Written by Dave st

29 Jan 2019

I recently got divorced and bought a little end terrace town house in a small village outside Glasgow. On the day of moving in the couple next door popped there heads over the fence to say hello and Dan the husband offered to help me with some of my furniture and Grace his wife made me cups of tea and sticky buns. They were a nice couple with no kids in there 40,s. After about a week I bumped into Grace taking her shopping out of the car and I offered to give her a hand. After I had dropped the shopping which included a few bottles of Gin she offered me a cup of tea. We sat at the kitchen table and I joked about the Gin and she said she like a wee Gin every night as she was on her own. I asked was Dan working and it turns out he works away for 6 weeks at a time on Security for one of the big oil companies. Grace was a substitute teacher and could go for weeks with no work. We chatted for ages about the usual stuff divorce work and the local gossip. Grace joked that the village had a reputation as being a swingers paradise and I joked that was not much good for me as I was single and normally not accepted in swinging circles, well so I heard. Grace just laughed and said that they had never been invited. A few nights later I was in bed when I heard a noise from next door and worked out that Grace and Dans bedroom was beside mine. I lifted a glass and put it to the wall and started to listen. The noise was clearly sex and I could make out the moans of Grace and then I heard her say I want your cock inside me baby. My dick went stiff as a rock and I thought Dan was still working away and I was shocked that Grace had someone else in there fucking get while the poor bugger was working his balls off. I couldn't listen any longer and went downstairs and put the Tv on. About an hour later her heard the front door open and I thought I would have a look to see who she had been fucking but I was disappointed as it was Grace going to get something from her car. I heard nothing else that night but have to say I had a good old wank over Grace as I wouldn't mind having a go myself if I got the opportunity. A few days past and Grace knocked on the door to ask me if I would like to come around for Dinner on Friday night as we would both be on our own. I agreed and bought a bottle of wine and went around at 7pm as agreed. She made an amazing meal and we got through the wine very quickly and we both were a little tipsy. We sorted out the washing up and Grace made two very large G and Ts and we moved into the lounge and chatted away. After a few more drinks the subject of sex came up and grace asked me had I a girlfriend as she hadn't seen anyone coming to the house and I told her I was still single. I joked and are you still single, what sure you know I am married you have had took much to drink. What about your visitor last week, what visitor she said, it's ok Grace I heard you guys through the wall, she went bright red, I think you gave the wrong end of the stick Dave, It was someone else it was Dan, what we video call when he gets a chance. Omg I was so embarrassed I couldn't apologise enough you must think I am some sort of pervert. Don't be silly she said I probably did get carried away. I can be bit loud but when Mrs Dodds lived next door she was deaf as a post. We had a few more drinks and I joked that I going to have to get myself some ear plugs because if you can make that much noise on a video call what would you be like when Dan gets home, she just laughed and said that they will be at like rabbits for 2 weeks. I thought what a lucky bastard. The next week Dan was back home and she was right as they seamed to be at it every night and have to confess the thought of him fucking her only 12 inches through the wall was a massive turn on and had a few wanks while they were at it. On the Friday before Dan was due to head off he invited me around for a few beers and a Chinese. We both sat and had the Chinese and watch some rugby on the TV as Grace was out at some school play. Dan was a decent guy and after he had a few beers he joked about me thinking that Grace had a bloke here when he was away. I apologised and said it was a misunderstanding and he said it wasn't a problem as Grace was a noisy bitch in bed. I joked and said I know mate I have heard her for the past two weeks. We got chatting about the local swinging thing and said I don't think I will be approached due to being single and Dan said that him and Grace had joked about it all the time but she said she never fancied any of the blokes in the village until now, what do you mean I said. Dan said I think my wife has taken a shine to you mate. I defended myself quickly and said that he could trust me not to do anything. That's a bit disappointing Dave he said because I was going to ask you to help me out. Was this a test to see how I would respond and the guy would kick the shit out of me. Listen Dave, Grace is a very sexy lady and she has a high sex drive and me being away 6 weeks on the trot it's not fair on her and any amount of video calls and dildos are never going to satisfy her. I couldn't believe this conversation. Can I trust you Dave, yes mate what is it. I want you to make a play for Grace, I don't mean just fuck her, I want to to chase her and flirt and tease her. I am happy for you to fuck her but there are a couple of rules, not in our bed and no sticking you load in her, that's my job. Are you fucking serious Dan are you smoking silly fags, but no he was serious and made me agree to his request before Grace came home. I asked him did Grace agree to this and he said no she doesn't know but she has fantasies about being fucked by another guy. About 1 hour later Grace came home and her first comment was that she needed a fucking drink that was a disaster. We sat and had a few drinks and then I buggered off as I know Dan would be heading off on Sunday and I am sure they would be at it until he left. That night I lay in bed listening to Grave getting fucked silly by Dan. I didn't see Dan before he left as I was away away at a rugby match on stayed with a few Friends, but I did get a text from him saying he was away and to remember the rules and enjoy Grace.

It was about anout 3 days before I say Grace again down at the village shop. We chatted and I was getting a bottle of wine and asked her if I could return the dinner on Friday night. She grateful accepted and she said she would bring the wine. Friday night came and I had made a bit of and effort and Grace arrived at 730. We both enjoyed our food and the wine was flowing and soon the conversation turned to my ear plugs and Grace asked had they worked. I told her yes but to be honest I liked the sound of them fucking next door. I started to flirt with Grace a bit and said how lucky Dan was and that she was Avery sext lady and she accepted my compliment and said that she thought I was a handsome chap. I joked that if the neighbours seen her coming to my house they would think we were at it, no such Luke she said with a dirty laugh. I remember what Dan had asked me to chase her and not just fuck her but I was getting all the right signals. About 20 minutes later Grace asked could she use the bathroom and I told her where it was as if she didn't know. I went into the kitchen to make a couple of drinks when I heard Grace shout down the stairs, Dave come quick what is this. I immediately thought there must be a leak and bolted up the stairs to the bathroom but it was empty, wtf where are you, I am in here, I opened the door of my bedroom and there was Grace completely naked on my bed with her cunt in full view. Grace what are you doing, I am doing what my husband tells me. What I said. It's ok Dave, Dan told me and I don't want chased I want you to fuck me. My cock was as hard as s rock and quickly removed everything and climbed onto the bed. We started kissing and out had explored every part of each others bodies. Grace moved down to my cock and with expert skill had me coke to cumming within minutes. I stopped her and put her on her back and worked my way down her buddy spending a lot of time at her tits. She had little firm tits but very sensitive nipples. She was very excited and then demanded that I eat her cunt which was now dripping. I explored every part of her pussy with my tongue and had two fingers deep inside her cunt. I was ready to fuck her now and I think she was ready for it. I climbed on top of her and slowly slid my cock deep inside her. The look on her face as she moaned loudly with excitement. With every stroke of my cock she got louder and the it started, her loud dirty talk, fuck that pussy, I want that cock deep in my fucking cunt, fuck me Dave, Fuck me hard. I am your fury fucking neighbour, it just kept going and the more I fucked her the louder and dirty she became. I want your cock in my ass Dave please I want it deep in me. She rolled onto her knees and I rubbed my hand in her soaking pussy and rubbed her asshole to make her moist. With ease my cock slid into her ass, it was clear she was no anal virgin. She was screaming like a mad woman for me to bang her harder, then I remembered rule about not cumming inside her. Then she said that she needed to cum and fuck her cunt do I pulled out and slid deep into her cunt fucking get like a dog on heat. Then she screamed that she was cumming, her body shook and her cunt muscles wrapped tight around my cock, I wanted to cum so bad and went t pull out, I am not finished yet keep fucking me. I stayed fucking again and then she asked me to turnover. I rolled her over and slid my cock into her and started to slowly fuck her as I didn't want to cum too quick and planned to pull out and shoot my load on her tits. I felt her grasp her cunt around my cock and she looked me in the eyes and said she was cumming and she wanted my cum deep in her cunt, I said I couldn't, she said fuck the rules it's my cunt and I want your juice in my womb, with that I exploded so deep inside her I thought I was in her fucking womb. That night she stayed and we fucked all night, she was intense and we fucked everyday until Dan came home. And each time she let me shoot my load in her cunt or her ass. I kept my promise and never fucked her in their bed. We still fuck when Dan is away and to be honest I am glad to see the bugger come home so my cock can have a rest.