7 Apr 2019

After our sexy hotel meet we enjoyed further fun at her place. The weather was warming up nicely and our routine social meet ups with other friends made things awkward as we were very conscious of keeping things very much discrete. We had also chatted about our continued meetings as she had a 'significant other' and my own circumstances are in my profile.

The evening was very hot at the pub meet and she dressed nicely with a loose skirt and see through blouse exposing the cleavage of her breasts nicely. A number of the guys were noting how good she looked but I had to try and appear less than biased! I have to explain that at 74 it would be easy to suggest she should be taking it easy and wearing her slippers and something less fruity. She had lead a very bohemian life in her early years and had enjoyed a very exotic lifestyle travelling and living abroad for many years. This had given her a wonderful free spirit and sense of freedom.

I gave her a wink and wandered over and said 'you're getting lots of looks and comments' 'Oh good' she smiled. It clearly had an effect as she started leaning over and flirting showing her ample boobs off. Saying goodbye for the evening we agreed to meet for lunch the following week. It was a long hot period of weather so we agreed to meet at a nice pub in the Country a convenient distance for both of us but knowing it would be unlikely to bump in to anyone we knew.

We met at a nice pub and had some nice lunch and a drink outside. A guy of about 70 was sitting nearby and we both smiled and he smiled back and said hello. Conversation turned to more sexy and erotic comments between she and I and it was clear he could hear what we were talking about. We decided a walk across the road to the park might be nice and we could have some fun there. Of course that was said loud enough to enact a look and a smile back. We got up and started to walk only to look back and see him follow. 'I only want him to watch us' she said so the ground rule was set so any advances I'd wag a finger.

We found a nice spot and started to kiss. I looked over her shoulder and said he's just behind some bushes. She looked around and took her blouse off and hooked the straps of her bra from her shoulders. She then knelt down and undid my belt and pulled my jeans down my hard cock springing out as she did. We turned sideways as she started to wank my cock and suck the tip. She stopped and asked what he was doing. I looked and said he's got his cock out. She glanced and said 'Mmmm nice' this encouraged her more as she wanked me harder whilst watching him wank too. 'I'm not going to last too long' I said. She stopped and unhooked her bra letting her huge breasts slide out. We both heard him say 'Oh wow' and he crept a bit closer. He was now openly wanking his cock which wasn't that big, but he had huge balls swinging away with every stroke. and clearly getting close. She watched him as she squeezed my cock and balls just as I spurted my cum all over her tits. This was too much for our voyeur who came too. A bit awkwardly he tried to cover himself up but she was rubbing her pussy furiously too and shuddered to a muffled climax. With three of us spent he shuffled his trousers up and walked away. She cleaned herself up and we tidied up and walked back to the pub.

We went back into the bar to get a well earned drink and went out to the patio. Our friend had returned there too!! After we enjoyed our drink we got up to leave but she stopped and said 'hold on'. She walked over to our watcher and said a few words and he smiled. She walked back and we walked to the car.'What you say'? 'Thanks' she said. 'He tried to give me his number, cheeky sod'. Ha

Sadly this was to he our final fun meet. A few texts and some chat concluded it was great exciting fun but better put the brakes on. Now its the odd message and some nice chat. Still can't take away memories' great fun......