Written by D Woolley

1 Apr 2018

As I have said Jane, my ex-partner was a virgin when I met her. I remember the first time we had sex extremely well, considering how long ago it was.

We had been going out together for about eight weeks at this time and I had done nothing more with her other than have a feel at her wonderful tits through her t-shirt. We had decided not to go out that night and we lay spooning on the sofa as we watched tv. I had one hand under her, up her jumper and under her bra, feeling her big, hard nipples pinching them gently between my fingers and thumb.

My other hand was stroking her outer thigh bushing her skirt up as I did. My rock hard cock was tenting the front of my jeans and pressing into her arse. She felt behind her and squeezed the lump of my prick with her hand. “Is that how much you want me?” She asked. “Oh I want you much more than that.” I replied. Then she said the words that any nineteen year old guy wants to hear from a seventeen year old virgin, with a body that never quit. “Do you want to be my first and break me in then?”

We both stood up and I took her hand and lead her into the bedroom. I took her into my arms and kissed her, nibbling her neck as I lifted her t-shirt over her head and then reaching around her back to unfasten her bra. Her tits fell free and I took them into my hands, kissing each nipple in turn . Jane had her hands at the back of my head holding my in place.

I lowered my hands down to unfasten her skirt, and s the button came undone pushed it down over her ample bum and it fell to the floor. I stood up straight and kissed her lips again before kissing and sucking the side of her neck as I hooked my thumbs into the top of her tights to ease them down her legs, as I got to her knees I went back for her skimpy little knicker to pull them down with her tights.

As I bent to get them down to her ankles she sat down on the edge of the bed so that I could pull them off completely. There she sat on my bed, naked, in all her glory. I had to place my hands on her knees to prize her legs apart before lowering my head down between her thighs to lick and kiss her pussy.

I started by gently lapping at her lips and the working my way to her clit and sucking it into my mouth, running my tongue over her stiff little bud, before delving my tongue as far into her hole as I could. She lay back on the bed to make my access all the easier as I lapped at her hole.

“Please just a little more.” She begged as I went to move away. I redoubled my efforts, licking and sucking her clit and then burying my tongue as far as I could in her pussy. She clamped her legs together trapping my head and pulled my face hard into her crotch as she came. Her juices were flowing out of her, far faster than I could lick them away, “Yes, yes fucking yes.” almost screamed. Has she orgasmed. Jane released my head from where she had it fixed and lay panting as I licked her gently as she came down, panting and murmuring unintelligently.

“That was fantastic, but I’m still a virgin and you still have a hard on.” She said. “Well get into bed and we’ll see if we can’t but those things to rights.” I told her and as she sorted herself out and got under the covers I quickly shed my cloths and jumped in beside her.

We were kissing and I was tweaking her nipples then sucking on her tits and then kissing her again. She was moaning softly in the back of her throat. I reached down and felt her pussy lips; they were soft, moist and slightly swollen. I slid my middle finger into her hole. Soon to be followed by my index finger, I was working them in and out spreading the moister about, not that it needed much help.

“Oh please fuck me now.” Wailed Jane. She opened her legs wide and I climbed on top of her using my hand to guide me in I slipped my hard cock into her in one steady motion, she let out a large sigh as I entered her . She wrapped her legs around me and put her hands on my bum and pulled me into her tightly.

It didn’t take long for Jane to start coming again and as her internal muscles gripped and relaxed on my prick I found that I had to pull out and spray my spunk onto her. The first blob landed between her tits, the next on her stomach and the third just above her hairy mound. She wrapped her arms back around me and pulled me back down onto her so that the spunk was squelched between us. “Promise me that tit will always be that good.” She begged me. “I can’t promise that.” I told her. “But I will always try.” I said.

I spent the next three years trying to keep that promise; sometimes it was that good sometimes I think it was better. It all depended on your point of view.

If this is well received, I will tell about the five way fuck after the barbeque, but you need to ask.