Written by rosie2

5 Oct 2007

Two weeks after my posing we received an invitation for dinner at John’s house. I was quite excited at the prospect and dressed in an off the shoulder dress cut just above the knee, white lacy topped stockings, suspenders and crotch less g-string. My hair was pulled back and I looked and felt very sexy.

At Johns place we were introduced to his other guests, a 24 year man James, Amanda and Phil both of whom were in their thirties and about our age. Amanda looked stunning in a black dress which showed off her ample cleavage and very shapely legs.

After dinner we sipped wine, chatted and joked and of course it wasn’t long before John brought up the subject of sexy lingerie. I hope that he wouldn’t bring up the subject of our threesome of two weeks ago even though I tingled at the thought of his massive cock. Instead John focussed on Amanda and James who as it turned out had both been models at one time. James told us of his modelling days and his preference for tight leather thongs whilst Amanda preferred just lacy bras and panties. John encouraged them to tell as much as possible and suggested that they display their wares for the camera.

James stripped off to reveal a firm muscular body and stood wearing a black leather thong that really showed off an impressive bulge. Not to be outdone, Amanda peeled off her black dress to reveal an impressive lithe figure with firm 36 boobs. She wore only a black lacy bra and French knickers. John fired off his camera and encouraged them to get closer for some intimate shots. It was easily seen that both were getting a bit excited and the bulge in James thong seemed to grow. Amanda reached for his thong and as she stroked it, James moaned louder. Soon the two of them were on the floor kissing and rubbing each other. John asked if I would show my lingerie of the day and I obliged a little too quickly. As the camera clicked I lay down on the other side of James and started to rub his body. My hands reached for the thong and I pulled it down. His erection was enormous. James rolled on to his hands and knees and pushed me closer to Amanda. Her warm soft lips touched mine and soon we were in a passionate embrace. Her hands caressed my wetness. We pulled off each others bras and kissed each others nipples.

I felt my arms being grabbed and pulled back above my head as Amanda slid down my body her tongue licking and probing to reach my throbbing clit. My head was lifted and I felt a cock at my mouth which I then licked before drawing into me. It was Amanda’s husband Phil. As Amanda licked on my clit her knickers were pulled down and James got to work on her wet pussy. My arms were released and I looked up to see James ready to enter Amanda who was on her hands and knees. John started to lick on James balls as he thrust into Amanda. I was in ecstasy and ready to come at any moment. When Amanda pushed a finger into me whilst flicking her tongue over my clit, I couldn’t hold back and came in great moans. At the same time Phil came over my face. James pushed harder into Amanda and very soon she too came with a scream of pleasure.

I was turned on to my hands and knees and John slid into. In front I took hubby’s cock deep in my mouth and sucked wildly. As I did so James kneeled against hubby, stroked his balls and pushed a finger into his bum. I felt hubby shudder in pleasure. James pulled hubby down and right in front of me started to suck on his cock. I almost exploded ns screamed:

“Ride him James”

Hubby was turned on to his side and James pushed his massive cock into him. Amanda came over and got into a 69 with hubby, licking and sucking him as James moved very gently the harder into him. Within minutes there was a huge moan all round as everyone seemed to come at the same time.

Later we took turns at various positions and with different partners. I was well and truly satisfied and another fantasy fulfilled.