Written by sarahlewis

28 Apr 2014

Thanks for all your supporting comments (in the main) I wish I could have more from other women so I don't feel like such a slut. on the last Thursday before our weekend flight home we where having an evening meal. Phil as usual was being loud and being the big I' AM! I went to bed and I lay there thinking how much I hated Phil for what he had turned me into but truth be known I couldn't get what had happened out of my head. I lay there naked covered by a sheet thinking of how my husband who I love so much had a little pot already but Phil who, although a lot older than my husband had a flat stomach, Hubby isn't very muscular and Phil has plenty of muscles and how Phil's cock is at least twice as long and how I can easily get my hand round hubbies but not even close to closing my had around Phil's and the end even wider. Before long I was touching myself not thinking about my husband but that bastard. The next morning my husband got up, I told him I would make him breakfast but he just told me to stay in bed and gave me a peck on my cheek. He had to go to drop the rental car off and Phil was going to go with him to bring him back. The door slammed and I heard the shower start. After about 10 min it stopped and I got up looked out of the window at the pool naked except for one of my husbands shirts. The door opened and Phil stood there with just a towel around him. I thought you where going to drop our car off, Julie's taken him he said with a smile. We can't do anything I replied what if Julie finds out. He laughed'she already knows you stupid girl, why do you think she gets him out of the way. As selfish as it sounds I was jealous'and asked him is she was fucking my husband. Phil laughed and just said that she wasn't interested in him. I suppose I would understand if he wanted to. For her age (upper 50's) She is quite attractive in a plain sort of way but very slim, fit with large breasts. He took his towel off, I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. I just wanted to go on my knees and take him in my mouth. He told me He would go away if I want him to. We stood there for what seemed like ages. I still can't believe what I said and did next. Like a pathetic girl I said 'please don't' I took my shirt off and asked him to be gentle this time. He took my arm and pushed me onto the bed. 'ask me nicely to make love to you' he said. My mind was tell me to stop but my mouth just said'Please make love to me' I feel pathetic just thinking about it now. He could almost fit my breast in his mouth as he sucked me, he worked his way up and whilst my tongue was as deep into him mouth as it could be his fingers slipped inside me. The feeling as he finger fucked me was amazing he knew exactly what to do. He worked his way down until his tongue replaced his figures going deep into me. Until that week I didn't believe in multiple orgasms and didn't think a man could cum more than once. Phil showed me otherwise. I trembled as his tong explored me something my husband never did. And then moved up to my stomach and breasts and I could feel his cock slip into me. He was gentle to begin with ' We have plenty of time he said and he thrust himself into me again and again. Our gentle love making turned into another fuck. He turned me over raised by backside up and took me from behind thrusting himself into me whilst holding my head down. For the next hour we fucked and I screamed and moaned so loudly that anyone outside must have heard us. We fucked on the bed, against the wall, on the floor and Phil even stood up, picked me up and impaled me on his huge cock and fucked me whilst standing. He must have cum two or three times and I had at least two huge orgasms which weakened me so much he could do what he wanted to me. We ended up on the bed exhausted as his last drop of cum shot down my throat. he left the room and I just lay there. There was cum in my pussy and what I did't swallow was in my mouth and all over my breasts. By the time Julie and hubby came back I had showered. That was several months ago and I haven't spoken to Phil since but since I started telling my story my husband has announced that he is going away for a weekend with work and Phil has offered for me to stay there rather than be on my own. I honestly don't' know what to do. How I didn't' get pregnant by Phil I don't know but now I am on the pill, not that I expect anything to happen again with him. Hubby and apparently Julie think its a great Idea but he owns me now and I know what he wants.