Written by subCheshire20

17 Jan 2011

I knew what I had to do. My instructions were very clear. I was travelling by train to meet my Master in Birmingham, he had told me to dress like a tart and I looked every inch a tart in my very short outfit which gave a ‘flash’ of my stocking tops more often that I am used to. I was horny as hell throughout the journey. I kept in touch with my Master on the journey by text. His messages ensured that my juices were flowing and that I was just a little bit scared. Although I trust him completely he has a way of making me just a little bit scared about what may be about to happen to me. But I can not get enough of it.

I was fit to burst with horny anticipation as the train pulled into New Street Station. Although, yearning to see my Master again I was feeling a little nervous, I hoped that he would be waiting for me. I walked on the concourse to where his text message had said he would be waiting and I looked around-I didn't see him! Then, I felt a touch at the back of my body it was him I was so excited and relived. He walked me straight towards the taxi rank – I rehearsed his earlier instructions in my mind and I knew what I had to do next.

Master did not say a word, he did not have to. His earlier instructions had been clear, as soon as the taxi began to move, I removed my thong. I lifted it to my nose and sniffed it deeply, I told my Master that it was “very moist and tasted salty” (I was talking loudly so the driver would be able to hear), then passed it to him and he examined it, before he put the thong into his pocket. Following the next instruction I pulled my dress up to my waist and spread me legs wide. He inserted his fingers into my pussy, to see if I was wet. I was, very wet! He lifted his hand to my mouth and I licked his fingers clean. I wondered what the taxi driver was thinking. Following my third instruction I said to my Master, "If I am a good sub, you said that you would teach me to deep throat"

We arrived my Master’s accommodation, which was a very trendy fifth floor apartment with a balcony that over-looked another block. In the bedroom, my collar and lead were fastened first, then my wrist and ankle cuffs and finally the blindfold (these are all items which I provide to confirm my submission and obedience). Now I was my Master’s mercy to do whatever he wanted, this is where I crave to be when I am away from him.

I was lead by the collar and lead out of the bedroom, not knowing the lay-out of the apartment. I am told to spread my legs and arms against some glass. Little did I know that the glass was the in the French doors onto the balcony. I was facing the outside of the apartment, over-looked by the apartments opposite. My pussy was then finger-fuck, for everyone to see!!

After a while, I was lead into a chair, my legs spread and arms still restrained, Master began to spank my pussy with a riding crop. The excitement was like no other in my life before. My juices ran and dripped from the chair and onto the floor. Master then released my hands and allowed me to use the vibrator on myself. What I later learned was that at this point he left the room but first re-opened the curtains over the French doors onto the balcony. With the light on, who knows who was watching me from the apartments opposite as I fucked myself with the plastic instrument. I certainly didn’t but then I did not care!

Next, I was instructed to be on all-fours on the chair and to bend over. The vibrator was inserted between my swollen lips and at the same time anal beads were thrust deep inside. I came again and again.

Master allowed me a short while to recover before he made me sit up for my deep throat training. I did not do very well. I failed to get much of my Master’s cock in my mouth before I started to gag. But he was generous and will allow me more practice. I did however provide him with a rewarding blow job. He jetted cum in my mouth, onto my tongue, over my blindfold and into my hair. I was instructed to ‘hold’ his cum on my tongue whilst he took photographs, I have seen these since and I love the slutty way that I look in them. Master told me that he was taking the photographs to share with a young slut he communicated with. This made me feel all the more his to use as he wished.

When I was eventually released from my restraints Master took me to the bedroom and fucked me long and hard in many different positions before once again I took his cum in my mouth and swallowed.

It was such a wonderful night! I am honoured to be able to please my Master, in which ever way he chooses for me. He takes care of me so well and would never harm me. I would do anything he asked of me.

My third test is planned for very soon – I can not wait!