Written by Jack T

25 Sep 2014

I fancied Kirsty from the moment she moved into the house opposite me. We live in a leafy private road in Surrey and Kirsty is from a well to do background. Butter wouldn’t melt type. A slim brunette with lovely dark eyes and a great figure. early thirties I'd guess. The first time I met her was shortly after they moved in last winter at our street Xmas get together and I could tell she was hiding a decent stack under that woolly pully.

I tried to charm her of course but with no interest. I’m 15 yrs her senior and as a newly wed she was disinterested – clearly beyond me.

However we had our street ‘summer do’ a couple of months ago at which Kirsty was clearly in the early stages of pregnancy. Her hubby wasn’t at the do, preferring instead to go on a boys weekend. I chatted for Kirsty for quite a while and at one point she even had some wine. ‘I shouldn’t really’ she said and the first glass seemed to go straight to her head.

I asked her how her pregnancy had been so far and when the moment was right I asked whether she had yet got to the horny stage. She smiled ‘yes and no’ she said. ‘what do you mean? Yes and no?’ I asked. ‘well I do get a bit horny but hubby never seems to be that interested. I think he’s struggling with my change of figure’. ‘you look fantastic’ I said, ‘he should be all over you, I know I would be’. ‘you would be’ she said ‘cos you’re a randy sod’. I told her that I took that as a compliment. ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ she said – and that closed off that conversation albeit in good humour.

A week later there was a kerfuffle outside my house with the police arresting a guy who had been behaving suspiciously. Just after they left I got a text from a number I didn’t recognise “so what was all that about?” “depends who’s asking” I replied. “Kirsty is asking” “oh, hi, how are you? Still horny?” “that’s for me to know” “well, if you make me a coffee I’ll tell you what was going on” “ok, I’ll put the kettle on. See you in five?” “ok”. This sounded very promising. Kirsty had obviously got my number from my website. I took a quick but thorough shower.

Once in the house she offered me a glass of wine instead of coffee. “haven’t had a glass in ages” she said “might go straight to my head”. I said nothing as we clinked glasses – Cheers!

She led me to the sofa in their sitting room. She sat surprisingly close to me and got me to explain what the police had said to me. I told her the story, embellishing it for comic effect. “I thought about sending them round to you as I thought you might like a man in uniform for the afternoon”. “you should have done” she said, “but I doubt they’d want me with my added curves”. “many men find pregnant women extra sexy” I told her. “you mean you do” she said. “yes, I happen to be one that does” I said, “but not just any pregnant woman – they need to be sexy in the first place, which you certainly are”.

“that first time we met at Xmas I thought you were going to kiss me” she said from nowhere. “really? I asked (very surprised!) “I thought you wanted me to go away”. “no, I was just a bit confused, I’d only been married a few months and there I was having lustful thoughts about my new neighbour who I’d only just met.”

“wow” was all I could say, somewhat pathetically. But it didn’t matter, Kirsty was already kissing me. I discarded my wine glass to focus on the task in hand. She straddled my lap and her inflated boobs were in front of me. I took them in my hands as we continue to kiss and soon I was running my hands up her thighs inside her dress and squeezed her lovely bum as I pulled her closer towards me. This made her body rise and her tits were in my face. I kissed them as she undid the back of her dress and her bra to reveal them in their full glory. I took each one fully into my mouth in turn, stopping now and then to kiss her as my hand went back under her dress to caress her pussy through her knickers.

“oh fuck” she said. “come on, lets go upstairs”. She showed me to the spare bedroom where she quickly slipped out of her clothes and climbed into bed double quick. I did the same. “did you bring any condoms?” she asked. “I thought I was only coming over for coffee” I said. This made her smile. “don’t come inside me then”. “ok” I said as she slipped her body onto mine and my cock slipped into her very wet pussy.

She worked on me in this position for a while then we tried missionary. That wasn’t quite satisfactory so we moved around to doggy style. She loved this and I was trying very hard not to cum and told her so.

She broke off and ‘rested’ for a while. Before straddling me, impaling herself on my cock. “not a word to anyone, ok?” “mums the word” I said. She laughed at that. “suck my tits again” she instructed, and I did my best job – I’m a half decent tit sucker I think.

I could tell she was getting to the place she wanted to be but I was struggling to hold back. I told her so again. She leaned into me, kissing me on the lips. “not until I’ve cum” she said, “then you can let go”. “where?” I asked. “in me” she said “I want you to cum in me”. So she did. Then I did. Like there was no tomorrow.