Written by WILLSABOY

27 Oct 2010

My wife has 3 sisters, and , to be honest , I’d fuck any of them at the drop of a hat. Over the years I have fantasised about each of them often enough with my cock in my hand.

Well a couple of weeks ago Susie, the sexiest and most shaggable of the three, asked if I would care to take on the job of converting part of their adjoining garage into a Home \Office for her and her husband whilst they were on holiday . As it happens, business was quiet so I jumped at the chance, my mind was already in overdrive at the opportunities this might present .

She is in her late 40’s, has lovely auburn hair, a smile to die for and legs that go on forever. I would fuck her at the drop of a hat, no question about it, but the nearest I have got was a quick squeeze and a cuddle on new years eve..

The work was straight forward enough, but could easily be stretched out for over a week. On day one, I started taking delivery of materials and made a start on the work, but my priority was to check out the land. They had left me all the house keys so I made myself at home and explored the bedroom. A check of the wash basket revealed that Sue had kept up to date with the laundry before going on holiday, but the previous days clothes were in there, including a nice bra and some fairly ordinary panties which I immediately wrapped around my growing dick.

The chest of drawers produced plenty of nice lacy undies in black, white, cream, red, blue and purple. I used my digital camera to photo the drawers so that I could put everything back as I had found it.

My first wank was into her soiled panties whilst wearing a pair of bright red satin ones. Wow! I came like a bloody volcano erupting! The joy of feeling my s-i-l’s panties around my cock whilst I dreamt of exploring her sexy body!

By the end of week 1 I was ready to explore a bit further, so I started with her wardrobes, sorting through her dresses, enjoying the lingering aroma of her perfume. At the back of one I found what I hoped I would. A small shoe box containing a small bundle of photos,which had been taken over the past 25 years and showed Susie as I had always wanted to see her , naked or partly clothed sometimes in full bush, sometimes shaven, but always fuckin’ gorgeous.

The photos were all dated, and they stopped in 2005, so I guessed they went digital then so I took my search into the computer. Geoff was not into file encrypting or passwords, but had buried the folder in the midst of a load of others and it took me no time to find it, and I was well rewarded, all those in the box had been scanned and many new ones added. The folder was soon transferred onto a memory stick, and all evidence of my snooping erased. So now, with the help of my own laptop I had a mind blowing slide show to watch whilst I wanked off wearing s-i-l’s undies.

Wow!! I was putting everything back in its place when I came across something I had missed, some A4 typed sheets which contained some very personal diary type writings detailing her sex life from the day she lost her virginity as a teenager to the present day.Boy was it hot! I scanned all the best bits as quickly as I could and loaded them onto my memory stick. It was quite evident that she and her husband were well into swapping and had a tight circle of friends that they regularly fucked.

When they were not shagging their friends ,they enjoyed dogging in local sites!

To be cont’d