Written by Josh

26 May 2010

I am a 57 year old divorced gardener, and I have about 60 regular customers, some just 1 hour a week, some 1 hour a fortnight and others 2 hours it varies. One of my customers is 74 years old lady Mrs W and has been a widow for 4 years, I do all her gardening, I do her lawns every week in summer and once a month I do the lot cut the hedge, lawns and weed the borders, it takes me all morning.

This time last year, I went Mrs Ws to do my first monthly of the season, I cut the hedge as normal then I went in for coffee, and we chattered away as normal when she said if I was 20 years younger I would have invited that young window cleaner in by he was well fit, I just smiled, she said I'm not joking. I was a bit of a one in my younger days, and I wasn't faithful to George either, but that's in the past, I have not had sex for 6 years, not since George took ill and then died.

I drunk my coffee and went out to cut the lawns, then I started to weed and dig the boarders, Mrs W came out and said there were some plants in the greenhouse, can you plant them in for me please. After I had finished I went up to the house to be paid and have another drink with her this time a cup of tea. Mrs W started telling me a story about this man she'd met and she went into great detail, by the time I had drunk my tea, I had got a stiffy on as I got from the table, Mrs W noticed my bulge and came towards me, had a feel before starting to undo my trousers. I was shocked but also enjoying the attention. Her age didn't bother me, the reason my wife left me is because she found out I had been shagging one of my other customers.

I stept out of my trousers and she led me to her bedroom locking the back door on our way past. She played with my cock for while and placed my hand up her skirt onto knickers, a few minutes later she said I my be a little dry, but you will soon sort that out wont you. I pulled her knickers down and there it was a brown turning grey bushy pussy, I entered her and to my surprise it was not to dry, and Mrs W had a couple little orgasms before I was about to cum, I told I was about cum and began to draw out, she said leave it in and fill me up it's been so long, I thought I would never have another cock up never mind hot sticky spunk up me.

We kissed and cleaned ourselves up and I said thank you, Mrs W said it's me who should be thanking you. I still do 4 hours work each month in Mrs Ws garden I get paid and then I fuck her, and I have fucked her every month since. I've even managed to get her to shave her pussy, a first for this randy old women.