Written by ukbimale50

24 Nov 2012

this is a true story that happened rcently.my partner and i have been talking about her having extra cock while i watch which we get excited about.

we both agreed she would take extra cock only if she was pissed.so one night i had decided to get totally drunk which she agreed to cus when she sobers up she doesnt remember what she done.the night came upon us and got a few lads round we both know and she likes,anyway we started drinking double vodka's and soon she was very drunk and we started to talk about how tight her pussy is,she was only dreesed in her dressing gown and she was getting a little flirty with anyone who looked at her.

so as the night wore on she was ready to go to bed to sleep but i had other ideas,so she went up to bed and about half an hour later i went up to check on her and sure enough she had passed out . so i went downstairs and told the other guys she was out for the count,so we went upstairs and looked at her naked body spread eagled on the bed, i told the guys to have their way with her and do what they want as long as i watch to which they all agreed. we all got naked and i opened her legs wider so her pussy was on show for them all to look at,one by one they all had a feel and then started to finger her god she got wet as she always does when shes drunk.

she was also strting respond to the attention by this time one guy was licking her pussy and another was playing and sucking on her little pert tits.we all had raging hard ons by now so one gy pulled her over the edge of the bed so she was face down and legs wide apart and he slid right up her and started to fuck her hard while another guy put his cock in her mouth.they both came at the same time then they were relaced by two other guys while i was wanking like mad.when they had finished they dressed and left.

she was so full of spunk and so wet it was a horny sight to see her used like this i took pics which she doesnt know about.so i had a go on her and sht my load deep inside her i told her what happened the next day and she said she would do it sober next time