Written by THE PERV

13 Nov 2010

Im married and been having an affair with a gorgeous sexy lady called Jayne, we have been seeing each other now for over 3 yrs,she is amazing, unbelievably sexy,and just loves sex.

The sexy bitch also sees other men, and I actually encourage her to meet other men and find it an incredible turn on knowing she is fucking them, when i first told her how it turned me on she called me a perv and that i couldnt really love her if I didnt mind her seeing them. Nothing could be further from the truth,as I love her more than I have loved anyone. I know she loves me, and has recently started to involve me in her meetings with these other men, teasing me and telling me what she is doing,and telling me when she is meeting up with them for sex, this happens more when im away and cant be with her as if she is punishing me for leaving her home.Recently I was away and she was meeting this one guy who is a lot younger than her,(18yrs) he is good looking and it is understandable why he chooses a sexy woman like her who certainly doesnt look her age After the first fuck they had its no wonder he wants more as she is the most astounding fuck I have ever known. This one particular night when I was away, we had been texting her and to be honest I was really jealous knowing she was getting fucked, and we ended up rowing over the phone and fell out.

At about 1.00am I a text off her ,and replied out of hand, to get a text saying,"DONT WORRY ABOUT ME I HAD GREAT TIME AND IM ALL SPUNKED UP" That night I was so aroused but still so jealous.

When I got home and we met I couldnt get the thought of this young guy pounding her hot shaved cunt and wanted to know more about her night with him, but she wouldnt tell me a great deal telling me it was her business, and if I didnt want her enjoying herself I SHOULDNT GO AND LEAVE HER ALONE.

What I then found out was that she had also been seeing another guy for the whole time we had been having an affair and he had been fucking her also,hearing this made me even hornier and we ended up fuckin with her telling me a bit about her other men.

Ever since I have found the thought off her being fucked such an incredible turn on, I find my self actually encouraging her to meet them and find even more lovers.