Written by Rachel

7 Apr 2016

I was woken up in the morning with someone trying to stick their cock in me, I was lying on my side with my arm over Wayne and Mike behind me trying to fuck me and groping my breast. I moved my bum a bit giving him better access to my pussy. Mike said good morning darling as his cock found his way into my pussy. He started pounding me but as my arm was over Wayne , Wayne stirred and said is this round two starting. He put his hand on my pussy and started rubbing my clit which brought me to an orgasm which made me let out a loud groan of ecstasy, I tried to push his hand away but he kept rubbing me leading to a second orgasm within seconds. I got up and pushed Mike on his back and climbed on top of Mikes cock. I sat astride him and rode his cock as he mauled my breasts. I felt him twitch and then his spunk shooting inside me.

I looked at Wayne his cock was hard and I smiled and said is that for me. I felt like a woman possessed wanting a good session. I climbed off Mike and stra

ight onto Wayne and rode like it was my last chance to have sex. I came again just before he filled me with his cum. I rolled off and said I need a coffee. I lay there exhausted as the 2 lads got up pulled on their boxers and went to make a drink

I mustered the energy to get up and go to the bathroom.

I then went to the kitchen still naked to see the four lads sitting at the table drinking coffee so I went and sat on Chas's lap. He quickly started rubbing my pussy as I drank my coffee. Bloody hell he said that feels messy, I just turned round and kissed him. Your turn if you want when I finish my coffee.

When I finished i stood up and said who is next and walked to the bedroom. Ali walked in first removing his clothes & climbed on top of me and was quickly filling me with his cum as he rolled off me Chas was already naked and replaced him, this time I came before he came.

Ali was lying on the bed with his cock hard again so I rolled on top of him and rode his cock. This time he lasted longer & I came twice, my pussy was now starting to feel sore but the lads were not going to let me give up yet.

Mike was next then Chas and when I was riding him Wayne climbed on the bed and started stroking my bum, his hand went down to my crack and started rubbing the spunk leaking out of me into my bum hole. I was on such a sexual high I let him carry on as one then two fingers were pushed inside me. I came to another loud orgasm then he pulled his fingers out, but I then felt his cock probing my bum. I stopped riding Chas as Waynes cock entered my bum, He slowly pushed his cock right in then started fucking my bum. It felt uncomfortable at first but I soon got to enjoy it so I started grinding my pussy on Chas. I came to such a powerful orgasm I screamed when I came and just collapsed as both holes got filled with spunk.

Wayne got off and I just rolled off Chas onto my back, I couldn't close my legs so lay there with them open and spunk leaking out of me.

I said if you want anymore you will have to do the work as I am knackered.

I heard Ali say bloody hell that looks very red and swollen. Someone got a towel and tried to clean the spunk out of me then they all had me once again giving me another two orgasms. They left me there and went for a drink and brought me in a coffee. It was cold by the time I could get up and drink it.

I managed to stand up, my legs felt like jelly and stumbled out into the kitchen. I said I need a shower and showed them where the food was and said make your own breakfast.

I stood in the shower for 10 minutes holding the wall to keep me up. I cleaned as much spunk out of me as possible then dried myself. I went into my bedroom and Steve was still asleep so climbed in beside him. His hand came over me and he said I think we should get up and give the lads some breakfast. It brought a smile to my face thinking I had already served them something for Breakfast.