices. I couldn't understand what was being said but they sounded excited. I crept forward until I could see their backs, two guys looking down at someone hidden in a hollow. All I could see were two knees, sticking up and well apart. I was sure they were the men she'd spoken to and one was the guy from the previous day. The other guy looked about the same age, certainly no older than early twenties and like the other had a taut, tanned body, broad muscular shoulders and powerful thighs I didn't dare go closer, instead climbing the dune, where I'd be able to look down and see.

The top of the dune provided an almost perfect vantage point, concealed by long grass I could see that it was Fran and what she was doing. She was on her back, knees raised, legs parted, hand resting on her mound, fingers in her pussy, nonchalantly masturbating with one hand, the fingers of her other, tweaking and teasing her erect nipples. She looked totally relaxed, no sign that she was remotely nervous performing what is, after all, usually a private sex act, in front of two young guys less than half her age. I suppose I wasn't really surprised. It confirmed that she'd been at least partially truthful. I found it highly erotic watching her, wondering if she'd told me the whole truth and how far she'd go. I adjusted my hardening cock, got comfortable and settled down to observe.

I could see that they were stroking their cocks, both erect and quite well endowed. Their cocks were both probably about 7 or 8 inches, though one looked considerably thicker than the other. One said something to the other and to my surprise they started to wank each others cocks. Fran clearly approved, masturbating harder, four fingers stretching her cunt as she slid them in and out. My cock seemed to get harder when I heard her tell one she called Jean that she wanted him to suck Henri's cock. It gave every appearance that she was the one in charge, if anything manipulating them and she wasn't being taken advantage of.

They must have understood and both jumped down into the dip next to her. The one I thought was Jean knelt by her head, she raised her head and rested it on his legs. She watched while he wrapped his hand around Henri's cock and without hesitating bent forward, took it in his mouth and began to suck it. Fran lay, still fingering her pussy, reached up with her other hand to fondle and squeeze Henri's balls. My cock twitched harder still, at the eroticism of what they were doing. She released his balls after a couple of minutes, turned on her side, raising one leg. Supporting herself on one hand she lowered her head and began to suck Jean's cock, her other hand appearing between her legs, continuing to masturbate.

I shuffled myself into a more comfortable position on my side where I could wank and still see. My movement set off a small avalanche of sand. I froze as Fran glanced up in my direction, but didn't think she'd noticed as she immediately lowered her head, engulfing Jeans cock, sucking most of his shaft into her mouth. I wondered if they were going to do anything else, willing her to stop sucking his cock and let him fuck her. I didn't have to wait long to find out that was her intention.

She stopped masturbating, and sucking Jeans cock, said something I didn't catch, but her meaning was obvious. Jean stopped sucking Henri's cock. She turned onto all fours, bum raised, legs apart revealing her cunt was wet, open and ready for cock. She indicated to Henri to sit in front of her, and for Jean, the one with the fatter cock, that she wanted him to fuck her. He moved in behind her, rubbed his cock between her legs, then pushed his knob into her hole. Holding her by the waist he drew her back, penetrating her and began fucking her. I started wanking faster, watching her licking and occasionally sucking Henri's cock, listening to her moaning and sighing as Jean drove his thick cock in and out of her stretched mature cunt.

I shot my load onto the sand when I heard her loudly calling out that she was cumming, her back arching, body rigid as Jean slammed his cock into her, giving her his young virile spunk. She slid straight off his cock, turned onto her back, spreading her legs. She grabbed Henri's cock, pulling him between her thighs. He mounted her, aimed his cock at her cunt and pushed it in to her used hole for sticky seconds. I could hear her cunt squelching, slurping, several loud fanny farts. She wrapped her legs around him, forcing his cock deep inside her cunt, holding him tightly, digging her nails into his back, she kept telling him to fuck her harder. When it came to sex they understood enough English to understand what she wanted. He fucked her furiously for several minutes, brought her to a second climax. She unwrapped her legs from around him pushed him onto his back then reverse mounted him. From my vantage point I could see her holding his cock, lowering herself until it touched her hole, then slowly taking it into her cunt. She began to rock back and fore, then ride him, rising up and down, allowing me to see his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. She began to frig her clit, he began lifting his bum off the sand, thrusting his cock into her. She rode him wildly, cumming again before he jerked several times, ejaculating inside her, his spunk combining with the seed already swimming in her infertile cunt.

I couldn't drag myself away, watching as she climbed off and some of the spunk mixture gushed from her cunt. She didn't move, except to reach between her open legs, pushing her fingers into her pussy, drawing out spunk, coating her fingers and licking them clean. I wondered how many times she'd done similar things with the guys at the Gym. I wasn't angry with her just disappointed that she hadn't told me. The distraction is probably why I didn't immediately notice she'd finished and was getting ready to leave.

I might still have beaten her back to the beach if I hadn't dropped the bag and had to retrieve my phone and wallet. Hurrying back through the dunes, I cursed myself for not thinking to take photos of her being fucked. I must have taken a longer route. I came around the side of a dune at the same time as Fran appeared from between two dunes about 40 yards away, between Henri and Jean. We all stopped. She didn't appear embarrassed at being caught. In fact I was the one that felt guilty. She said something to them and they looked towards me. From the expressions on their faces I presumed that they knew who I was. They gave a typically Gaelic shrug, as if to say “”We've just fucked your wife and don't care if you know it”

She made it quite clear she wasn't concerned either, kissing Jean passionately, a leg entwined behind his, an arm around his neck, ensuring that I could see that she was holding his cock in her other hand, while he held and squeezed her buttocks. She did the same with Henri, finishing by running her tongue down his body, crouching down holding his cock. With her eyes locked on my mine she licked their cocks and planted a kiss on the tips. She spoke to them and they stood watching as she walked confidently towards me. She asked if I'd enjoyed watching her being fucked. I said that I had and how horny it had been. “You won't mind that I've just invited them to the villa tonight then” she replied. I hesitated, up until then It had all been in my imagination. “Well if you don't want me to. I'll tell them you wont allow me. It will make me very happy if you say yes” she pouted.

As always she got her way. One minor detailed she omitted was that she'd told them to bring some friends. Jean and Henri turned up at about 8pm with three other young guys, they were all under twenty, one I later discovered was only seventeen. She opened the door to them wearing just a G - String. She lost that within minutes, they stripped off and were soon taking turns to fuck her in the lounge while I watched. They were young and one or more was erect most of the time, fucking her or she was sucking a cock, sometimes both at the same time. At about midnight, after she must have been fucked at least a dozen times the three guys left leaving only Jean and Henri.

She led them by their cocks into the bedroom, calling to me “You don't mind sleeping in the spare room do you” as she closed the bedroom door. I lay on the single bed on the other side of the wall, wanking. The headboard thumped against the wall, with a regular beat as they took turns energetically fucking her. I could hear her squealing, moaning, groaning, panting, loudly demanding to be fucked harder, shouting she was cumming, her sobs and wails of pleasure rising to a crescendo each time she climaxed. I realised that I would never again be able to compete and provide her with with the sex she now craved and could only be provided by virile young studs.

It must have gone on with several breaks until about 3am. I was up drinking coffee on the patio when they started about 10am. I didn't last long, enough time for them both to fuck her before I heard the shower running. A few minutes later Fran joined me naked, a towel around he head. Jean and Henri appeared fully dressed shortly after, grinning and pointing at me, repeating “Mari trompé“ two or three times and laughing. She walked them to the door, the goodbyes took several minutes of kissing, fondling and groping before she saw them out.

She joined me, poured a cup of coffee sat on the chair opposite. “Are you going to see them again?” I asked. “I told them I'd met them down the beach later. I said you wouldn't mind. You don't do you?” she replied. I said I didn't if it's what she wanted and asked if they were the first. “This holiday or ever?” she clarified. “Both I suppose” I replied. She told be that beside, Henri and Jean, four other guys had fucked her in the dunes. “Any others?” I asked. “Only the ones that you know about” she told me. My puzzled expression revealed I didn't know what she was referring too. She explained that she had assumed I'd known that guys at the gym were fucking her and had turned a blind eye, and felt she was free to carry on when we were on holiday.

She explained that she felt constantly horny, since the menopause and that she needed to be fucked regularly. She told me it wasn't my fault and I shouldn't feel guilty that I wasn't up to the task of satisfying her sexual needs. “I've found it sometimes takes two or three guys fucking me before I'm sated” she revealed without a trace of regret or embarrassment. I hopefully asked if I could be one of them. She bluntly told me that from now on she only wanted to be fucked by young guys, certainly no older than twenty five. They could invariably fuck her, get hard again quickly and shag her again, some of them repeatedly and I would be incapable of keeping up.

“Now you know. You don't want me to stop do you?” she asked. I said I didn't. “Just as well, because I wasn't going to anyway and it saves doing it behind your back. Look on the bright side. You won't be under pressure to perform and I'm sure some of the guys won't mind you watching and wanking. Maybe I'll let you fuck me now and again” she told me cheerfully. So basically whether I liked it or not she intended to continue having sex with other guys. She got up to dress. As she reached the door I asked if she knew what “Mari trompé“ meant. “It's french for cuckold. It's what you are now. You better get used to it“ she told me.

It was almost the end of the holiday so it gave me a couple of days to get accustomed to my new situation. She went out to the beach in the afternoon of the last two days, returning in the evening with Jean, Henri and several young guys both days. I was told to sit in the corner, out of the way and allowed to watch her being fucked then sent to the spare bedroom as they continued fucking her into the early hours in the main bedroom.

We've been home several weeks now. She wasted no time in ensuring I was under no illusions as to my new position. Two nights after we got home she brought home two of the guys from the Gym, took them straight up to the marital bed and I listened to them fucking her from the spare bedroom. I'd thought that only three guys had been fucking her. That proved to be a gross underestimate as over the next three weeks she was fucked by thirteen different guys who I learned had all been fucking her for months. More than half of them were black and though I didn't see all of them naked or fucking her, I certainly heard them having her and her enjoying being taken. She boasted that they were all well endowed and had much bigger cocks than my pathetic 5 inches. One in particular was a favourite and fucked her nearly every night.

Ajay is of Jamaican origin, about 6 feet tall, into body building, broad chested, bulging muscular arms and legs, a flat six pack. He has a huge, thick black cock which looks incredible against her pale skin and when it's inside her, stretching her tight pink cunt. Fran measured his erect cock - 10 ¾ inches long and 8 inches in circumference, actually thicker than my wrist. I can't imagine what she sees in him – ha ha. Like at least one of the other guys he is bisexual. He is a computer programmer, in his early twenties and had been fucking her since moving to the area a few months earlier.

It's fortunate that we live in a detached house, the nearest house some distance away, so no one could overhear the noise Fran makes when she's being fucked and cums. Luckily we have a gate at the bottom of the garden which leads out on to a public footpath, so her guys could arrive and leave without being so noticeable. That however is no longer a problem.

Seven weeks ago Fran told me that Ajay was reaching the end of the tenancy on the flat he rented, was moving in and in future she would be sleeping with him. I was already sleeping in the spare bedroom most nights, but she ordered me to remove all my things from the main bedroom to make room for his stuff. As far as the neighbours are concerned he is lodging with us and the guys who call are his friends.

I haven't fucked Fran since Ajay arrived but I have my uses. He calls me the “Cunt Cleaner” a name the others have adopted. Since a day or two after he arrived I have been called to clean Francesca's cunt, whenever they've fucked her. They watch me kneel between her spread legs, believing they are humiliating me by making me look at her well fucked cunt. She holds her fuck hole open, gleefully revealing their spunk bubbling and dribbling from inside her body. I happily lick and suck their spunk from her pussy until it's clean, savouring the taste of their spunk, combined with Francesca's cunt honey .

More recently I have been entrusted with another duty. After Ajay has fucked her I've been instructed to suck his cock, get him erect, while she's having sex with another guy, and have him ready to fuck her again. I'm eager to please her and have sucked his prick three times so far. I've succeeded in getting him hard, enjoying the sensation of his cock stiffening in my mouth. I've seen her being spitroasted and DP'd, taking two cocks in her cunt simultaneously. She came so loudly and her orgasm so prolonged, I'd be surprised if on that occasion some of the neighbours heard her. I know she's allowed some of them to arse fuck her after I was summonsed from the spare bedroom one night to be shown her gaping anus and told to lick her bum clean. Naturally I carried out my cleaning duties diligently.

Several times I heard her trying to take Ajay's cock in her arse, moaning and sobbing, crying out that it hurt. I knew that with her determination she wouldn't give up. She showed me three graduated sized butt plugs she'd bought to practise with. With copious amounts of desensitising anal lube, she succeeded on Saturday night and proudly called me into the bedroom to show me that she'd taken his large cock in her arse. I was allowed to stay and wank while I watched her having Anal sex. While I was licking her arse clean afterwards, I felt Ajay's hand on my bum while he told Fran that he wouldn't mind fucking my arse sometime. I'm not sure if he was serious or not, but having already sucked his cock the thought of taking it in my arse makes me hard. Perhaps I should borrow Frans butt plugs.

That's my story up to date. I'm a happy cuckold, who gets immense pleasure from watching my wife being a slut, fucked by other guys who give her the servicing she needs and I can't supply. The pleasure and satisfaction she gets, particularly when she's being fucked by Ajay or one of her other Black Bulls is a joy to see and reward enough for me. My additional duties I consider a bonus. It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone and that other guys get similar satisfaction from having their wife's sexual needs provided for by other guys.