Written by zephyr

1 Aug 2014

You may recall my previous postings of my married life and the affairs and pregnancies which we have enjoyed over the years. Well now as my wife is no longer interested in anything sexual I have resorted to visiting sites such as this on the internet.

I have to admit that throughout my years I have been an avid admirer of the human arse be it male or, more so, female. The fine graceful curves of the shape of the arse no matter which way one looks at it. On viewing these sites I have yearned more and more for contact with a person of either sex for some mutual arse worship and play. The sight of a person lying face down with their arse on view is a real turn on, especially if the photo is taken from the feet up and with the legs slightly apart. I could worship that arse all night - spread their cheeks and suffocate in between - oh what a way to die (LOL). My problem being how do I set about finding someone local and clean of mature age who will be willing to participate. I don't want to go out to toilets, dogging, etc., and meet a stranger, it would have to be someone I knew and trusted.

I suppose there are people locally to me with similar thoughts but like me are frightened of the first step in case of offence. We live in a small village and the wrong move would make life hell.