Written by LOVING WILD

4 Feb 2008

I met my girlfriend Sam who was 19 years old she has dark red hair and a stunning look-er with a figure to match. We fell madly in love and six months later I married the most faithful woman I have ever the privilege to meet.

Many people could not believe that this beautiful woman had married me because to put it bluntly I am an ugly sod. After a couple of years we brought some sex toys (like vibrators ect all of different sizes and shapes) which she eventually accepted to use as part of our love making.

We lived in a terrace cottage and we got on very well with the couple next door,, Mike and Sheila. I once saw him stood at the bathroom window by the curtain wanking as Sam hung out the washing. Sam always wore short mini so every time she bent down she was showing hare arse and tiny thong. I did not let on to Sam what was taking place as she would have rushed back in doors with her being the shy type.

While we were fucking that night in bed I would found myself fantasizing on how it would be to see him make love to my faithful wife. And also to see her after she fucked her and how I wanted to see her fuck him while I just watched.

We did watch porno films which got us both worked up// and my fantasy was to see her fucked by another man although I never mentioned this to Sam. I would get the biggest hard when watching scenes of women being fucked by more that one man. This would preferably be those of which the men would cum inside the woman and would imagine it was my Sam. This tough was only while we were fucking but after I was happy to have my faithful wife by my side.

We planned a holiday in Blackpool and Sam was talking to Sheila when she said how nice that would be and was there any chance she and Mike could tag along. Well Sam asked me what I thought so I agreed as it is nice to have company. We spent the days in the hotel’s pool, had a nice dinner and a few drinks in the bars at night.

One night when we were sat drinking and the girls had gone to the toilet Mike leaned over towards me and said I am going to have you wife.

I was totally shocked and muttered something like never in a million years she is mine and mine alone. To this he replied,, That’s where you are wrong ,, she is mine for the taking and there is fuck all that you can do to stop me. Just then the girls came back and nothing more was said. The holiday finished and mike never made any more reference to what he had said. Then I told Sam what mike had said to me and she reassured me that she would be faithful to me always and not to worry.

After we arrived home that night I was to giving Sam a massage,, I turned her on to her back and she was totally relaxed. I was rubbing oil in to her lower back and went all the way down each leg. Then staring at her feet I travelled back up to her thighs with out touching her buttocks. By this time she has slowly opened her legs, and my fingers brushed her vagina. She kind of flinched and made a very quiet t moaning sound,, letting me know she wanted to be fucked.

I let first one then two fingers into to Sam cunt,, she really likes this and loves them rammed into her. Sam was now panting heavily then out of the blue Sam asked was it true what mike had said to me or was a making it up. Why I asked her,, Ho I was just wondering,, why is it that then?.

Is it that you want to fuck him no,, no honestly I don’t I will always be faithful you so there is no need to worry,, just fuck me ,,fuck me now

I was shocked that she asked me and I wondered why so I decided to lie and I told was making it up.

I slipped my cock into here waiting cunt ,, god she was wet I had never know be so wet it was obvious that it had really tuned her on talking about Mike.

IT was some weeks after when I was at work putting in a new window that when I came to fit the window found it was way to small. So I boarded the window up until a replacement could be found. It was 2. 30 in the afternoon so I decided to call it a day,,, so I went home parked the van at the rear of the house in our allotted parking space.

I noticed that Mikes van was also parked up and as I opened the back door which is on the kitchen ,, I could here voices in the living room. I recognised the voices straight away of those of my darling wife and of Mikes. I listening transfixed to the spot as Sam said no Mike don’t kiss me any more I cant do this to him ,, I love him dearly. I know but I have always watched you hanging out your washing and I have wanked about all the time.

I have even taken your dirty knickers’ out of your washing basket in you bedroom when I have pretending to use your toilet. I have sucked the gusset clean dreaming of this day,, now its here tell me you don’t want this cock. I wanted to burst in and give him a good leathering but own stiff cock in my jeans was telling me something else. I pushed the door open a little ,, I could see that he had his hand up her small skirt as she slowly opened her legs.

She kind of flinched and made a moaning sound,, I new this sound as she always did this with me. I had a sick feeling in my stomach but my mind was racing as she was now letting him know that she wanted to be fucked. He laid her down on the floor took off her shoes and put her toes in his mouth and began to lick them. She moaned a little loader and did nothing to stop him. She had her eyes completely closed and he began to kiss her legs travelling up to thong. She responded to his kiss saying that this was the moment she had been waiting for so long.

He slowly parted her legs, even further and she didn’t put any resistance as he pulled her thong off in one,, go then and began to slowly lick her hairy pussy. She immediately put her hand around is very erect cock and began to wank him. I now had my own cock out and I was wanking and almost came on the spot. Sam wanking Mike off as his cock began to jerk and he shot all over Sam’s hand.

I was almost coming myself but I wanted to save my orgasm for later as this was only the beginning. I loved her even more at this moment, as secretly this was what I also wanted for her.

He began to kiss her mouth as she opened her legs even further and she still had his cock in her hand which was fully hard. Slowly she guided his cock against her cunt as he to penetrate her. She let out a moan of pleasure and screamed: ”Oh, God it feels sooo good Mike,, it feels soooo god I want it all. As he kissed her and caressed her, he fucked her slowly, fully penetrating her pussy. He was withdrawing his cock almost coming out only to push it back again, each time a little bit faster and deeper. Sam hoooo Sam you are a gorgeous creature I have soooo longed to fuck you. What would hubby say now if he could see you now laying here underneath me taking my cock to the hilt.

You need a cock like mine, not like that thing of his , I’ve seen him pissing its so tiny,, and I told him in Blackpool I was going to take you,, and there was nothing he could to stop me. She began to move her hips to match his trusts,, I know// he told me what you said and it made my pussy so wet. She came with an earth shattering orgasm as he let go his stream of semen inside as he rammed her pussy. She was screaming for Mike to fuck her harder/// and I want your baby up me,,, Mike,, Mike fuck one up me now.

They fucked another three times ,, she kept kissing him and caressing him while he she was in her sexual bliss.

Wen he had left and we where finally alone and my wife who was slowly returning to her senses I told her I had seen her cheat on me. I never meant cheat on but you should have told me what Mike said in only made me want him. I took hold of her positioned myself between her legs for I wanted to see and smell her recently fucked pussy. Oh, it was a sight to behold seeing all that spunk inside her. When I spread her pussy lips, her insides where really full of his white, creamy come it almost made cum on the spot. I tentatively began to lick her outer lips and slowly came to her clitoris which I began to suck

. She was rotating her hips faster every time and then she pulled my head tight against her pussy screaming for me to drink Mikes spunk. It tasted so good as she begged me to eat it all, and I greedily swallowed every drop. Please darling , I want to feel you inside me, I want to come with me you. I put my cock in her warm,, extremely wet pussy I felt the greatest sexual pleasure I have ever felt. Here I was, with my recently fucked wife, whose pussy was full of other man’s spunk.

my cock was lubricated by this Mikes semen and knowing that she loved being fucked by him only made me even harder. I was fucking her harder and harder as came like a volcano shouting hoooo Mike ,,Mike fuck me,, I came with a force as I shot my spunk in with his.

We kept fucking on and of until the easily hours of the morning,, after we slumped to together, hugging each other very tight. She was in remorse after remembering that she told me she would never cheat on me.

I told her it was ok and how I loved her gooey, warm, loose pussy and full of Mikes creamy spunk. I said he can come fuck you again if you want him to. This was for both our pleasure. She did let him fuck on another six occasions until she found out that she was pregnant. But if I am honest I am glad as she is now my lover again and I will never forget fucking and eating her pussy after him.