Written by sarahlewis

23 Apr 2014

My name is Sarah and I'm a new member with a big secret. My hubby's boss (Phil) has a villa in Florida which we visited with him and his wife Julie. I'm 24 and this happened last Nov when I was 23, he is 59 but very fit. One evening we where in the pool, my hubby and Julie had gone to get some take out food so we where alone. I felt ok with this even though Phil is a terrible flirt. He would keep commenting about by body and how sexy I was. My hubby and julie thought this was just him being a funny dirty old man. When we where in the pool Phil said that if I took off bikini he would make sure my hubby was promoted,I though he was joking but I called his bluff and took my bikini off knowing it was dark so he wouldn't be able to see anything and asked him what was he going to do now thinking he would do nothing. At that point hubby came back with Julie and started to put the food on the table which was some distance from the pool. I stood with my back to the edge of the pool and Phil grabbed my stuff and threw it into the middle. I told him to get it becouse I didn't want anyone to see me naked with him and think something was going on. Phil laughed and came closer to me. I shouted to hubby that I would be out in a minute and begged Phil to get my stuff. I could have stopped him but he moved closer pressing himself against me took my hand and placed it around his cock. He was at least twice the size of my hubby and twice as thick. I could help but laugh, hubby asked what I was laughing at,'nothing' I shouted'be out in a min' with that Phil pick me up and sucked my nipples and put his fingers in me, I should have said no but he knew just what to do. Within a few seconds his fingers where replace with something much bigger. I told him we would be seen, 'they are too far away' he said.

I just stood there as this 59 year old fucked me at the side of the pool. after a few minutes Julie shouted that the food will be getting cold. As I shouted that we are on our way Phil shot his load into me filling me with his cum. I had the biggest orgasm of my life I had to put my hand in my mouth to stop the sound. I grabbed my stuff and ran to a little room at the side of the pool to dry myself. I sat there eating chinese food with cum dripping down my leg. wish that was the one and only time but I will have to tell you more at a later date.