Written by Jo

14 Sep 2007

Hi, my name is Jo and i have just read the revenge story posted by Melanie and i thought i would tell my story as its very similar and just as raunchy.

I too discovered my husband had been shagging about and had even shagged one of my friends so i set about putting things right.

It started off with me going out at weekend and copping off with some guy and giving him a blow job round the back of a pub or letting them fuck me in a car and then i wanted more. So i started to screw his mates and went through them one by one, including his best mate. Then i fucked the husband of my friend who he was fucking and then a couple of his workmates.

It got to the stage where i couldn't wait to get my hands on someone else, and then i cranked it up even higher at a wedding for one of his workmates when i flirted all night with his boss, who he hates and then let him fuck me round the back of the hotel, that was heaven !!

I'm still at it, and have also fucked guys that go to the gym and to the match with him. It gives me such a buzz to fuck so often and i have even spoken to him on the phone whilst having sex with a double glazing fitter who was fitting patio doors at our house. I also love it when i come home from a fuck and he fucks me whilst im still full of his mates or his bosses spunk!

So, go for it Mel, fuck them all and enjoy it, and guys, if your going to fuck around then dont forget it works both ways!!

Jo xx