Written by jonnyboy

11 Jul 2009

Sally and me have been married almost 13 years, and been together 15 years, we have a son 11 and a daughter 9. We met when I was 23 and Sally 22. When we started getting serious and thinking of spending our lives together, I told her my history that during my teens I would fuck anything with a cunt. Sally said well I have not been a nun and told of some of her experences one of which, on holiday on Rhodes she had a 4 man gang bang. We said at the time thats in the past it's what we are to each other that matters.

I work for a well known tool and fixing firm has a salesman. and Sally is a hairdresser with her own business, in fact I have converted the garage into salon and waiting room, she is well organised working from 8.30 until 4. During school holidays my mother and Sally's mother take it turns to have the children.

One Thursday this spring I came home early, so as not to disturb Sally and her clients, I went straight upstairs for a shower and get changed. I walked into the bedroom for my dressing gown and BANG, Sally wsa on top of the bed with this other women with a push me pull me dildo up their cunts (double ended dildo). I was in shock and turned to walk out Sally said wait, go downstairs put the kettle on and we will be down shortly. I went downstairs and they followed me down in their dressing gowns and over a cup of coffee we started to talk.

Sally said this is Anna, Anna this is Jon, Anna said hello, and I mumbled out hello. Sally said don't be mad with me I will explain everything to you. Anna said your not mad are you Jonnyboy and came towards me, Anna kissed me and then rubbed her leg against my bulge she then put her hand on my now hardeneing cock. She undid my trousers and they dropped to the foor, she got onto her knees and started giving me a blow job through my boxers. I looked at Sally and she was now in shock, Anna stopped just short of me chucking my load in her mouth and backed off, she then took off her dressing gown, and a what a body, she bent over the table and said fuck me Jonnyboy. I looked at Sally who was by now standing with her mouth wide open, Sally nodded her aproval and I enter Anna from the back, it was not long before I had chucked my load, less than a minute. I drew my cock out and Anna stood up, put on her dressing gown and said I think I will stick to girls in future, things have not changed, its still WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM and all a women gets is a sticky pussy. Anna ask if she could have shower and left me and Sally in the kitchen.

Sally still in shock at what she had just seen said, I don't believe that, you must be the first man to fuck her since she was 18, 20 years ago. I asked her how long they had been seeing each other Sally said 5 years this time, I used to go out with her before I met you. She came to salon and asked me if I still had feeling for her I said no, but she made another appointment 3 weeks later at 2.30 and then got her friends to book all the times after on that day. When my 2 oclock client had gone Anna came onto me and kissed me and feeling my breasts, there was still something there but I backed off, until she said she had booked me up for the rest of the afternoon, and that was it, we have been seeing each other most weeks ever since.

Anna came back down and changed ready to go, said I hope I can still see you Sally give me a call and left. Sally said to me I still love you Jon and our children, but I do enjoy sex with Anna as well as you I am Bi Sexual. I said if I say no, you will go behind my back and see her anyway, so I said you can keep seeing Anna if I can try and convert her into at least being Bi Sexual like you, Sally said it's a deal, but you have no chance she is a lesbian through and through, she gets no satisfaction from men at all.

Well folks I hope to have fun trying and I will keep you all posted.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes but spellcheck not working.