Written by WILLSABOY

29 Oct 2010

First of all, my apologies for submitting part 1 twice. Here is part 2

For new readers....................I had been lucky enough to be able to have access to my S-I-L’s house for a couple of weeks , and after enjoying some awesome wanks in her undies I discovered a cache of photo’s and diaries that were any red blooded man’s dream. Now read on.

Here is an idea of the type of thing she wrote:

"It was a great party, the music was ............................................dancing, I had quite a few dances with the usual group. As always, my randy brother in law Marty (THAT’S ME FOLkS!) had his hands on my bum almost before we got on the floor. Randy sod!..I will have to ask my sister to let me take him in hand(WOW IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN THAT THEN!!!!)...............I had a great smooch with John F who took me into the garage and we snogged like mad, I played with his cock through his trousers for him, he wanted me to give him a BJ , but we had not got the time and it was too bloody cold...............The surprise of the night was young nick from over the road. We had invited him and his wife Jakky as a friendly gesture. Not to ‘enrol ‘ them or anything. But Nick got very fruity while we danced and stroked my bum and my tits while pressing a very sizeable and hard cock onto my leg. We only danced a couple of times before jakky dragged him away. However . later he trapped me upstairs and gave me a good snogging on the landing and helped himself to a fair handful of tit too. This was neither the time nor the place so i told him not to be naughty, but so as not to put him right off, i gave his cock a gentle squeeze and let him take a couple of Saucy fotos with his mobile...........................

It was too late for sex when we got too bed, but we had a lie in next morning and make great sex as we talked about the night before and the fun we had. He was quite taken aback when I told him of Nick’s exploits, he did not think they were like that, although he did say that Jakki enjoyed a close dance to slow records. He also said that he would be up for fucking her any time....................

I rather thought Nick might follow up in the next couple of days, but I was disappointed that he did not. Never mind, maybe when he had sobered up he thought better of it....................."

I never dreamt my wife's sister had that sort of thing going . I was as frustrated as hell! However, I scanned all the typed up pages and when I need a good wank, I read one of her detailled fuck stories!

But the best is yet to come. They joined us on holiday at our place in Spain this year. Would you like to hear how it went on the last day?

On the last full day at the villa I said I would stay behind and make a mighty BBQ paella for lunch while the others went to the beach for the morning before coming back to spend the rest of the day by the pool.

At the last minute Susie said she would rather stay by the pool and top up her tan while Geoff and my wife and kids went to beach.

I got on with what I was doing on the back veranda when I heard Susie calling from the pool area, I went around and she was sitting on the sun bed in a fairly modest 2 piece.

" Can you be a dear, Marty, and help me, I forgot to get the Old man to put sun oil on my back before he went, would you mind doing it for me?"

" NO problem" I replied , and as she sat on the sun bed I began to apply the oil to her shoulders. As I stood over her I could not help but look down at her cleavage and hope to get a glimpse of nipple. I even pushed my luck a bit by letting my hands slip down the front of her a little. After a few minutes of this , Susie said, " That will do my shoulders love, now can you do the rest of my back?"

She then lay down on her stomach and I proceeded to gently massage the oil into her back, as I was doing this I kept getting caught on the strap of her bikini top.

"Just a minute " she said "This will be easier" And she undid the fastener and let the strap fall out of the way

"Bloody hell!"| I thought to myself, I hope she does not turn around, I'm getting a hard on!"

"When you have done my back, would you be a sweetheart and do my legs too ?"

Well I started by massaging her feet with oil and moving her legs around as I did so, getting myself a better view of her crotch area and the dark curly hairs which had managed to work they way out of the panty.

This brought a great response from Susie " Oooh I love having my feet massaged , it makes me all sort of ....feel good like"

I had lost all sense of reason now, I wanted more ! So I started to rub the oil on the back of her legs , then moving to the insides, gradually working up to her thighs, gently moving them apart at the same time. Susie did not resist, on the contrary she moved them further apart allowing me to get my hands right up to the top, and I even worked the oil under the edge of her bikini bottom squeezing it gently onto the cheeks of her bum. There was no protest so I put my hand between her thighs again and this time as I rubbed in the oil I allowed my thumb to stroke along the line of her pussy lips, to which Susie responded by lifting herself slightly and opening her legs wide.

I was stunned into silence but carried on working with my hands , Then Susie rolled over, "That's enough, do the front now, just the tops of my legs"

The bikini top had dropped to the ground and there I was staring at Susie’s bare breasts.

" Come on, get on with it!"

She lay there with her legs either side of the sun bed, while I rubbed her thighs and stroked the tight material covering her pussy she was moving her hips to maximise the contact with my hands and moaning quietly. Then I saw she was massaging her breasts and pulling on her own nipples . Nothing in the world could have stopped me then, I was as hard as iron, and bigger than I had been for a long time. I slipped a couple of fingers inside the gusset of her panties and they slipped easily into a very wet and warm cunt.

"No stop, wait!" Susie got up quickly from the sun bed and grabbed me by the hand. "Come on , now , with me " She pulled me into the villa and into their bedroom where she started to wriggle out of her bikini bottoms. "Here, help me off with these, and get yours off too.....Oooh nice ! Now fuck me!"

She pulled me on top of her on the bed and in no time my cock was in her and with her legs wrapped around my waist I gave her every last centimetre . We fucked and fucked Susie egged me on all the time " Yes fuck me Marty! Fuck me with your cock give it to me like you do my sister you flthy bastard! Oh yes do it cum in me !" She pulled me down onto her chest so that I could feel her breasts pressing into me, and I managed to get a fat nipple into my mouth as well. There was no question of this going on for long, my balls were ready to explode and explode they did .

No sooner had I come in her than Susie rolled me off her and straddled me in a 69 and started eating my dripping cock. I too reached around and grabbed hold of the cheeks of her arse to pull her onto my face so that I could lick her clean of my spunk and her juices.

Within minutes I had come again. Something I rarely do. Wow what A fuck!

We had to stop , time was running out and I had a Paellla to make. Before we parted Susie drew me to her and kissed me deeply. "Our secret my love .O.K?" Too Fucking true!! If my wife found out, I’d be wearing my bollocks as earrings!

To be con’td