Written by D Woolley

21 Apr 2018

One lazy Sunday, that always seemed the time for play with Jane, we were laid on the bed when Jane looked over at the dressing table and said. “You know what? That tin is shaped just like an oversized cock.” It was a brand that was around at the time, a blue tin about nine to ten inches long and about three inches thick, with a round blue top that was moulded in near the bottom of it, so as to look like a bell end. It had to have been deliberate. “Why would you like to fuck it?” I asked her. “I’ll give it a go then.” She replied.

So I jumped up from the bed and fetched it over, Jane was already wet from the fuck we had just had. I wiped the tin over with a wet wipe just to make sure it was clean and then placed it at her entrance and started to push.

The rounded top popped through her lips with ease, but as I began to feed in the rest, Jane stopped me and told me that the edge of the top was sharp and so I carefully removed it. When I had a feel at it I could see what she meant. We determined to find a solution to the problem. I tried filling it with an emery board, without success and so we gave up at that point and decided to have a think.

As a child Jane had dabbled with plaster of paris models and candle making, and so after a couple of hours casting and pouring, we had a wax replica of the tin, with no sharp edges and a three inch piece of copper pipe covered in tape sticking out of the bottom as a handle. Ten inches long and three inches in diameter, it was a monster.

As we sat and had a drink Jane’s eyes kept going back to the wax dildo, she was almost slavering from her mouth and I suspected that she was juicing up in other places as well. Then all of a sudden she said. “I can’t wait any longer, let’s go and try it out.”

She was soon naked on the bed with her legs wide open and her knees bent up. I was about to apply some lube to the dildo, when Jane said. “There’s no need for that, I’m juiced up I think you would get a dust bin in there.”

I took hold of the tape handle and pressed the top of the implement on Jane’s cunt lips and pushed forward. Her lips stretched open to accommodate the width of it, but the head had soon disappeared into her pussy.

“Oo, oo,” Were the only sounds she was making, as I eased it back and forth, going in a bit deeper ever time. It didn’t take long for Jane to take the entire length in her and as I reached the bottom edge of it she said. “That’s deep enough, work it in and out.”

I started gently to draw the thing in and out of her, her cunt lips were making a wet squelching sound as I did and her lips were clinging onto it as if they didn’t want to let it go. Her breath was getting faster and harsher as I worked up speed. Soon she was moaning and calling out my name, as she came. Her juices were running out the sides of the wax dildo and she was bucking up and down with her bum lifting at least a foot off the bed.

That wasn’t the end of the dildo as over the next few months Jane modelled some bumps and protrusions onto it and just kept on adding to it. Yes she came many times on that thing and I wonder if she still uses it now.