27 Dec 2018

It was just over 6 years ago that my wife died and I was distraught for the first few months

We had been together many years and deeply in love
We had been faithful to each other.

About 15 months after she died I was really stressed and a friend suggested I go get a massage
Not really my scene but I had to go to Northampton and walking through the town one night I was this place offering Thai massage

I though well no one knows me here so in I went

I was met by a pretty Thai girl and she asked me what I wanted and I said a massage

She asked me to pay the fee and took me to the room and asked me to undress and lay on the table face down

I kept my pants on and she came into the room and said it would be better if I took them off so I didn’t get any oil on them

She slipped them off and then started t massage me and it felt really good

Her hands we on my back and then she did my legs and started to reach right up my legs and then parted my feet a little so my feet were on the edge of the table

She went back to my back and then he hand slipped down the crack in my bum

I made a sound of pleasure and she said did I like that and I said yes and she did it again this time deeper and going right down to my balls

Nice she said and I said yes and she whispered in my ear that I could have sex if I wanted

She said it was an extra 50 pounds

Now in most circumstances I would have been out of there but it felt good, she was pretty, I was alone, in a strange town and I thought whet the hell I have has=d sex for about 3 years now

She reached down and took hold of my balls and asked me to lift my bottom into the air and then she reached under and started stroking my cock - OMG that felt wonderful and then eventually she stopped, stepped away from the table and asked me to turn over

As I did I realised she was naked

I looked at her and she had nice breasts and a trimmed pussy and she took hold of my cock and caressed it and took hold of one of my hands and put it on her tit. I reached over and put one hand between her legs to feel her pussy and she came nearer the bed

She stepped away and took a condom out of the drawer and rolled it onto my cock

She climbed on top of me and put her pussy right over my face as she started to suck on my cock

Now my wife had never done that and it just felt wonderful and I thought I was going to cum and she must have realised that and lowered her pussy right onto mu y face

She smelled wonderful and told me to use my tongue on her pussy

I started to lick her pussy and she said push it in and I did and she tatted wonderful - such a delight to taste a female again ad I had done with my wife several times

She climbed off and climbed back on and then lowered her self onto my erect cock, looking at me and said did I want her this way or with her back to me

She was beautiful and I said this way and she started to ride my cock and eventually I came but she continued to ride me and it just felt wonderful having sex again.

Eventually she climbed off and went back into the reverse 69 position and asked if I wanted to taste her again

She tasted lovely and she took my cock back in her mouth and it was just too much pleasure for me and I cried out but she understood and then laid on top of me and kissed me and we laid there for a few minutes till she said my time was up

She removed the condom and commented on how much sperm was in it.

I gave her a kiss and left a very happy man

It was quite some time later that I decided that there was nothing wrong in doing what i had done - its wasn't adultery or unfaithfulness as I didn't have a wife.

I went out to a pub one night and met this lady there who was just having a drink or so I thought
Her name was Julie and what I didn't realise was she was a prostitute

We chatted for a while and then she said she needed to get a taxi to go home

I felt for her and said why don't I drive you home and she agreed

When we arrived at her home which was only about 15 mins away she asked me if i wanted to come in for a drink or a coffee.

I said yes and she looked quite nice and I thought well why not its a bit of company.

once inside I realised what the house was or rather the flat and passing the bedroom door on our way to the lounge i saw a four-poster bed with things hanging from the woodwork

She saw me looking and said that she did some bondage work and was it something I was interested in

I gave a laugh and said i had never tried it.

She said was I interested in trying it and I thought why not give it a go

She made a coffee and we went into the room.

She asked me to get undressed and it felt a bit odd but i recalled the time with the Thai girl and thought what the hell let’s do it.

I stripped off and she gave me a pair of panties to put on

Now I have often wondered about wearing ladies underwear but never tried it but this felt good

She gave me a pair of hold up stockings and told me to put them on and then a little slip to cover my top.

She directed me to the bed and to lay down star shaped on the bed while she tied my hands to the top 2 posts and then my legs to the bottom 2 posts.

I was a little nervous at this stage but she said she would treat me gently.

She unbuttoned her dress and stood there with her gorgeous boobs sticking out of the bra and her tiny G string round her bottom and her holdups on.

She took a mask and placed it over my eyes _ just so you can’t see what i am doing she said - it will heighten your senses of the session.

How much is this going to cost me I asked?

Well seeing as you brought me home I will just charge you £40 - IS THAT ok

I said yes and she kissed me and then started to stroke my body with her hands and then something vibrated on me and then I felt my cock being handled and something touching my bottom

What i hadn't realised was that when she tied my feet to the bottom the bed it was actually to a pole attached to the upright of the four poster and I felt my legs being raised.

I then felt whatever she had been vibrating on my tummy now being pressed into my bottom and i could feel the vibrations in my arse.

I felt my cock being clamped and my balls tightened in the device

I recalled the Thai girl playing with my cock and balls and while it was heavier it still felt nice.

Then suddenly there was pain on my bottom and she smacked me with something.

I gave a cry and she said not to be a sissy and I got another smack this time harder.

She took hold of my balls and yanked on them

Then she must have put some weights on the device holding my cock as I felt it being pulled down and yet another smack on my already sore arse.

I was blindfolded so I couldn't see what was going on and then I felt her on top of me

She was straddling my face and I realised that her pussy was right over my face and rubbing her wetness all over my face

She was smooth - unlike the Thai girl and she had a different aroma, I guess as she was a much older woman.

She rubbed her pussy over my face. The vibrator in my bottom was driving me wild and the feel of her wetness was making me want to cum but clearly that wasn’t going to happen

Then there was all this liquid pouring over my face and I realised later on that she had cum and squirted over me.

The squirt tasted good and I was told to drink it and swallow it.

She removed the blindfold and I looked up and saw her naked body and she looked beautiful.

She reached down and back and stroked my cock and balls

The vibrator was still going as it had been pushed inside the knickers to stop it coming out of my bottom.

She went into the 69 position and removed the cock restraint and took me in her mouth and started sucking my cock and stroking my balls

There was nothing I could do as I was still tied to the bed my legs up in the air and her pussy over my face and I shot a load into her mouth

She turned round and looked me in the face and showed me the sperm in her mouth and then promptly swallowed it.

Never seen that before and it looked amazing

She left me there for a while and came back into the room
The vibrator was still in my bottom and she delivered another hard smack to my bottom

She untied me and I got dressed and paid her the agreed fee.

Did you enjoy that she asked and i said yes it was fun

Do it again sometime?
Yes I said
Did you enjoy being dressed in my undies?
Yes it was nice

I do do sex as well she said
That would be nice I said

A couple of weeks later I gave her a call and asked if I could come and have sex with her

I arrived at the house one Tuesday afternoon and was greeted by what I thought was a woman but was clearly a man in ladies clothing a Cross dresser. His name I later found out was Mike

He led me to the bedroom and said Julie would be with me shortly.

Julie arrived in the bedroom dressed in her bra and panties and told me to undress.

I sat on the bed naked and Julie shouted Mike into the room

He needs a condom she said

Mike reached into the drawer and took a condom out and then told me to lay back on the bed

‘you going to put it on I asked Julie

Oh no she said that is my sissy slutty slave's job

Mike took hold of my cock and I took his hand away

No said Julie He puts condoms on

Mike stroked my cock till it was hard and then put the condom in his mouth and dropped his mouth round my cock and sucked it onto me
God that felt strange
I am not a queer I said to Julie it’s you I want I said

Oh yes said Julie you will get that and Mike released my cock from his mouth and got up to leave the room

Julie and I laid on the bed and kissed and cuddled and we felt each other and then she invited me to fuck her.

I got on top of her and started to thrust into her pussy.

Mike must have walked back into the room as I felt a hand on my bottom but Julie was holding me tight to her

Don't worry she said it’s OK just enjoy it

I shot my load into Julie and laid on top of her for a few minutes before rolling off.

Clean up time Julie shouted and Mike walked back into the room with some tissues and wet wipes and took the condom off and then proceeded to wipe my cock clean with the wet wipes and then he left the room

Fucking hell Julie I said that was nothing like what I expected

MMM yes he is my slutty slave he does jobs for me and he even sucks men if you want him to do that

I've never had any homosexual feelings I said.

Oh you must try it one day she said. I love watching 2 men sucking each other off.

Not a chance I said not a fucking chance

Eventually I left but the thought of a bloke sucking me never left my mind

Another 3 weeks passed and I felt the urge to see Julie again

I rang her and she said to come on the Tuesday and Mike would be there.

Mike opened the door and led me to the bedroom
There were already the undies on the bed for me to dress in

I want you to be sucked off by Mike today she said
is that OK

I have thought about it I said and yes let’s have a go

Mike took a condom out of the drawer and sucked it onto my cock as i was laid on the bed

Julie came and sat on my face with her wet smelly pussy and I felt mike stroke my balls and then start some intense sucking of my cock. Julie was cumming on my face and her squirt was dribbling into my mouth and I was swallowing it and then I felt myself cumming and shot a load into the condom.

Maybe next time you might like to suck Mike off she said

I don’t think so I said - not my scene

About 6-8 weeks went by and I needed to see Julie again
Tuesday cam for the appointed time and Mike again opened the door this time dressed in panties and a slip

He led me to the bedroom and said would I like to suck him while Julie played with the vibrator in my bottom

Now the idea of the vibrator in my bottom really appealed to me and I thought what the hell let’s give it a go

Mike rolled a condom onto his cock and laid on the bed with his legs over the edge
I knelt in front of him and gingerly took his cock into my mouth

I felt Julie lube my bottom and then insert the vibrator and she said now suck him hard

I started sucking his cock and to be honest was quite enjoying it or was it the pleasure in my bottom from the vibrator.

Once Mike had orgasmed then Julie too the vibrator out of my cock and sucked me this time without the condom on and I shot a load into her mouth

As before she showed me the mouthful of sperm and then swallowed the lot.

I left - a very happy but confused man
Was I a queer?
What had I just done?

I went home and thought about this for a long time

I went on the internet and watch some men sucking each other and it got me quite hard just watching it

I ran Julie the next day and said I wanted to try and suck Mike while he sucked me

We arranged for the following Tuesday and Mike greeted me at he door with a kiss and led me into the bedroom

He told me to strip and he slipped his clothes off as well and we stood there naked

He got a couple of condoms out of the drawer and knelt in front of me and sucked it onto my cock and then suggested I put one on him

He asked did I want to be top or bottom and explained that one of us needed to lay on the bed and the other mount them 69 style

I agreed to lay on the bed and he got on top of me and I took hold of his cock and put it into my mouth and he did the same

Just then Julie walked in and gave Mike a really good smack on the arse
You naughty boy she said I don’t pay you to suck other men like this and then she grabbed my balls and said I was her slut as well now

Mike effectively fucked me in the mouth and sucked my cock and I really enjoyed it.

Once we had finished Julie told me to dress in the clothes she had prepared and now I was her slut and slave

It was a nice outfit of knickers holdups a dress and a set of falsies for boobs

She laid on the bed and told me to suck her pussy

I love being sucked by a woman she said

I learned that Mike was a married man and that his wife know about his liaisons with Julie and that Julie and his wife had sexual encounters on Wednesday

God that really turned me on thinking the Julie was bi sexual and I really wanted to see her and another woman engaging in sex

Can I come tomorrow I asked

Yes said Julie as long as you dress appropriator - by which she meant as a woman

On the Wednesday I went about noon and dressed up and gave Julie some oral sex and then Pam Mike’s wife arrived
I opened the door for her and she kissed me and said Oh you have been sucking Julie haven't you

She could obviously taste me on the lips

I led her through to the bedroom where Julie had already undressed and Pam started to strip off
Let Steve do it for you she said and I slowly removed Pam's clothes till she was naked

Kiss her pussy Julie said and I kissed Pam on the pussy and she tasted nice

Then she and Julie got onto the bed and started kissing and fondling each other
However what Julie had done was to tie my cock back under my bum to stop me wanking myself

God I was horny watching these 2 women kissing and playing with each other and then finally they moved into a 69 position and sucked each other and licked each other into multiple orgasms. It must have gone on the best part of an hour .

Eventually they lay on the bed exhausted with their pussies on full display

We need cleaning up Julie said and I said I will go get some tissues
Oh no she said you clean us with your mouth

I knelt in front of each of them and licked their pussies clean and of course they had more orgasms as I was doing it

OMG they tasted beautiful

Then Julie told me to strip and stand naked before them

The both knelt on the floor and took it in turns to take my now erect cock in their mouth and started giving me a 2 girl BJ

You are going to cum in Pam's mouth Julie said and Pam took me deep and I shot a load of pent u spunk into her mouth
She did as Julie had done before opened her mouth and then swallowed it

Mike told me you produced a lot of spunk and yes you do.

OMG I shot a load into Pam's mouth and she opened her mouth and showed me the spunk and then Julie swallowed my cock as Pam swallowed the spunk

I was in heaven having just cum like that all pent up and then watched 2 women sucking the life out of each other.

I eventually got dressed and cleaned my bottom and left

It was a while before I went back to See Julie and I rang and arranged to see her one Tuesday having forgotten that it was Mike’s day

When I arrived Mike answered the door all dressed up in his sissy clothes and said I was the guy who had cum in his wife's mouth and I said yes

He picked up his phone and phoned Pam and said come round Steve is here.

About half an hour alter Pam arrived and by now I was dressed as Julie's slut and opened the door for Pam

She came in and gave me a kiss and then we proceeded up to the bedroom

MMM Steve is going to fuck you while I watch Mike said

Oh wonderful said Pam and started to strip off

Take your clothes off Steve, Mike said and I started to strip off

Pam laid on the bed and opened her legs

I will need warming up she said and I knelt down and proceeded to suck her pussy

What i hadn't realised was Mike was right behind me with a massive hard on and started to lube up my arse

He then started to insert his cock in to my bum while I was sucking Pam

That felt good and after a while Pam said come on fuck me

Mike came out of me and I penetrated Pam

Then I felt Mikes cock sliding back into my arse and I was getting fucked as I was fucking his wife

Wonderful feeling

Eventually I shot my load into Pam and said I am cumming and Mike said that s good I like having my wife fucked and then he said he was cumming min my arse

I felt him withdraw and then felt the spunk running over my balls as I still stayed inside of Pam

I kissed Pam and she held me in her arms and Mike said enough let him go but Pam Said No I want to keep him inside of me

Eventually I went soft and it slipped out of Pam

She laid there on the bed with my jism oozing out of her

Well you had better clean her up now Mike said but Pam said - No husband dear YOU clean me up

Mike knelt between his wife's legs and licked my jism from her pussy

Now swallow it she said just like I did - so we both have had Steve’s jism in our bellies

Julie was in the room watching all this and said she needed an orgasm and asked Pam to give her one

Pam was only too willing and went down on Julie and sucked her to a beautiful orgasm

We all dressed and left Julie

These encounters went on for several years and Julie was very accommodating

One day Julie said she was getting too old and decided that at the end of August she would stop and just live a normal life

I was really upset about this as I had really grown fond of her and of course our intimate times together

I called round one days and said Julie I have something to ask you

You have been really good to me over these last few years and I wondered if you would consider becoming my wife

She looked aghast at me and then suddenly said yes

I was delighted I was getting this gorgeous sexy lady as my wife

We arranged for the wedding in the November at the local registry office with Mike and Pam as witnesses

We arranged just a small celebration meal in the local hotel for the 4 of us and once that was over Mike and Pam bade their farewell and left Julie and me at the table

We sat there for a while and then said we ought to go to our room and off we went

Surprise surprise when we arrived Mike and Pam were there and both naked

OMG I said what is going on

We have come to watch you make love as a married couple and help you out

How will you do that I asked

Well if you take your clothes off then we will show you

I gently stripped Julie and then took my suit and clothes off

The 4 of us were now naked

Pam laid on the bed and told Julie to bend over her and suck her pussy

Mike told me to penetrate Julie and start to fuck her

Mike came behind me and started to lube up my arse and I could feel him penetrate me

Pam was stroking Julies pussy and stroking my balls as I fucked Julie and it wasn’t long before I came inside Julie

There was quite a bit of spunk and as it started to ooze out of Julie Pam said she was collecting it and later on said she has swallowed it

Mike eventually came in my arse and then withdrew

The explained that they felt we needed one last episode as a reminder of the good times we had had

The dressed and me and Julie got into bed naked and knackered

In the middle of ht night I rolled Julie onto her back and said I want to fuck you and she said let me go on top I want you deep inside of me

We left the hotel the next day and returned to my home

Julie had been moving some of her stuff into my house and we sat and talked about our past lives and the future

I said I had really enjoyed being Julies slut on a Thursday and said would it be a good idea ifI was your slut every Thursday and cleaned the house for you

MMM she said that wold be nice

I said lets talk bout our sex life

I suggested that every morning Julie would suck my cock off before we got up - she seemed ok with that

Every evening I will suck your pussy till you orgasm and then u]fuck you before we go to sleep

She said that sounded good

On the day I am your slut I don’t get my cock sucked, I have to dress up in your clothes and do the cleaning etc and you can sit around the house naked and play with yourself and if you need an orgasm then you call me and I drop whatever I am doing and come and suck you off wherever you are

Sounds good to me she said

Then on the Thursday evening I get to fuck your arse

Oh I don’t know about that she said I have never had my arse fucked

Well I think you ought to lose your anal virginity to me don’t you

She said yes let’s do that

By the way she said what happens if someone comes to the door on Thursday

Well I will answer it and invite them in

But I will be naked she said

Yes of course and you can siting the lounge with them naked and play with yourself and tell them about our arrangement

Julie agreed

This worked for a few weeks
Me getting sucked off every morning
Julie getting sucked off every evening and then a food fucking before we went to sleep

The losing of Julie’s anal virginity was a bit more difficult

When she was a working girl she had had some butt plugs and I suggested that we try to open her up using them and plenty of lube

That worked and each night as she went to sleep I inserted a plug into her bottom and left it there all night

She took it out during the day and each week we put a larger one in

After about 4 weeks I suggested that she was open enough and one Thursday night I lubed up her bottom and penetrated her with my cock and gave her a good buggering and shot a load of spunk into her

OMG the next morning she was sucking my cock and her fingers were in my arse fucking my arse as she sucked my cock

A couple of months into our marriage there was a knock on the door and Ann was there

Now Ann had been one of Julies clients when she was working and she had called round to see us

I led Ann into the lounge where Julie was naked and playing with herself

Ann looked a bit shocked but Julie explained the deal to Ann

Then I hear Julie shout me

Steve I need an orgasm

When I arrived in the room Ann said she ought to go but Julie said no stay its ok

I knelt in front of Julie and started to suck on her pussy and sucked till she had an orgasm

I then got up and left

Ann must have said to Julie that that was amazing

Julie asked Ann if she needed an orgasm and Ann said it have been a long time

Julie shouted me back

Ann said buts its adultery if your husband has some sex with me

It doesn’t matter if I am present Julie said and told Ann to take her clothes off

Ann stripped off and I had forgotten how gorgeous she looked

Ann laid on the floor spread her legs and I knelt in front of her and sucked her pussy

Julie came and stood over Ann and then lowered her pussy over Ann’s face and told Ann to suck her

That was gorgeous just watching Ann giving Julie oral sex while I was filling Ann's pussy with my jism

When we had finished Julie said to me that I had better make sure I was hard enough for her bottom that night and Ann was shocked
Are you having anal sex?

Yes said Julie and I never thought I would like it but i love it

Ann dressed and left and as I escorted her to the door I just said its like this every Thursday and gave Ann a peck on the cheek and she left.

Ann gave me a cheeky smile and just said See you again

I went back to Julie and she was sat in the chair stroking her self

I think you need to fuck me again she said and I knelt in front of her and performed oral sex on her pussy again.

MMm you are a nice little slut aren’t you she said

I am glad to be of service to you I said

Oh you do service me very well

That night Julie told me to undress and go into the bathroom and lay in the bath

She came in a few minutes later and put the plug in the bath

Piss yourself she said and I obliged and pissed all over myself

The Julie stood over me in the bath and pissed on me

It was wonderful feeling her hot urine on me and then she took a flannel and started to wash my body with our joint pee

Get out of the bath she said and I was told to stand her in the bathroom

It was cold with the pee drying on me

Julie directed me to the bedroom and bent over and said Well you dirty little slut you can fuck my arse now but first you have to give me a good licking

I was so so ready for sec with her but as she bent over I used my tongue on her smelly arse and licked her and inserted my tongue into her arsehole

Julie took a bath and washed her pussy and her arse and her body as we had agreed that she would bathe once a week

I took some lube and wiped it over her parse any my cock and then inserted it into her arse and gently fucked her arse

I came in her and she said it felt good to be fucked by her slut

We got into bed, me stinking of our joint pee and went to sleep

During the night I said to Julie that I wanted to fuck her pussy and she said for me to lay down she wanted to sit on my cock

I laid down and she mounted me and made me cum inside her

In the morning she sucked my cock and then said I have got your jism in my arse, my pussy and now in my belly
I am filled with your spunk

The following Thursday Mike & Pam called by and Julie was naked and I was dressed as her slut

Mike was surprised as he opened the door and said he was glad to see that Julie had got me as her slutty husband

Pam gave me a kiss and then went into the lounge to be surprised to see Julie naked and playing with herself

I explained to Mike & Pam the situation on Thursday and the sort of things we got up to and how Julie was able to have as many orgasms as she wanted as i was just her slutty husband for that day

Pam was really interested in seeing Julie and went over and gave her a kiss and stroked her tits me and then reached down to touch her pussy.

Mike stood there and I could see his erection rising

Julie said Steve I need an orgasm and I duly knelt in front of her and sucked her pussy giving her a nice orgasm

When I had finished Julie said to Pam how about you darling - do you need an orgasm

Pam said Yes and then julie told her to undress and sit o the settee and told me to go and give her an orgasm

Mike was quite silent at this point and watched me suck his wife off to a nice orgasm

Fucking hell Pam he said you really came that time didnt you

Yes she said and now I want fucking

I will fuck you said Mike and started to take off his trousers but Pam said No I want Steve to fuck me

But he's married now Mike said

It's ok Julie said as long as I am there he can fuck her all she wants

Lets go to the bedroom

We all went upstairs and Pam took all her clothes off

Julie told her to lay on the bed and with it being a four poster Julie took one of Pam's legs and tied it with a rope to one of the uprights
Then she took the other and tied that to the other upright

Pam was now on her back and her legs wide apart and naked

I was told to strip off and Julie undid my cock which was now aching from being tied between my legs

You know what you have to do don't you Julie said to me and I nodded

I went up to Pam and kissed her pussy again and brought her to another orgasm and then started to insert my cock into her pussy

Julie climbed onto the bed and went and sat over Pam's face and lowered her pussy onto Pam's lips

Not to be outdone Mike took his clothes off and stood on the bed in front of Julie and Julie too k his cock and put in in her mouth

I started to fuck Pam and Mike was clearly fucking Julies mouth and Pam was sucking on Julies pussy

Wonderful feeling to be fucking Pam and eventually I shot my load inside her pussy and a few minutes later Mike unloaded into Julies mouth

Julie said she had had a wonderful orgasm from Pam and we all got off the bed

Pam was still tied there and Julie could see my jism oozing out of Pam

Well I suppose I had better have my husbands jism in me Julie said and started to lick Pam's pussy
With ehr bent over like that I was all controlled not to stick my cock up her hole and fuck her but I knew that it wasn't my place to do that

We all went downstairs and I made a cup of tea and we sat around and chatted about the incident

About 4 o clock there was a knock on the door

I was naked but Julie told me to go answer the door

Ann was there

I though I would come round and see what was happening this Thursday she said OMG you have got a big cock today

I gave her a kiss and she took hold of my cock

I think you know where that needs to go dont you she said?

I led Ann through to the lounge and she was surprised to see Pam Mike and Julie all naked

OMG you have been at it already she said

Just waiting for you Mike said

I do so need an orgasm Ann said and Pam got up and said well I will give you one

Ann took her clothes off and we took Ann up to the bedroom and tied her to the bed like we had done Pam

Pam looked at Ann laid there and said i think we all ought to give Ann an orgasms dont you

And immediately buried her head in Ann's pussy

The sucking was intense and Julie went and sat on Ann's face and once Ann had cum we allowed her a few moments then Mike went down on her and started to give her the second orgasm
Pam went and sat on Ann's face and of course Pam was still wet from the Jism I had put into her

Then when Ann had had the second orgasm we allowed her a few minutes to rest and she said she felt fine and was ready to go but we said Oh no darling you are her for the duration

I knelt in front of Ann and started to suck her pussy

Julie went and sat on Ann's face and I sucked Ann to her third orgasm

Ann was now beside herself and said enough enough

No darling you are her for the duration and Mike wants to suck you and then we will see what we do with you after that

Mike knelt in front of Ann and took her to the fourth orgasm

the bed was wet at the end with the amount of fluid Ann was producing

Once Ann had had the fourth orgasm we all stood around looking at her

So what now Julie said

I think we ought to fuck her Mike said and immediately slipped his cock into her gaping pussy

No N said Ann No please no

No said Steve You are going to get fucked now

Ann laid there and received Steves cock into her pussy

Eventually Steve shot a load in there and just said Thank you Ann you were wonderful

I looked at Ann and said well darling you said when you came in that you knew where my cock needed to go didnt you so a fucking from me is what you are going to get and I am going to fuck you.

Ann took my cock in her pussy and I cam inside of her.

We eventually released Ann and she got up looking wonderful and then we could see the jism running down her legs.

She said have you got a tissue but we said No you will just have to let it run!!

We all went downstairs and sat in the lounge and eventually Mike and Pam and Ann left

I went over to Julie and kissed her and said had she enjoyed the day

She said she had and suggested that i go and lay in the bath

She followed me and I got into the bath and she put the plug in

Now piss yourself she said and I laid there and pissed and it went allover my body

She got on the bath side and stood over me and then pissed on me

You have been a dirty little slut today she said sucking and fucking those women
You have had you r fair share of orgasms I said

Dont fucking back chat me she said and directed her piss at my face

She stopped peeing and then took a flannel and started to wash my body in the joint pee

I was covered in the stinking liquid

Now get out of the bath she said and she released the plug and the urine ran out and she turned the tap on and started to fill the bath

Stand there she said

I was obedient

Eventually the bath filled and she got in ans started to wash her dirty stinking fanny

She washed her arse and then her whole body

Eventually she got out and dried herself

I was shivering as I was still damp

Bedroom she said

We went into the bedroom

Now my pussy is clean so suck it and my arse is clean so lick it

She bent over and I slipped my tongue into her anal crack and started to lick her arse

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