Written by Ray

3 May 2008

I had met the woman (Diana) who became my second wife while I was still married to my first. However, within a couple of years my wife died, it was an awful time for me and it took me a couple of years to get over it. I moved away and took another job, still as a Sales Rep, but then that was all I knew. Imagine my surprise when I walked into a retailer\'s one day and found Diana sitting at the till.

We chatted and I told her that I would be calling regularly. She was attractive, there was no doubt about it, in her early thirties she was pretty and had a good figure, the second time I called she also had a black eye. I pressed her for the reason and it turned out that her husband was a wife beater. I knew her husband slightly from my former days and it didn\'t surprise me. I asked Diana why she stayed with him, she shrugged, \'I\'ve nothing of my own, where would I go?\'.

The next visit she wasn\'t there at all, I asked her best friend where she was, she told me that Diana had been beaten up by her husband too badly to be see in the shop. I bided my time and the next time I saw her I told her to ring me if she was beaten again. A week later she rang me at home. I told her what to do, get photographs taken of her injuries, go to the police and press charges and, finally see a solicitor and start divorce proceedings. I told her that she could come and stay with me and the best way to do it was simply to do a flit while he was at work. I hadn\'t really intended it but that\'s what happened.

One day I got a phone call saying that she would come next day. I took the day off and waited for her. She arrived in a van with some of her own bits and pieces. That night we slept together, she was electric, but I had no illusions, I knew she was a slut and had always preferred variety in her love life. Nevertheless I quickly developed feelings for her and we agreed to stay together.

As I said, she was a pretty woman, five foot four with a thirty six-thirty-thirty six figure. She\'d had no children and so had excellent, firm, breasts, a bit of a tum which merely set off the size of her mound which in turn was divided by the long, well defined, lips of her pussy. She loved fucking and oral sex both ways, she was a wonderful fuck.

We were both mature people and I asked her about her sex life, she told me that she\'d lost her virginity at a very early age and loved it. She\'d fucked regularly ever since and gave herself easily, which was just about what I had concluded. Well, I am also a realist, I told her that, rather than her having sex with someone else behind my back, I would rather she told me if she wanted to fuck someone else and I\'d check the bloke out and if I approved she could fuck him. She was very surprised and said that she didn\'t want to upset me and that she\'d rather agree to my proposal than do what she had done in the past.

Three years after we married she said that she\'d met a bloke through her work and fancied him. She arranged to have a drink with him in a local pub so that I could also be there and see what I thought. I thought he seemed a decent bloke and gave her the go-ahead.

A few nights later she dressed simply with just sexy bra and pants and a button through dress and off she went. She came back all smiles at one-thirty in the morning, even before she undressed I could smell the sex on her. I was aroused as I had never been before with a great hard-on. She undressed, her knickers were stained with the juice of sex, her nipples stiff and, as she took her knickers off, revealed a matted bush and slick looking fanny and thighs. She got into bed, \'Are you ready for me, honey?\', she asked, then proceeded to tell me what had happened.

He had picked her up in his car, he was younger than she was by nearly ten years, good-looking and with an athletic body, she fancied fucking him immediately. He bought her a couple of drinks then suggested that they go back to his place, she was eager. Straight into the bedroom when they arrived and the boy, his name was Teddy, stripped her and himself. Diana admired his prick, \'At least seven and a half inches,\' she said as she took my cock in her hand, \'I kissed it then started sucking him. That got him going! I was all wet and willing, he started giving me a good feel and you know how much I like that! Anyway, I soon pulled him over on top of me and I felt his prick nosing between my fanny lips, he couldn\'t resist that and pushed in. His prick felt great and he pushed it right up inside me then began fucking me.\'

I had never felt so excited, I put my hand between her thighs and slipped my fingers into her cunt, she was absolutely sloppy. \'Do you like feeling me like that, darling?\' Diana asked, she took my hand and brought it to her mouth and began sucking the juice off. \'He was fucking me, I was so wet it was squirting out all over the place and his prick was rubbing my clit, God I felt good! He fucked me hard and didn\'t last very long before he came, he didn\'t shoot as hard as you do but I still felt it and he had lots of cum!\'

I couldn\'t wait any longer and rolled over on top of her and pushed my cock into her wide open cunt. I had never felt anything like it as the spunk and juice oozed all round my shaft, I started fucking, \'Go on, go on!\' I panted. \'Well, his prick slipped out and I looked at it, it was covered with juice and spunk all glistening. I bent over him and sucked it into my mouth, his spunk tasted lovely, I licked and sucked it all off and he started getting hard again. I mounted him and lowered my pussy onto his cock as soon as it was hard enough, then I fucked him. He had a job to take it and kept pleading with me to stop, some hopes! I was fucking him hard, we were both moaning and I started coming. I was like a wildcat, all over him, grabbing what I wanted, I fucked him and fucked him!\'

I was fucking her hard myself now, the contents of her cunt squirting out all over both of us, the sounds disgusting but was incredibly exciting. \'What happened then?\' I asked.

\'Oh, I couldn\'t have stopped to save my life,\' she told me, \'he was groaning and just lying there with his prick all hard inside me and I fucked and fucked until he came again. Loads of cum again, when I felt him spurting I came, in fact I kept on coming until suddenly my legs went.\' She laughed, \'He called me a dirty fucker, I said what was he? A man or a mouse? He was groaning and saying he was so fucked he\'d never be able to do anything next day, I said it was a good job it was the weekend then! Then I just got dressed and came home, all spunky and everything, so don\'t stop fucking me, darling, I want to feel your spunk shooting up me.\'

Well, that was the most fantastic sexual experience I had ever had up till then but one I have enjoyed many times since, you can\'t beat a slut wife!