Written by wilts Mike

28 Jul 2009

It’s been 6 months now since I broke up with my wife I was a young 21 years old and I was living with my sister, she was friendly with a women over the road called Madge who was 61 yrs old and a very small size 8 a very regular church goer. Despite age and the fact she was very religious you could have a good laugh with her and it was hard to embarrass her even when we were talking about sex.

She had never been married and she and her sister were living at home looking after their Dad.

We had talked before and she used to tease me about being young free and single and all the nurses parties I could be going to and all the young ladies I could be having sex with and used to say if only she was 30 years younger, and I said well plenty a new tune played on an old fiddle.

I’m sure she saw my sister go out but within a few minutes she was on the phone with the excuse she needed to talk to her I explained she had gone out to a friends and wouldn’t be back for a few hours, she enquired what I was up to and I said I had just woken as I’d finished a night shift that morning and was about to have a shower.

Straight away she said should I come and wash your back for you and I said only my back followed by you wouldn’t dare and said if she had the bottle I would leave the back door unlocked.

I played lots of attention to my cock whilst in the shower playing with it so it stayed hard just in case she did pop in but after spending twice as long in the shower as usual I decided she must have bottled out and got out I had a shave and went to get some clothes out ready to put on and then heard a noise and a voice calling out downstairs it was Madge I stood at the top of the stairs with just a towel around my waist and she was at the bottom and she apologised saying she had to do something for her dad so that why she was late and she said she was disappointed she couldn’t wash me.

Well I’m not getting back in I said but said you can come up if you wanted and she climbed the stairs behind me. I was getting excited straight away and could feel my cock trying to pull the towel up she walked in the bedroom and I turned around and her eye’s immediately lower to my semi erection pushing the towel out looks like you were looking forward to me washing your back as well she said yes I replied and not just my back I said she walked forward and put one finger on the end of my cock rubbing it through my towel This she said, and without replying I unhitched the towel and let it slip to the floor and stood there naked with my cock now at it’s full 8” sticking out and up and her hand immediately her hand wrapped around it and she took a big breath as she slowly pulled my foreskin back and forward she looked me in the eye and said believe it or not its been 10 years since she had had a cock in her hand.

I sat on the bed and said well here is your opportunity do what you want and she immediately lowered her head and started to suck me as she did I slipped my hands around the front of her a slipped them inside her jumper to discover some 34d tits with very small nipples but as I played with them she gave out a loud cry of oh yes.

She stopped sucking and just started to moan loudly as I’m sure she started to cum with me just squeezing her nipples I stopped long enough to remove her jumper and bra and led her on the bed leaning over along side her I took her nipple in my mouth and as I sucked away I slid my hand up her skirt to find she was wearing stockings and cotton knickers which were soaking wet by this time.

I played around outside her knickers and pulled them down and started to explore her very hairy cunt which was soaking wet which helped the passage of a few fingers thrusting in and out.

I swear every time I touch her in a different way she would practically cum.

She had got hold of my cock again and was wanking me slowly but every now and then it was obvious she was finding it hard to concentrate on everything that was going on.

I swivelled her around so her legs were hanging over the edge of the bed and manoeuvred myself between her legs at which point she got a bit worried that I was to big for her and that she wouldn’t be able to take it, but without saying a word I took hold of my cock and ran it up and down her slit playing around her clitoris and then slowly eased my helmet in her tight pussy.

Despite how wet she was she was really tight I think the tightest cunt I have ever fucked and it took several minutes and attempts before it was half way in but she felt so tight and good that I starting to cum shooting my load half in and half out of her and she was screaming with pleasure.

I eased it out of her and her hands immediately went to her cunt and she rubbed the spunk in and rubbed some into her tits with a big smile on her face she said I hope your not finished I need some more of you before I go home. I said not to worry we could do it again and she said she was concerned that I would come to my senses once she had gone and realised I’d just fucked someone 40 years my senior.

I tried to tell her that she was a tighter fuck than the 3 girls I had fucked and that I wanted to go again, she said she needed some more now and I could do what I wanted with her and I could use her as my slave and reached down and rubbed some of my spunk from her pussy and massaged it downwards until I was rubbing it into her asshole and push a finger up her ass this and her still playing with my cock I was starting to go stiff again and I told her I was going to fuck her ass, she explained she had never been fucked up her ass but have had fingers up there.

I turned her over onto her stomach and slowly pushed my cock into her ass she wasn’t sure if she liked it but she didn’t stop me and after some slow pushing and a lot of spit I got more of my cock in her ass than I did in her cunt and we were both cumming again as she was fingering her cunt.

I led down on top of her and cuddled and kissed her neck as I told her she was one of the best fucks I’d ever had and I would certainly have her again and she said she wanted me to fuck her every day.

We laid there for 30 minutes or so and she came again as I played with her then she got to wash me as we had a shower together and I tried to fuck her again in the shower but with the water etc she was far to tight but did bring me off with her mouth choosing to swallow and not spit.

We have fucked loads of times since and I have used her like a slave I have took her dogging and made video’s and posted pictures of her on the internet I have introduced her to the pleasure of a mmf 3some and have fucked her and her sister at the same time but those are stories for the future.