Written by Anonymous

22 Oct 2018

Well, I had enjoyed my first experience of a mmf and some nice cock and pussy, I wanted more. So i decided to purchase the biggest son of a bitch dildo i could find. I was looking forward to the day it arrived, when it did I wasnt disappointed. It was enormous 10 inch and so thick, it was obscene. I thought i am never going fit this in my arse. That night i lubbed my arse up and worked it inside me. Holly shit it hurt to start with, but it went in and boy did i ride it. I took all of it, up and down nice and slow so i could feel every inch of it. Over the next few weeks my new friend and i enjoyed each other company.

I was also in contact with sharon and dave and we arranged another meet. We met at their caravan, this time Dave had set up their hot tub, which they were already enjoying. I stripped naked and joined them. We sat there enjoying the bubbles and drinking beer and chatting away. After 20 mins Sharon decided to get out and said, im going to get ready. As she disappeared Dave slide next to me and started stroking my cock, and slowly wanked me nice and slow. My cock was rock hard in seconds, I returned the favour, and soon had a rock hard cock in my hand. We enjoyed ourselves for 10 mins, when Sharon popped her head out the door and said im ready. So we both got out with our cocks on show to the whole world, but we didnt care. Sharon had changed into a sexy thong and bra topped off with stockings, suspenders and some come fuck me boots. She looked amazing, I didnt think my cock could get any harder but it did. We went into the bedroom, immediately Sharon had my cock in hand and sucking it with such expertise. The whole length slide down her throat right up to my balls, it was heavenly. I stood there with my eyes closed enjoy it so much i didnt notice Dave had changed places and was doing just a good a job as Sharon. We all laid on the bed, this time it was daves turn to have his cock sucked. First i went down on him taking his smooth hard cock deep in my mouth, he fucked my mouth for a few minutes. I was loving it. I looked up to see Sharon sitting on his face, moaning with pleasure as he went to work on her smooth pussy. It was at this point sat on his cock, it went straight in without any lube. My god it felt good, i rode it slow at first then sped up. Dave then started to meet my rhythm and i was being fucked again by his big cock right up to his balls. I felt so horny it was untrue, we fucked for 20 mins like this. i didnt want to get off, until Sharon said to me my turn. She was on all fours infront of me with her arse open ready to be filled. I slide my now hard cock into he tight arse. It felt so good i nearly cum, but i slowed it down and gained control and slowly built up my rhythm. Meanwhile she was sucking on Daves cock which been in my arse minutes before. This was a scene from a porn film it was amazing. Sharon then wanted a repeat of last time and a dp, this time i was going to fuck her arse till i exploded. She sat on Dave, and i fucked her from behind. We were at it for 20 mins until i could hold back no more, my cock exploded inside her arse. It was one of the most intense orgasm i had ever had. I pulled out and Sharon rode Dave until he cum inside her. She collapsed in a heap totally exhausted and with cum dripping from both holes.

I just lay there with a massive smile on my face. It was incredible, something i will never forget. I had many a wank for nights after thinking about this evening.