Written by Genie's hubby

13 Aug 2018

At University the dorm room opposite me had three attractive young women in. Each had their own charms but one of them,Tracy, had really big tits which were a massive turn on. She and I were both in relationships when we arrived at Uni but mine was going nowhere and before long we were fucking each other instead.

The first time we did was after a night out in one of the student clubs. We were both drunk and ended up kissing which quickly led onto me fucking her hard in one of the showers in the halls of residence. She was still seeing her boyfriend at the time so the second time I got to fuck her was straight after she came back from her boyfriends place. She was on the pill so my cock slipped into her wet spunky pussy before I added my own load inside her.

Before long she ditched the other guy and we started dating although she was an insatiable flirt which was made even easier by her best assets. She was 5’ tall, size ten with 34d tits with huge aureola that when she was cold or aroused would tighten and her big nipple would harden sticking a good inch out from her tits. She knew she had great tits and wore Wonderbra’s to give her full hanging tits extra lift and cleavage, and tight white cropped tops to amazing effect. She had no problem with guys staring at her chest or letting them have the occasional squeeze!

Shortly after we got together she gave me a photo as a gift. In the photo she was on stage lifting her t-shirt flashing her tits and skimpy knickers with her bush showing (this was 25 years ago when most women didn’t shave). The story behind the photo was that she had been in a club in Southampton that had a wet t-shirt contest and Tracy and one of her friends had been coerced into competing. Her friend, with small pert breasts, had been too embarrassed to lift her shirt but Tracy had whipped hers up and won the competition. Back out on the dance floor in her wet t-shirt and knickers she was getting lots of attention and her friend, jealous, took her t-shirt off and spent the rest of the evening topless. The end result of this was that the two them ended up getting fucked up against the bins in the alley behind the club.

As we were both in shared rooms at Uni we had to take every opportunity to have sex when our room mates were out. One Sunday morning her room mate headed off to breakfast so we got down to action. I had Tracy on all fours with two fingers in her cunt and my thumb up her arse gripping her like a bowling ball with my cock standing to attention when her room mate came back in having forgotten her purse. ‘Don’t mind me’ she said, so I continued frigging Tracy to orgasm as her room mate grabbed her purse and headed out again.

As hard as we tried we were always getting caught having sex which gave us our exhibitionist streak I think. We would literally have sex anywhere, in the toilets, in the street, in pub car parks, on the deck of a ferry, in the woods, in the sea with people all around us.

In between our second and third year at Uni we went on holiday with Tracy’s family. They hired a private villa in Portugal which had it’s own private pool. Seeing her mum in her bikini it was clear where she got her tits from but her 18 year old sister took the prize, she was slightly and slimmer than Tracy and her tits were massive, 34F. She wore a white bikini which went slightly see through when wet. As a young 20 year old male I was in tit heaven with massive cleavage all around me.

After a couple of days at the villa her family went out for a day trip leaving us behind. As soon as they were gone her bikini top came off so she could sun her tits much to my pleasure. Mid morning and the maintenance guy arrived to check the pool area and remove any leaves from the pool stealing glances at Tracy’s big tits and nipples. She knew he was looking and her nipples hardened as she became aroused under his gaze. As soon as he was gone we were inside fucking like rabbits, clearly excited by this older guy staring at her body.

The next day her family left us again and off came her top again. I told her to take her bikini bottoms off as well and after a little persuasion she slipped them off. She had her head phones in listening to music when I heard the car of the maintenance guy pull up so I decided to play a little game and headed inside leaving her naked by the pool whilst I found a spot to watch without being seen. When he appeared round the side of the villa his eyes were on stalks with Tracy laying naked in the sun. When she first saw him she closed her legs clearly a little surprised but quickly recovered her cool and let her legs drift slightly apart again. As he neared her side of the pool I saw her remove her headphones as he was trying to talk to her, not that they could understand each other much. A minute or so of broken conversation and Tracey got up and walked to the end of the pool, her big tits swinging as she walked. She had a quick dip in the pool before getting out and heading back to the lounger but rather than lay back down she picked up her sun screen and squirted some into her hands and began to apply it to her legs, her big tits hanging as she leant forward to apply to her lower legs. She then applied some to her tummy before oiling up her tits. Our maintenance man was clearly enjoying the view and was taking much longer than normal to do his chores finding extra things to check around the pool.

Tracy then did something I hadn’t expected, she gestured to the maintenance guy to apply some to her back and unsurprisingly her was over like a shot. She handed him the lotion before turning and bending over in front of him to smooth the towel on her lounger. Then she laid out in front of him ready for the lotion. He poured sum on her back first, slowly rubbing the lotion onto her back, then he worked his way down to her bum, passing quickly over her butt cheeks on the way down to her feet and then slowly working his way up her legs. By now I had my cock in my hand wanking whilst watching with jealously and lust as this 40+ year old stranger massaged sun lotion into my 20 year old girlfriends body.

As he worked his way up the inside of her legs they parted further allowing him to move his hands higher towards her pussy, but as his fingers grazed her lips she leapt slightly and decided to end the tease. She rolled onto her back, nipples like bullets, took the lotion from his hands, thanked him and dashed inside where I gave her the hard fucking she deserved, her body shaking and screaming out loud as she orgasmed. Unfortunately we didn’t have the villa to ourselves again so we didn’t get to give him a repeat tease.

The next summer holiday between 2nd and 3rd year I worked as a labourer on a building site. As a student the pay wasn’t bad and I basically saw it as being paid to work out all day. At first some of the other guys didn’t like the fact that I was a student but after a while we were getting along ok. After about a month of this Tracy and I were planning to go out to a dance club and the guys from the site were planning on going out to a bar nearby so we arranged to meet up ahead of time.

Tracy wore knee high boots with 4inch heels, and stretchy mini-dress that had a strappy wrap around top which left her midriff exposed and pushed her tits up and out creating an incredibly inviting cleavage. It was impossible to where underwear without showing a vpl so she went commando. She platted her hair into pigtails and wore thick make up completing the effect. I struggled not to fuck her there and then but knew we needed to head out.

When we arrived in the bar all eyes were on her including the 3 guys from the site. They were falling over themselves offering Tracy a drink and made a few smutty comments to me about her looking like a slut, bet she was a great fuck and how I was punching above my weight. I was used to their crude talk but didn’t expect it about my girlfriend.

After a few drinks we told the guys we were heading off much to their disappointment and after a bit of nagging for us to stay Tracy told them to come to the club with us. One of the guys didn’t want to spend the money on the entrance fee so headed home leaving the other two heading to the club with us. That wasn’t part of the plan and I was a little put out but Tracy was loving the attention and opportunity to flirt. There was a chill in the air and Tracy’s nipples quickly became visible beneath the thin material of her top. The two guys wasted no time in noticing and asking if she was cold and saying it was a bit nipply out! She told them to behave but there was no chance of that.

When we got to the front of the queue I realised that I had forgotten my ID and looking younger than the required age I got turned away, but the bouncer was ready to let Tracy and the other two guys in. ‘Come on Trace, let’s go home, sorry about my ID’ I said. ‘Babe, do I have to, I’m sure your friends can look after me in there?’ I was not expecting that at all and said ‘If you really have to’ expecting her to know that I wasn’t happy about this. But she said ‘Thanks Babe, love you’ gave me a big kiss on the lips and disappeared inside with the two guys from my building site.

Needless to say I was pissed off so headed home and started on a bottle of Jack Daniels. I must have passed out on the sofa and got woken by the sound of the front door closing. As my eyes adjusted to the light, it was light out, I could see a disheveled Tracy standing by the front door. Her make up was smudged, her hair was messed up and her strappy top was badly done up and her tits were almost hanging out of it.

‘Trace, what the fuck, where have you been’. She started to cry, saying sorry, that she didn’t mean to and she just got carried away. I asked her what she meant, what she didn’t mean to. She said that the guys bought her a couple more drinks in the club and then went on to the dance floor. It was hot in there and everyone was pressed close together with the guys hands all over her. The combination of the drink, heat and being touched by these guys turned her on so much she couldn’t help herself and took turns in snogging them as they squeezed her tits and bum.

With everyone so close together and gyrating to the music combined with the smoke machine in the club no-one could really see what was happening so as she was snogging one of the guys his fingers found their way into her cunt as the other guy stuck his finger up her arse. She said this was all too much so she took them off to the disabled toilet where she got their cocks out and started to suck them off. By this stage her dress was hitched up around her waist and her top had been pulled undone so her tits were mauled and squeezed by these rough builders hands.

As she sucked one cock the other guy positioned himself behind her and slid his hard cock up her cunt, pounding her from behind and pushing her mouth onto his mates cock with each thrust. She said she knew that she shouldn’t be doing it but she was lost in the moment being ravaged by these strong rough guys. After a couple of minutes the first guy shot his load in her cunt and the second guy quickly took his place as she was instructed to clean the first guys cock. The second guy lasted a bit longer but within a few minutes he also added his cum inside her.

As she was telling me what happened I had completely mixed emotions, I was angry and disgusted with her but she looked so sexy and I was also turned on at by her slutty story. I asked her what happened next. She said once they had both cum they each gave her a love bite to mark her so I would know and then left her in the disabled toilet to tidy herself up. When she came out she couldn’t find them and had almost run out of money so had to take the night bus home which is why she was so late. She kept saying sorry to me and that she loved me.

I was angry but still loved her so told her to stop saying sorry and make it up to me instead. She said anything, tell me what you want. I beckoned her to me and lifted her dress up around her waste. I was still sat on the sofa and her pussy was level with my face, her pubes were matted together and I could smell the cum on her body. When she was close I noticed that some of the cum had run out of her cunt onto her dress and had dried on her leg. I thought about her waiting at the bus stop looking like that and that thought made me want her more. I pulled her top open, stood up and bent her over the arm of the sofa, grabbing her hanging tit and spreading her legs in front of me.

‘Is this how they had you?’ I said ‘Is this how they fucked you?’

‘Yes, yes’ she said

‘Well, now I’m going to fuck you the same way’

‘Yes, please babe, fuck me hard, fuck me now’

‘I’m going to give you the fuck of your life, you dirty little slut, what are you?’

‘I’m a dirty little slut’

I ran my finger along her pussy, parting her lips and sliding one finger into the sticky mess inside her. I slid another finger inside, then another, stretching her hole before removing my fingers and pushing the head of my hard cock into her cunt. ‘Oh yeah babe, fuck my dirty little cunt’

‘You like that you dirty fucking slut’ I said as I pushed my finger into her arse. ‘Yeah, give it to me’

‘I tell you what I’m going to give you, I’m going to give you my cock in your arse’

‘but we’ve never done that before, I don’t know’

‘If you want to make it up to me you will let me fuck your arse, you don’t deserve my cock in your cunt’

‘Ok, you can do whatever you want to me, I deserve it, fuck my arse babe, fuck it hard’

With that I pulled my cock out of her wet cunt and pressed the head against her puckered virgin ring, I pushed, initially meeting resistance until, as I continued to push, the head of my cock slipped inside. As her tight ring stretched to accommodate my throbbing cock she gasped out loud. I held there for a second giving her a moment to adjust to this new sensation before pushing firmly all the way in. A second gasp from her and I withdrew almost all the way out of her, holding for a second before pushing all the way back in. I continued slowly for a minute or so before picking up pace and slamming my cock into her arse back and forth. ‘Oh yeah, fuck my arse, fuck my arse’ yelled Tracy.

With one hand I grabbed her pig tails and pulled her head backwards making her back arch, with the other hand I spanked her arse, her heavy hanging tits swinging wildly with each thrust into her arse. This was all getting too much for me and I knew I was close to coming. Tracy was out of control groaning and screaming in ecstasy as I pounded her for all I was worth until, with one last deep thrust, I emptied everything I had inside her. She slumped forward over the arm of the sofa, her body coated in sweat and trembling.

‘Don’t just lay there’ I said ‘get your little slut mouth over here and clean my cock’. She eagerly obeyed knowing she had no say if she wanted my forgiveness. ‘Right, that’s part one of your punishment complete but you know there’s more to come. You will do as told if you want my forgiveness’.

‘Yes babe, whatever you say’ she said ‘and I promise to be faithful in the future, I’m so sorry’. That was a promise she didn’t keep, the dirty little slut just couldn’t help herself.