Written by Rachel

9 Apr 2016

I lay there looking at Steve and said I thought we were going to have sex last night but he just ignored me got dressed then said get up you need to do breakfast. I threw a pillow at him as he walked out of the room. I got up and just put on my dressing gown and went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and found the five of them sitting around the table drinking coffee. The four lads were very chirpy and chatty but Steve was a bit hungover and said think we need bacon and eggs. I glared at him but started doing breakfast.

After breakfast in put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and Steve got the beers out. Ali refused one saying he had to drive home but the other 3 joined him. They sat chatting for a while when Wayne asked if I was OK as I was quiet. Before I could reply Steve said no she has the hump because I didn't fuck her last night. (Little did he know what had happened) The lads went quiet, looked at me then Steve & Ali said bit too much information there Steve. Steve got up to get a second and said I sometimes think she would love to have gang bang. I shouted excuse me. The lads faces all looked shocked and even more so when he pulled my gown open exposing my nakedness to the lads. He said don't we have any takers. I turned and slapped him then fastened my gown saying excuse me. You heard maybe one of the lads will satisfy your needs or maybe a couple if you ask nicely. Ali is single I am sure he will be up for it, fancy it Ali.

He didn't know what to say. Chas said I think it's time to go. I replied No if that's what Steve wants fancy a tumble Ali. He looked at me then Steve, and Steve said go for it. I said sod you then if you can't satisfy me maybe your friends can and dragged Ali to the bedroom.

Ali said are you sure this is OK and replied you heard him and got on my knees unzipped his flies and started sucking his cock. It didn't take long for him to get hard, he pulled my gown open and started rubbing my breasts getting my nipples hard. He said he was surprised if wanted more i replied it's his idea so I will make the most of it. He pushed me on the bed and started licking my pussy, it seemed to add to the excitement that Steve was next door aware of what was going on and I came to an exhilarating orgasm then said to Ali fuck me please. He quickly got up and pushed his cock into me. He brought me to two orgasms the second as he shot his spunk inside me and I let out a loud groan. We lay in each others arms for a few minutes as I came back down then he climbed off me and put his trousers back on. As he left the bedroom the lads out there all cheered. Steve walked in saying sounds like you enjoyed that ready for more. I looked at him and said why you want some. He laughed and walked out and Wayne walked in. I asked him what Steve has been saying. He replied he said he was struggling with the sex side of your relationship and he was happy for you to get it elsewhere but preferred it if he knows who you go with and not go outside looking for it in case you fall for someone else as he still loves you and would hate to lose you. Basically you have a green light to fuck someone as long as he is there.

The other two have refused his offer to come in as they say it doesn't feel right. It didn't bother them last night though did it. He replied but Steve doesn't know about that. Wayne said truthfully it's because the 3 of us are married and they are a bit worried it might get out, but they said maybe next time. So you going to have me, he smiled and dropped his trousers. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and easily slipped into my wet pussy. He pounded my pussy hard and I screamed to my next orgasm, I felt that he was going to come out of the top of my head. Talk about fucking someone's brains out, I screamed to two more orgasms before he came inside me. He let my legs drop and lowered his mouth onto my nipple and started sucking and biting them. I said if you start that you better get your cock hard because I will want fucking again. He took his mouth away but just proceeded to work my other nipple. When they were both hard he got up pulled his trousers up and walked out.

I lay there for a few minutes catching my breath and got up and put my gown on. I walked into the kitchen and all eyes were on me, Steve said is that better. That was amazing I replied as I went and kissed Steve and said thank you darling, but that bastard got my nipples all worked up and left me. Steve pushed my gown off leaving me standing there naked and said so he has. He pushed his hand between my legs and felt the spunk running out of me and said messy pair aren't they. He looked at Wayne and said can't believe you did that to her nipples and walked away they are very sensitive.

Chas then got up grabbed my hand and said fuck it lets go and led me to the bedroom. He told me to get on all fours as he dropped his trousers. He pushed two fingers into my pussy and started rubbing the spunk down to my bum hole. I said must you and he replied yes. After 2 and then 3 fingers he pulled them out and his cock started probing my bum. He eventually worked it enough and got it in. He slowly got it all in then gently started fucking me. He started grunting then came inside me & we collapsed on the bed with him still inside me. His cock slid out of me as he was kissing my neck saying thank you for a wonderful night. He got up got dressed and went back to the kitchen. I lay there exhausted and fell asleep, when I woke in went to the kitchen but everyone had gone so I went for a bath and back to bed.